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Kona Brewing Company Pub & Brewery

Pesan Meja
Rab, 20/2

Penilaian dan ulasan

Sertifikat KeunggulanPemenang 2015 - 2018


US$10 - US$20
Amerika, Bar, Pizza, Pub
Diet Khusus
Sesuai untuk Vegetarian, Pilihan Vegan, Pilihan Bebas Gluten
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makanan, fitur

Lokasi dan kontak


A Perfect Accompaniment To Our Fresh Ales And Lagers, And A Great Way To Start Off A Delicious Meal.
Roasted Garlic
served with toasted spent grain focaccia bread and warmed creamy gorgonzola cheese
Pawai Pepperoni Rolls
our spent grain dough, rolled up with zesty pepperoni, whole milk mozzarella and our house-made ranch dressing, cut pupu- style! served with marinara for dipping
Mac Nut Pesto Cheese Bread
fire rock focaccia bread topped with homemade macadamia nut pesto, roasted garlic and provolone. served with a side of marinara
Kbcilla Pookela
a kona quesadilla made with mozzarella, cheddar cheese, green chilies, jalapenos and kalua pork, served with homemade salsa, then topped with diced tomatoes and green onions. sour cream upon request
Kawaihae Cajun Seared Ahi
lackened, seared ahi served sashimi-style over a bed of green papaya slaw with pickled ginger, wasabi and shoyu
Hualalai Hummus
served with spent grain flat bread, feta, cucumbers, tomatoes, kalamata olives and pepperoncinis
Tomato, Mozzarella & Basil
local vine-ripened tomatoes, whole basil leaves and fresh mozzarella cheese served with toasted spent grain focaccia bread, olive oil and balsamic vinegar
Garlic Twists
homemade spent grain bread twists sprinkled with garlic salt and parmesan cheese. served with a side of marinara
Chipotle Chicken Dip
creamy and spicy join forces in this thirst-inducing pupu! a blend of shredded chicken breast, sundried tomatoes, cream cheese, chipotle & jalapeno peppers and smoked mozzarella. served with kbcs herbed pita bread and tortilla chips.
To Support The Local Economy And Protect Our Environment, We Use The Finest Island Produce And Organically Grown Ingredients Whenever Possible.
Side $9.0
Dinner $12.0
Organic Baby Greens
organic baby greens with vine-ripened tomatoes, fresh cucumbers, sweet onions, and sprinkled with roasted macadamia nuts. choose from house made balsamic vinaigrette or ranch dressing.
Side $9.0
Dinner $12.0
Greek Salad
created with cucumbers, kalamata olives, sweet onions, pepperoncinis, tomatoes, and feta cheese atop crisp romaine. homemade balsamic vinaigrette on the side
Side $9.0
Dinner $12.0
Strawberry Spinach Salad
fresh baby spinach covered with strawberries, toasted macadamia nuts, gorgonzola and sweet onions. strawberry vinaigrette on the side
Side $8.0
Dinner $11.0
Caesar Salad
spicy and fresh, we start with locally grown romaine, toss it in our zesty garlic caesar dressing and top with homemade croutons and parmesan cheese
Side $9.0
Dinner $12.0
Mauna Loa Spinach Salad
fresh baby spinach, toasted macadamia nuts, chevre cheese, tomatoes and sweet onions. balsamic vinaigrette on the side
Tofu $3.0
herb chicken, hot caesar chicken or shrimp fresh catch of the day
Market Price
Peles Throne Ahi Salad
seared furikake-crusted sashimi quality ahi, served over organic greens with sweet onions, vine-ripened tomatoes, cucumbers and house-made pineapple vinaigrette. prepared medium-rare unless requested otherwise.
Market Price
Seared Local Fish Salad
fresh local fish cubed, seared and finished with sesame oil, served atop fresh romaine mix, daikon sprouts, diced tomatoes and cucumbers with crispy won tons and a soy lime dressing on the side. vegan option with seared tofu available
Served With A Side Of Bread. Add $1.0
Served In A Homemade Bread Bowl. Add $3.0
Serverd With Your Choice Of Side Salad. Add $3.0
Soup Of The Day
ask your server for todays variety of fresh house-made soup, served in a 10oz bowl.
We Hand Toss Our Authentic Spent Grain Crust And Use Only Whole Milk Mozzarella. Every Pizza Is Finished With A Sprinkle Of Reggiano Parmesan, Oregano And Basil
Sml 10 $11.0
Med 12 $14.0
Lrg 14 $16.0
our homemade sauce topped with whole milk mozzarella
Sml 10 $12.0
Med 12 $15.0
Lrg 14 $18.0
a zesty classic.
Sml 10 $18.0
Med 12 $22.0
Lrg 14 $26.0
Wild Mushroom
garlic infused olive oil base, mozzarella and chevre, wild mushrooms, roasted garlic, roasted red onions, roasted red peppers
Sml 10 $16.0
Med 12 $20.0
Lrg 14 $24.0
Pahoehoe Spicy Chicken
our house-made ranch dressing base, whole milk mozzarella, tender chicken tossed in franks redhot sauce and sweet onions. topped with crumbled blue cheese and finished with a drizzle of franks redhot sauce
Sml 10 $18.0
Med 12 $22.0
Lrg 14 $26.0
garlic infused olive oil base, mozzarella, gorgonzola, roasted red peppers, fresh spinach, fresh garlic, parmesan sausage, macadamia nuts.
Sml 10 $18.0
Med 12 $22.0
Lrg 14 $26.0
Kona Garden
tomato sauce, mozzarella, zucchini, tomatoes, roasted garlic, mushrooms, roasted red onions, black olives
Sml 10 $18.0
Med 12 $22.0
Lrg 14 $26.0
Kulana Bacon Cheeseburger
marinara sauce, whole milk mozzarella, big island kulana farms ground beef, sweet onions, chopped bacon and cheddar cheese. topped with fresh shredded lettuce, diced tomatoes and kbc special sauce.
Sml 10 $18.0
Med 12 $22.0
Lrg 14 $26.0
Peles Own
cajun tomato sauce, mozzarella, andouille sausage, shrimp, roasted red peppers, roasted red onions, smoked mozzarella
Sml 10 $18.0
Med 12 $22.0
Lrg 14 $26.0
Ka u Pesto
our homemade macadamia nut pesto sauce, pesto chicken, sun dried tomatoes, artichoke hearts, kalamata olives and mozzarella.
Sml 10 $16.0
Med 12 $20.0
Lrg 14 $24.0
tomato sauce, mozzarella & smoked mozzarella, parmesan sausage, black olives, mushrooms, fresh garlic.
Start With A Cheese Pizza Made With Spent Grain Crust And Choice Of Sauce, Then Add. Toppings : Cheese Pizza ( Sml 10 $11.00 Med 12 $14.00, Lrg 14 $16.00); W/tomato Sauce , Extra Cheese ( Sml 10 $2.25, Med 12 $2.75, Lrg 14 $3.25); Veggies (sml 10 $1.75, Med 12 $2.00, Lrg 14 $2.25); Meats(sml 10 $2.25, Med 12 $2.75, Lrg 14 $3.25); Seafood (sml 10 $2.75, Med 12 $3.25, Lrg 14 $3.75)
tomato, barbecue, cajun tomato, mac nut pesto, garlic & olive oil, thai peanut , , salsa
mozzarella, fresh mozzarella, smoked mozzarella, cheddar, chevre, feta, gorgonzola, ricotta, parmesan, provolone
Roasted Veggies
red onions, red peppers, garlic
tomatoes, sun dried tomatoes, black olives, kalamata olives, mushrooms, , wild mushrooms, pepperoncinis jalapeaos, artichoke hearts , zucchini , fresh spinach , fresh pineapple , green bell pepper , fresh garlic
pepperoni , herb chicken, bbq chicken, pesto chicken, , teriyaki chicken, parmesan sausage, andouille, sausage, canadian bacon, ground beef , bacon , porterhouse beef, turkey imu pork
anchovies, shrimp
All Of Our Sandwiches Are Built On Our House-made Spent Grain Breads And Served With Krinkle Cut Salt And Fresh Ground Pepper Kettle Chips, Rice Pilaf Or Green Papaya Slaw. Substitute A Side Salad -add 3.
Imu Pork
rich kalua pork slow cooked in our castaway ipa with cabbage and topped with roasted red onions, cheddar and provolone cheeses and our homemade black sand porter bbq sauce.
Bigwave Shrimp Melt
tender shrimp braised in big wave golden ale and garlic. topped with our homemade avocado aioli, parmesan and provolone cheeses, roasted garlic, fresh spinach and tomato.
Porterhouse Dip
sliced roast beef marinated and cooked in our black sand porter and served with roasted red onions, provolone and cheddar cheeses. porter au jus for dipping served on the side.
Kailua Town Club
smoked turkey breast, bacon, avocado aioli and provolone cheese. topped with organic lettuce, tomato, sweet onions, and stone-ground mustard.
Pesto Chicken Salad Wrap
mac nut pesto chicken salad, organic mixed greens, sweet onions, tomato and provolone cheese, wrapped in a soft basil & sundried tomato tortilla.
Brewhouse Blt
bacon, lettuce, tomato and gorgonzola cheese on kbcs spent grain bun. served with a side of zesty ranch dressing
Mana Grill
a delicious trio of danish baby back ribs, smothered in black sand porter bbq sauce, kbcs kalua pork and chefs choice of sausage. served with rice pilaf and a stone-ground mustard sauce for dipping
Black Sand Porter Bbq Chicken Sandwich
tender, pulled chicken breast smothered in our homemade bbq sauce enhanced with our gold medal winning black sand porter. layered with canadian bacon, roasted red peppers, roasted red onions and cheddar cheese.
slow-roasted kalua pork, canadian bacon, provolone, sliced pickles and cuban mustard. baked on our house-made herbed flatbread
Lawaia Special
our fresh local fish sandwich. ask your server for todays variety and preparation
Save Room For Something Sweet!
Seasonal Dessert
ask your server for todays special dessert.
Try It With Wailua Wheat Or Black Sand Porter $7.0
Root Beer Float
creamy gourmet root beer and locally-made tahitian vanilla bean ice cream.
Single Scoop $4.0
Double Scoop $6.0
Fresh Local Ice Cream
ask your server for todays selection
Small $8.0
Large $10.0
Kilauea Lava Flow
a chocolate fudge brownie with macadamia nuts, topped with locally-made tahitian vanilla bean ice cream and our porter fudge sauce. topped with whipped cream, toasted macadamia nuts and a cherry.
Mauna Kea Snow Cap
locally-made tahitian vanilla bean ice cream layered with our porter fudge sauce. topped with whipped cream, toasted macadamia nuts and a cherry.
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Diulas pada 5 Oktober 2018

Berhenti di sini di pemberhentian kapal pesiar. Mudah berjalan dari dermaga. Kami menikmati bir masing-masing dan makan siang yang lezat. Para nachos tidak boleh dilewatkan! !

Tanggal kunjungan: September 2018
Diulas pada 4 Oktober 2018 via perangkat selular

Kami berhenti di sini terlambat pada hari yang hangat, hujan dan mendapat piring huuugee nachos! Cukup untuk mengisi malam kami dengan jujur. Adalah tempat tanpa embel-embel dengan benar-benar baik, hangat makanan dan turun ke bumi staf. Mereka juga menawarkan wisata bir.

Tanggal kunjungan: Oktober 2018
Diulas pada 4 Oktober 2018

Tempat pembuatan bir Kona memiliki beberapa bir crafty besar di tekan dengan beberapa kombinasi rasa yang sangat menarik. Mangga, nanas, serai dan kombo rasa yang sangat inventif lainnya. Menu makanan baik dan memiliki beberapa hidangan lokal, tetapi item utama di menu adalah pizza. Mereka tidak...memiliki penggorengan sehingga tidak ada ikan dan kentang goreng, kentang goreng atau makanan goreng lainnya.Selengkapnya

Tanggal kunjungan: September 2018
Diulas pada 2 Oktober 2018 via perangkat selular

Makan di sana Minggu sore. Menu ini cukup murah. Atmosfer hebat dan pelayan kami sangat baik. Kami berhenti di sana lebih banyak untuk objek wisata tetapi makanan itu benar-benar baik. Ini juga merupakan pilihan yang lebih murah daripada harga makanan hotel / resort.

Tanggal kunjungan: September 2018
Diulas pada 2 Oktober 2018

Layanan sangat baik, tampaknya sebelum Anda dapat meminta apa pun yang mereka ada di sana untuk menyediakannya. lebih banyak minuman atau pergi ke kotak. Kami berbagi nacho dengan daging dan masih membawa beberapa rumah.

Tanggal kunjungan: September 2018
Diulas pada 6 Agustus 2017 via perangkat selular

Menikmati makanan dan bir di sini. Dengan harga yang terjangkau dan pelayanan yang baik. Semua Kona pembuatan bir dll tersedia untuk mencicipi.

Tanggal kunjungan: Agustus 2017
Diulas pada 6 Agustus 2017 via perangkat selular

Kami pergi untuk makan malam, duduk cukup cepat. Bir spesial adalah lavender yang dikenal dan itu sangat bagus. Makanan kelas atas pub makanan dan layanan hebat. Pasti akan merekomendasikan.

Tanggal kunjungan: Agustus 2017
Diulas pada 6 Agustus 2017 via perangkat selular

Tempat ini luar biasa. Membayar untuk tur dan mencicipi anggur dan itu layak untuk mendukung pembuatan bir lokal kecil. Bir yang sangat baik dan tur dan pemandu wisata sangat informatif dan interaktif. Wisata dilengkapi dengan token gratis bir di ujung. Mereka juga memiliki spesial dan...setumpuk kecil yang saya akan merekomendasikan. Mendapat pencerewet yang ingin berambut pirang dan itu sangat membuat gelitikan lada yang berangkat ke bawah tenggorokan anda. Coba salah satu dari mereka buruk menembakkan anak-anak. Haha bagus mereka memiliki topi dan baju yang dijual yang saya bawa pulang. Tempat yang bagus untuk melihat. Waktu yang menyenangkan. Saya sangat merekomendasikan.Selengkapnya

Tanggal kunjungan: Agustus 2017
Diulas pada 6 Agustus 2017

Sangat baik tur pabrik. Pemandu wisata yang sangat baik banyak info pada kecepatan yang cepat. Menikmati sangat baik bir setelah tur dan memiliki beberapa pizza yang sangat baik juga.

Tanggal kunjungan: April 2017
Diulas pada 5 Agustus 2017

Tempat ini sangat menyenangkan dan makanan yang sangat baik. Layanan ini tidak terlalu ramah, tetapi mereka memiliki banyak pilihan menunya dan porsinya besar. Lasagna adalah lezat dan sosis Portugis. Di kantong cukup baik, juga. Mereka memiliki sebuah halaman yang sangat bagus restoran dengan live music,...yang bagus. Saya akan kembali lagi.Selengkapnya

Tanggal kunjungan: Juli 2017
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