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Ellicottville Brewing Company


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Sertifikat KeunggulanPemenang 2015 - 2018


Amerika, Bar, Pub, Sup
Diet Khusus
Sesuai untuk Vegetarian, Pilihan Vegan, Pilihan Bebas Gluten
Makan Siang, Makan Malam, Brunch, Larut Malam, Minuman
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Lokasi dan kontak


Real Beer. Real Like the Beer That the Barman Drew in Days Gone by, w/ More Flavor, Aroma & Natural Goodness Than Any of the Big National Brands. Draft Beer That Is Fresher Than Any Import, That Never Travels More Than a Dozen Feet From Our Serving Tanks to Our Antique Tap Towers. Beer That Is as Fresh as Beer Gets.
We Brew in Small Batches From Our Own Recipes, Using Only the Finest & Fresh Raw Materials.
Belgian Specialty Chocolate & Black Patent Malts, Munich Malt & Crystal Malts w/ Yakima Valley, Mount Hood, Czech & Willamette Hops. Select Strain of Brewer's Yeast Complement Each Beer w/ Crisp or Fruity, Dry or Sweet Flavors.
Ellicottville Brewing Company's Beer Never Contains Preservatives, Additives or Artificial Ingredients of Any Kind. Following the Old World Tradition, Our Beer Is Never Subjected to Pasteurization.
Our 10 Barrel, Whole Grain Brewery Reflects the Accumulated Tradition of Centuries of Craft Brewing. It Enables Us, as Brewers, to Exercise & Enjoy Something Unusual in Brewing: Creativity. In an Industrial Brewery We Would Be Compelled to Brew the Same Beer Day in & Day Out, a Thousand Times a Year. Here in Our Craft Brewery, as the Season Changes & Upon Our Customers Requests We Brew a Variety of Ales & Lagers. For Us, Brewing Remains an Art!
Our Brews Begin w/ Select Malted Barley. The Malt Is Crushed in Our Malt Mill & Infused w/ Hot Water to Form a Thick Porridge in the Insulated Mash Tun. Each Brew Has Its Own Critical Strike Temperature, Where the Malt Starch Is Naturally Converted to Just the Right Balance of Fermentable Sugars & Malty Dextrins. The Sweet Wort Is Then Drawn Off & Run Directly Into the Brew Kettle. The Protein Rich Brewers Grains Are Drained & Shoveled Out as Feed for Our Local Bison at the Ellicottville Buffalo Ranch.
In the Kettle, Hops Are Added to the Boiling Wort in a Specific Sequence That Creates a Balance of Bitterness & Aroma. The Brewer Judges the Wort Break, Clarity, Density, Flavor & Aroma. When the Moments Deemed Just Right, Final Addition of Aromatic Hops Is Made & the Wort Is Struck From the Kettle.
The Very Hot Wort Is Run Through the Heat Exchanger to Lower It to a Fermentable Temperature & Then Off to the Fermenter. Brewer's Yeast Is Pitched Into the Wort to Ferment the Sugars. Ales Ferment Under Frothy Head of Yeast for Seven Days, Then Another Several Days of Aging. Lagers Ferment Colder & Slower, So They Will Mellow & Age, Four to Six Weeks, Sometimes Even Longer. From the Fermenters We Filter Our Beer to Produce Crisp Clear Beer. The Beer That We Served From Our Brass Towers Is Tapped Directly to Our Serving Tanks.
We Hope That You Will Enjoy Savoring Our Beer as Much as We Enjoy Brewing It. Brewery Tours Are Given Upon Request or May Be Arranged in Advance for Larger Groups.
Grilled breast of chicken $+2.59
BBQ Ranch Chop Salad
Shredded romaine hearts, black beans, roasted corn kernels, red onion, tomato, & crispy tortilla strips, tossed in homemade ranch dressing w/ drizzles of BBQ sauce.
Grilled breast of chicken $+2.59
Ebc Goat Cheese Salad
Crispy greens topped w/ herbed goat cheese, walnuts & apple. Served w/ your choice of house tomato basil vinaigrette or lemon vinaigrette.
Summer Nicoise Salad
Grilled ahi tuna, arugula, green beans, cherry tomato, hardboiled egg, oil cured nicoise olives, anchovy, baby red potato tossed w/ our house lemon vinaigrette.
Grilled breast of chicken $+2.59
Canadian smoked salmon $+5.99
Classic Caesar
This is a generous, made to order caesar. Endless variations are in vogue, but the original is still the finest. Hearts of romaine lettuce, aged shaved parmesan cheese, garlic croutons, ground black pepper tossed in our classic homemade dressing: light, garlicky, w/ lemon, anchovies & oil.
Thai Beef Salad
Shredded romaine & napa cabbage, carrots, pickled red onion, roasted peanuts, cilantro, crispy rice noodles & grilled thai marinated beef tenderloin skewers. Served w/ a thai chili-lime vinaigrette & drizzled w/ a spicy peanut aioli.
We smoke our meats in a friedrick rotisserie smoker. The smoker is one of the finest that delivers a delicious authentic smoke flavor & extreme juicy tenderness. Includes cole slaw, corn bread & your choice of potato salad or fries. Three styles of sauce: classic, sweet ‘n tangy mustard, or hot ‘n spicy BBQ.
The Texas Brisket
A half pound of our slow smoked texas beef brisket. Dry rubbed w/ our signature seasonings & sliced thick.
Kansas City Chicken
Half chicken, rubbed w/ a zesty blend of herbs & spices then slow smoked on mesquite wood to a juicy perfection.
BBQ Pulled Pork Sandwich
The brewery’s own six hour slow apple-wood smoked BBQ pulled pork. Stacked high w/ shredded cabbage & sweet ‘n tangy BBQ & beer sauce. Served w/ a side of seasoned fries.
1/4 keg 12” & keg size 17”
1/4 keg $14.99
Keg $23.99
Smokey Chicken BBQ
Smoked BBQ chicken, BBQ sauce, red onions, smoked bacon, fresh cilantro & arugula, mozzarella, smoked gouda.
1/4 keg $13.99
Keg $20.99
Crushed plum tomato, buffalo mozzarella, fresh basil, garlic & olive oil.
1/4 keg $13.99
Keg $21.99
Cheese & Pepperoni
Classic buffalo sorrento mozzarella, margarite buffalo cup & char pepperoni.
The brewery’s soup has been called the “glory of the kitchen.” it is most often a dish the right balance of pretentiousness & earthly wisdom, gallic flair & domestic economy. There is something awesome about sitting down before a bowl of our soup, which has its own rules, its formidable history, its powers. The process of its creation is like the cycle of life, the stages of man: inevitable in comforting way.
Classic French Onion
Crock of caramelized onions in a rich beef stock infused w/ thyme & a bay leaf. Smothered w/ gruyere & provolone cheese & baked until golden brown.
Spicy African Peanut Soup
Our‎ famous “taste of ellicottville” soup finally made it on the menu! A hearty creamy soup of chicken, peanut roux, cayenne & tomato w/ a mildly spicy finish.
Crock of Soup Du Jour
Please don’t be silly & ask for a cup!
The following entrees are served w/ a suitable starch & dinner salad. Substitute a caesar salad for 1.99
12 Oz New York Strip Steak
Hand selected center cut black angus new york strip steak seasoned w/ fresh herb, citrus & sea salt rub, then grilled to your liking.
Ebc Country Club Sirloin
A‎ very thick 10 oz black angus filet of sirloin steak, seasoned w/ fresh herb, citrus & sea salt rub, then grilled to your liking.
Orange Rum Glazed Salmon
Fresh grilled canadian salmon fillet flavored w/ a sweet glaze that carries a kick. Glaze is made from fresh orange zest, tropical rums & just a kick of spice. Served w/ seasonal vegetable & wild rice.
Petite Sirloin
8‎ oz marbled denver steak lightly seasoned & grilled to your liking.
May We Suggest an Addition to Your Steak
Add crumble danish bleu cheese or sautéed button mushrooms for an additional
Penne a’ La Vodka
A recipe originating just outside of naples, italy. Hand crafted w/ plum tomatoes, onions, pancetta, cream & house smoked salmon & fresh dill.
Shepherd's Pie
Buttered puff pastry stuffed w/ sautéed veal, mashed potatoes, onion, monterey jack & cheddar cheeses. This dish lands to rest w/ our black jack dry stout demi glace & fresh vegetables, truly one of the brewery’s favorites.
Ebc Fish N’ Chips
Brother’s pale ale beer batter, japanese bread crumbs & deep fried golden brown. Served w/ ebc crispy fries, cole slaw & lemon.
Lemon Baked Cod
Cod loin baked w/ cracked pepper, lemon butter & topped w/ caramelized leeks. Served w/ wild rice & seasonal vegetable.
Chesapeake Crab Cakes
A light unique take on the classic maryland crab cake. A combination of chesapeake super lump crab meat, shrimp & delicate seasonings. Lightly crisped & served w/ a fresh dijon sauce.
Ebc burgers are grilled to our guide below, served w/ lettuce, tomato & onion on a hot cross bun & pickle w/ choice of fries or side salad.
Kobe Truffle Burger
Renowned for its flavor, tenderness & marbled texture, this kobe burger is topped w/ classic california white truffle tremor cheese. The flavor of truffle meets the velvety perfection of ripened goats milk cheese. Earthy & elegant, it’s sure to make even the most distinguished taste buds shake! Served w/ a side of fries tossed w/ parmesan, parsley & drizzled w/ black truffle oil.
Falafel Burger
Homemade falafel of garbanzo beans, garlic, onion, coriander, cilantro, parsley & cumin; fried & topped w/ lettuce, pickled red onion, tomato & a cucumber-roasted garlic yogurt sauce.
Ebc Brew Burger
Charbroiled black angus burger. Served on a costanzo roll w/ lettuce, tomato & onion & choice of cheddar, gruyere, provolone or crumbly bleu cheese.
English Pub Burger
Charbroiled black angus topped w/ caramelized onions, bacon, english cheddar cheese, & served w/ a horseradish bleu cheese sauce. Delicious!
The Grand Caesar Burger
Pepper encrusted & grilled to your liking 1/2 lb angus burger. Stacked w/ whole romaine leafs, melted provolone cheese, tomato, smoked apple-wood bacon, crumbly bleu cheese & homemade caesar dressing.
Big daddy it! $+14.99
Pepper Bleu Burger
Pepper‎ encrusted w/ sautéed button mushrooms, roasted red peppers & crumbly bleu cheese.
How Our Temperatures Work
Rare: blood red, juicy, cool center medium: reddish/pink, warm center well: no pink, very sad, hot center
Sandwiches are served w/ seasoned fries or a side salad.
Pastrami Reuben
Broiled open face sandwich, heaping w/ peppered pastrami, sauerkraut, melted swiss & russian dressing over marbled pumpernickel & rye bread.
Steak Sandwich
8 oz grilled denver steak topped w/ sauteed portabella & button mushrooms w/ melted gruyere & provolone cheese drizzled w/ a homemade cognac cream sauce.
Portabella Mushroom Sandwich
Charbroiled portabella mushroom drizzled w/ a tuscan olive oil marinade & tipped w/ roasted red peppers & goat cheese.
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Berhenti untuk makan malam yang cepat. Makanan yang sangat baik. Mungkin sedikit terlalu mahal tapi anda membayar untuk suasana. Luar Biasa kerajinan bir pilihan, pilihan anggur yang tidak terlalu luas. Mungkin untuk diharapkan karena ini adalah pabrik bukan pabrik! layanan yang sangat baik akan berhenti...lagi jika di daerah.Selengkapnya

Tanggal kunjungan: Agustus 2017
Diulas pada 2 Agustus 2017

6 wanita mengunjungi EBC ini akhir pekan lalu selama Festival Blues di Ellicottville. Kami berhenti di pada hari Jumat malam untuk minuman dan band (yang tak tertangani) dan kami memiliki waktu yang besar. Kami kembali untuk makan malam pada hari Sabtu. Harus menunggu untuk meja...tapi tidak ada masalah yang menunggu dan menonton orang. Kita semua menikmati makanan kami sangat banyak. begitu banyak yang kami kembali untuk makan siang pada hari Minggu. Teras adalah tempat yang indah. Kami akan kembali waktu berikutnya di E - ville. Satu hal, kami sangat kecewa bahwa ada tidak ada musik live pada Sabtu malam.Selengkapnya

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Saya akan memberikan tempat ini bintang 5 karena saya suka ulasan makanan, bir yang luar biasa dan suasana yang hebat. Tapi karena anjing ramah patio, saya sarankan tidak memiliki hewan peliharaan memiliki anjing dan menunggu staf penuh mereka menyajikan makanan! Hanya orang bodoh kami. Saya...tidak bisa satu-satunya orang yang menyadari hal ini.Selengkapnya

Tanggal kunjungan: Juli 2017
Diulas pada 28 Juli 2017

Kami mengunjungi untuk makan siang dan berhenti di Ellicottville. Suasana di teras luar biasa. Bunga-bunga yang indah dan meja Payung adalah sentuhan yang bagus. Server kami adalah sangat membantu dalam merekomendasikan bir dan pilihan yang sangat luas! Suami saya memesan burger dan saya memesan sandung...lamur Sandwich. Keduanya sangat lezat dan disajikan dengan baik. Kami pasti akan kembali!Selengkapnya

Tanggal kunjungan: Juli 2017
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sangat terkesan dengan restoran ini dan pabrik, berharap mereka lebih dekat ke rumah. Saya punya kelapa berkulit COD yang luar biasa. Istri saya memiliki Taco ikan yang juga sangat bagus. Staf adalah sangat bagus dan akomodatif. Tempat yang layak untuk mencoba, Anda tidak akan kecewa!

Tanggal kunjungan: Juli 2017
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Duduk di luar! Anda tidak akan menyesal, bir yang sangat baik, layanan yang luar biasa, dengan banyak pilihan untuk tempat duduk. Berencana untuk menghabiskan beberapa jam dan HH!

Tanggal kunjungan: Juli 2017
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Kami berhenti di sini setiap kali kami datang ke Ellicottville. Yang sangat baik dan layanan yang sangat baik. Anda tidak dapat pergi salah dengan pilihan menu dan banyak pilihan bir. Favorit saya adalah blueberry gandum.

Tanggal kunjungan: Juni 2017
Diulas pada 10 Juli 2017

Lokasi yang bagus di kota, indah, besar luar ruangan tempat duduk, menu yang luas, makanan yang baik, minuman yang baik, sebagian besar dan layanan yang baik.

Tanggal kunjungan: Juli 2017
Diulas pada 5 Juli 2017 via perangkat selular

Tempat ini adalah sebuah permata yang nyata. Daerah luar ruangan tempat duduk yang fantastis, tiga bar, makanan yang baik dan bir baik. Tidak mendapatkan jauh lebih baik daripada Ellicottsville pembuatan. Saya berharap itu lebih dekat ke rumah.

Tanggal kunjungan: Juli 2017
Diulas pada 3 Juli 2017 via perangkat selular

Kami memutuskan untuk makan malam di EBC setelah membaca ulasan. Restoran dihiasi dengan sangat baik. Makanan yang sangat lezat tapi pelayan sangat mengerikan. Dia sangat sangat kasar dan pendek dengan kami sepanjang waktu. Ia hanya memiliki beberapa tabel dan tidak terlalu sibuk. Dari penyambutan yang...singkat untuk melemparkan gelas air yang kosong di seberang meja tiba-tiba kejutan yang membanting dengan saus tomat botol di meja kami. Pengalaman yang sangat tidak nyaman. Itu hanya merusak makan malam kami. Kami mencari manajer setelah kami dibayar untuk makan kami tapi tidak ada satu di sekitar nampak. jadi kami hanya memutuskan untuk meninggalkan. Kami tidak bisa keluar dari situasi yang tidak bersahabat cukup segera. Ini sangat disayangkan karena mungkin jika kami duduk di meja yang berbeda dan memiliki layanan yang berbeda ulasan saya akan benar-benar berbeda.Selengkapnya

Tanggal kunjungan: Juli 2017
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