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What's the Real Story With That Hotel?
The Wall Street Journal / WSJ.com
June 20, 2004



"Now four years old, TripAdvisor.com is one of the most comprehensive hotel-user-review sites. It combines consumer reviews with guidebook reviews and articles about thousands of U.S. and foreign hotels and resorts.If you'd like to compare hotels in a particular city, just type the city and state (or country) you're planning to visit into the search engine on the home page. Or, if you're looking for reviews of a particular hotel, you can type in the hotel name and it will generate a list of possibilities so you can get to the right one. Some of the busiest hotels get new traveler reviews posted every day, or a few times a week.

Consumers rate the hotels on a scale of one to five, with one being poor and five being excellent. And most reviewers leave descriptions of hotels they've stayed at, explaining their overall impressions of the place. To make it easier for users, the site also includes a 'popularity index' of a city's hotels, ranking them best to worst based on a compilation of all the reviews. And it lists a price range you should expect to pay at the hotel.Another good feature: If you find a hotel you like, the site links to the 'QuickCheck' tool, which lets you compare the hotel's rates on the major travel sites including Orbitz.com, Hotels.com, Travelocity.com and Expedia.com for the dates of your trip."