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beach cabana in Srilanka,book your next vacation to spend in cabana - Foto Travel First Sri Lanka, Kolombo

Foto: beach cabana in Srilanka,book your next vacation to spend in cabana

beach cabana in Srilanka,book your next vacation to spend in cabana
A zip line, zip-line, zipline, zip wire, or aerial runway, is a pulley suspended on a cable, usually made of stainless steel, mounted on a slope. It is designed to enable cargo or a person propelled by gravity to travel from the top to the bottom of the inclined cable by holding on to, or being attached to, the freely moving pulley. It has been described as essentially a Tyrolean traverse that engages gravity to assist its speed of movement. Its use is not confined to adventure sport, recreation
hi all foodies
Known for our rice and curries, our cuisine is regional while has been shaped through the years by many cultural, historical and other factors. Being a tropical island rich in vegetation, we are blessed with many water bodies that nourish our lands which in return provides us with food in abundance. Seafood is available at all times due to the endless coastline that we are surrounded with.
Ceylon teas contain higher levels of potassium when compared with tea grown in other regions. (1) Potassium is extremely important for the health of your body, especially your heart as it relaxes your veins and arteries. This reduces your blood pressure and reduces the strain on your heart.
Pidurutalagala Mountain in Sri Lanka is not open to the public most of the year. However, during certain periods of time passes of admission can be obtained for a drive to the top. Trekking is strictly not allowed. Once the vehicle enters the limits of the Security Point at the base it has to be driven without stopping or anyone disembarking from the vehicle till the Upper-Security Point at the mountain’s summit.
The cashew tree is a tropical evergreen tree that produces the cashew seed and the cashew apple pseudofruit. The tree can grow as high as 14 m, but the dwarf cultivars, growing up to 6 m, prove more profitable, with earlier maturity and greater yields.
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