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Grassmere Inn Bed and Breakfast

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Jika Anda seperti bangunan bersejarah yang bagus dengan pesona dan karakter - tempat ini adalah untuk Anda. Ketika kami liburan tempat tidur dan sarapan adalah sempurna bagi kami. Hari kami dimulai dari luar biasa dan kemudian kami berjalan ke segala sesuatu dari pantai,
Tanggapan dari westhamptontennis, Owner di Grassmere Inn Bed and Breakfast
Ditanggapi 1 Agt 2017
I definitely recognize the author of this review. Thanks very, very much for the kind words. We really do try to provide the neatest, cleanest, safest, most service oriented accommodation possible. It is quite a challenge as the real estate and related expenses are so massive. But, the high season very short. As you know, we keep our property open year round to provide stability and continuity for staff. We also keep staff on 24 hours per day.That permits us to maintain and continuously improve and keep the rooms and common areas clean. However, we only have room revenue. No bar. No restaurant. The massive expenses must be amortized over very few room nights. There are some who feel we are expensive. We completely understand and respect that. Somehow I think the two of you would be happy anywhere!!! Glad you enjoyed your stay again.
Kami menghabiskan satu malam di sini pada 4 Juli yang menawan. bangunan tua, penuh karakter. Kami menyukai tempat ini baik dari bangunan, tetapi beberapa orang mungkin tidak. Lokasinya bagus, sangat dekat dengan restoran, sekitar satu mil atau lebih dari pantai. Ada teras yang
Keluarga saya direncanakan menit terakhir perjalanan ke Hamptons. sangat bersih. staf yang sangat ramah. Akan tinggal lagi. sangat dekat dengan kota. Kami bukan tim di Meru, tapi 20 menit berkendara dan menghabiskan hari di pantai di Southampton.
Ini adalah perjalanan kami ketiga ke Grassmere Inn dan Lapangan Tennis Club. Negara pesona dan dekat ke kota dan pantai tidak dapat mengalahkan Rogers! Ritz, Bruce dan Natalie membanggakan di tingkat layanan pelanggan dan memanjakan kami semua. Alberto dan staf adalah kedudukan
Ini akan menjadi sangat tulang telanjang &, tua dan perahu kecil. Saya menginap di sini pada bulan Juli untuk di bawah $300 dari 2016 dan lihat sekarang mereka meminta $700 untuk kamar? Saya akan tidur di mobil saya yang pertama. Saya menyadari bahwa ini adalah untuk dijual dan
Tanggapan dari westhamptontennis, Owner di Grassmere Inn Bed and Breakfast
Ditanggapi 30 Jun 2017
My name is Peter Kaplan. I am the owner of The Grassmere Inn in Westhampton Beach and have been for the last 20 years. First of all, ff one is considering staying with us and has concerns, please feel free to call me at home (914 234 9462) or at the Inn (631 288 4021). We pride ourselves on cleanliness, service, and safety. We keep the property open year round unlike many properties in a highly seasonal area. We do this to constantly maintain the facility and cleanliness. Before a guest is permitted in a room, a housekeeper must thoroughly clean and sign off on the room. And, then a minimum of 1 front office person (but typically 2) must inspect and also sign off on the room. I am sorry this guest did not enjoy her stay. After thorough, random, unannounced inspections, we frequently host dignitaries and high profile guests. The President of Israel, Barack Obama's Press Secretary, Clinton advance team, National Science Minister of Israel, Good Morning America hosts, numerous publication owners all have enjoyed their stays with us. And, there are 100's of every day people who have also!! We treat EVERYONE honestly and fairly. Not all of our rooms are $700 nt. Additionally, each morning we go to the same bakery (less than 2 blocks away) this guest reviewed and purchase fresh bagels and muffins. When needed, we return to the bakery and purchase new fresh ones. Additionally, we provide fresh fruit salad, oatmeal, cereal, milk, coffee,organic tea, oj, apple juice, pastries, raisin bread, daily. Our buildings are "old" having been built in the 1880's. However, they are constantly being updated. We recently replaced virtually all the roofs. We abandoned oil tanks and replaced with new in basement. We have all new boilers, hot water heaters, and keep extra ac's in case when stops functioning. Staff are on duty 24 hours per day 365 days per year to make sure all guests receive the peace, tranquility, cleanliness, safety, they are entitled to. Since we are near the beach, we paint inside and outside every year. One may look on our website ( I don't believe we are permitted to list URL's but one may call me (914 234 9462) for it to see many of the upgrades. We have 20 guest rooms. If one books a private bathroom, he/she receives a private bathroom. IF one books a shared hall bath, he/she receives a shared hall bath. They are less expensive obviously. 17 of the guest rooms have private bathrooms. Of the 17 private bathrooms, 13 have been completed updated with new sinks, toilets, showers, back splashes, vanities, flooring, etc. The 3 remaining are perfectly functioning (knock on wood), but we hope to upgrade them also. This guest apparently booked a room that shares a hall bath. We monitor those frequently for cleanliness but it only takes one guest to dirty a bathroom and we cannot keep a staff member standing outside the bathroom 24 hours per day. We note on our website the "risks' of taking a room that shares a hall bath. We had beautiful expensive, Stark Carpet in great condition. However, carpeting near a beach was a mistake. So, we removed all the carpeting and either replaced with wood laminate or reclaimed the wood flooring. All rooms have flat screen tv, cable, wifi, and window unit ac's. If one is seeking a super neat, clean, service oriented property, I believe we will fit the bill. IF you are seeking a fancy high end 7 * hotel, I don't believe you can find one in this area.
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Sunset on Dune Road 5 minutes away.
140 usd and a bathroom that s really old and shaky just see hhe rust here to get An idea
Room #6 bathroom
Loose wire in front of bathroom - room #6 kept having to tack it down to avoid tripping
It is a beautiful beach that stretches for miles. The access near the Grassmere is called Rogers Beach Pavilion. This is the Westhampton Beach Village beach. $10 for each person 10 years and above. There may be a small group of people on either side of the life guard's chair. Then, one might walk a quarter or half mile without seeing another person. Then, perhaps another small cluster of people.. There are not a lot of access points in this area. The street is basically private residences. PK
1 penilaian
If you are staying with us, you are welcome to stop by the Inn. In fact, you are welcome to stop by the Inn even if you do not have a reservation with us. However, there is nobody who can provide a parking pass for the Village residents parking lot. One must be a taxpayer and get a sticker that is adhered to the car window. Regardless the parking issue is somewhat irrelevant. One may park across the street from the beach which is perfectly legal and free. If there are no parking spots, we can typically provide guests shuttle service to and from the beach. We provide a beach pass for our guests. However, even with the pass, one must pay to get on the beach.. Without a pass, one is not permitted on the beach even if he/she would like to pay.
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US$124 - US$529 (Berdasarkan Tarif Rata-Rata untuk Kamar Standard)
grassmere hotel westhampton beachgrassmere inn b&b
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