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Le Grand Bleu

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Ini penting untuk memulai dengan pernyataan dari sudut pandang, ya anda di pulau Afrika, yang merupakan bagian dari Madagaskar, dengan infrastruktur yang sangat sedikit. Dibandingkan dengan beberapa tempat kami tinggal di Utama (kami selesai tur Utara) hotel dan kamar yang
Tanggapan dari Celine_de_Nosy-Be, Gérant di Le Grand Bleu
Ditanggapi 3 Jul 2017
Sir, All prices are displayed on the website and at the hotel. So there are no surprises for shuttle trips, air conditioning and we also send our excursions rate. The prices are in total correlation with the charges of a 2-star establishment with 25 employees in Nosy Be. That is understandable. No one has forced you to choose an excursion or opt for air conditioning as once again the information regarding the price of the services are given BEFORE and not discovered at the end of your stay; Each person decides to read and take note of this information or not .... Electricity is very expensive in Nosy Be and when it does not work, we have a large generator. Diesel is not free! It's the same price as in Europe! You may not know that 24 H of a large generator spends more than 100 liters ... For some establishments, it's 1,000 liters a day ... And you want that for free? You may not pay for electricity at home! Besides, of course, you could have managed your excursion yourself for NOSY SAKATIA. That is to say that on your stay of a few days in NOSY BE, you should have sought and find on your own the right person, the guide realizing the delivery in the best conditions (because the bad experiences exist ...). If you come back to Nosy Be, you can go to hostels certainly cheaper, but also without air conditioning and do not offer all the services offered by the Big Blue. It takes all tastes. Your totally inappropriate judgment and thinking about the people who live in Nosy Be will only look at you! You know, with 25 employees, we are pleased to support nearly 250 people in the village ... Expatriates and investors participate in the economy of the island: it is quite logical and mathematical ...
Perspektif yang penting di sini. Ini adalah pulau Afrika setelah semua, jadi jangan berharap terlalu banyak. Kami memesan 4 malam di sini pada pemesanan. Com, dan 5 malam di tempat lain, yang dekat ke Helleville melalui airbnb. Ketika kami tiba, kami segera dihadiri untuk dan
Tanggapan dari Celine_de_Nosy-Be, Gérant di Le Grand Bleu
Ditanggapi 3 Jun 2017
Hello sir, It is not true to write that you booked through Booking.com, because you canceled with this social site to book elsewhere. You may not have the right information, sir, because the reservation is in Madame's name. You say you have booked with a photo that does not match your reservation. We checked on the social site you are talking about. It is also false. All the photos of the bungalows hiker correspond well to this type of bungalow, with the garden view. Also on the official website of the Grand Bleu. You paid a little more as you chose to book through an intermediary. The social site does not work for free, it is understandable ... It is your choice and we respect it. You benefit from an overbooking with an exceptional offer in bungalow Confort, view on the sea. It is a proposal, indeed very interesting which you took advantage. After a few days you went to the capital and you found the heat and very noisy. Also, you have decided to come back, and also enjoy the good conditions PROMO live by being accommodated again in a bungalow Confort, with the sea view. These PROMO conditions are well specified on the website of the Grand Bleu and also displayed in the hotel. Really, there was no manipulation. We apologize for your bitterness. On the contrary, it is with simplicity and humility that you were told, if you are not very good at Hell City, it will be a pleasure to see you again and receive you again. You really enjoyed a comfortable bungalow at exceptional conditions. As a reminder, the night is 83 euros from 4 nights. You're mistaken. Good continuation.
Le Grand Bleu adalah sebuah hotel yang menggemaskan dengan situasi yang paling indah yang menghadap ke teluk. Pemandangan ini terlihat di tepi kolam renang adalah benar-benar surga. Jacques menjalankan sebuah hotel yang indah, Staf yang menyenangkan dan penuh perhatian. Itu
Ditanggapi 21 Mei 2017
Dear Sophie, The whole staff of the Grand Bleu thank you for your nice comment. You have loved the unique location of the Grand Bleu, overlooking the sea from the infinity pool over the bay on the Andilana peninsula in Nosy Be. You have made beautiful discoveries by making many excursions from the Grand Bleu. You enjoyed your standard bungalow. You also liked the beautiful dating of guests of all nationalities in the establishment. The holidays are also made to realize beautiful encounters. We are delighted for the beautiful images you have, in two words: "Good memories". Sophie, it will again be a great pleasure to see you again at the Grand Bleu to welcome you. Celine
Kami tinggal di penginapan ransel selama tujuh malam, dasar tetapi nyaman. Mengambil setengah papan, makanan yang sangat lezat dan banyak. 4 pra mengatur kunjungan, mereka terorganisir dengan baik dan menyenangkan. lokasi yang sangat indah dengan pemandangan yang menakjubkan.
Ditanggapi 18 Mei 2017
Dear Eddie, Thank you for your very nice review. By being housed in a basic hiker bungalow, garden view; You have made a one week stay with the program of beautiful excursions in the archipelago of Nosy Be. You know that you can also make a beautiful cruise in other archipelagos from the Big Blue. Why not ? It will be a pleasure to see you again to welcome you to GRAND BLEU. Jacques
Jacques dan Celine yang menjalankan hotel yang indah dengan kamar yang indah (kami tinggal di salah satu bungalow). Setiap kamar memiliki pemandangan yang luar biasa di teluk utara atau selatan, yang keduanya dapat dilihat dari kolam renang hotel. Kami tidak punya masalah
Ditanggapi 17 Mei 2017
Dear Ben, All the beautiful team of the Grand Bleu and Jacques thank you for your very nice comment. You are right, the hotel is cosmopolitan, so we receive from the whole world, which allows a real exchange between the guests and also the entire Malagasy staff. This allows for beautiful encounters; It is also ... holidays. Dear Ben, come back one day to Madagascar, even if the USA are on the other side of the Ocean ... to listen again to the new playlists of Jacques, soon the new beaches around the pool; It will be a great pleasure to see you again and receive you.
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la terrasse de notre chambre
Mon bungalow en "contre-plongée"
Bonsoir, Vous écrivez à 2 jours d’intervalle sur un site social pour des questions qui vous sont personnelles. A priori... avec une arrivée le 18 Octobre 2018, il s’agirait peut-être d’un groupe de près de 20 personnes ou d'un autre groupe ? Et aurez peut-être à nouveau des questions complémentaires… Vous comprenez que ce site n’est pas une messagerie. Afin que nous puissions vous adresser nos conseils, qui font 5 pages, nous vous recommandons de nous écrire directement à notre adresse e-mail que vous trouverez sur notre site internet. Nous ne pouvons pas vous écrire notre adresse e-mail dans notre réponse car ce site social n'accepte pas de lien HTML ou de redirection vers des sites internet. Nous vous répondrons précisément dans les 24 H. Nous vous remercions pour votre compréhension, Très bonne fin de soirée
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Bonjour ,est ce que l'hôtel a un accès direct sur la plage?
Bonsoir, Vous accéder directement à la plage par un chemin en 5 à 10 mn à pied, environ 150 m, parmi les cocotiers et les manguiers directement depuis l’hôtel. Vous pourrez y rencontrer des villageois ou des pêcheurs qui remontent leur pêche. La plage mesure 800 mètres de long, elle est propre et a su conserver un caractère authentique. Excellente fin de soirée.
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Ciao, Prenotando direttamente sul sito web di Le Grand Bleu, beneficerai di tutte le offerte disponibili, compresa la prima colazione, la mezza pensione, la pensione completa; anche nella parte inferiore del pacchetto di 3 o 4 escursioni. Grazie per aver guardato per scoprire. Il sito di prenotazione sicura Grand Bleu ti consente inoltre di prenotare direttamente utilizzando la tua carta di credito. In caso contrario, e se si desidera il prezzo unitario delle escursioni, è possibile inviare una e-mail in modo che possiamo rispondere. Tutte le nostre escursioni sono disponibili, in base alle condizioni meteorologiche. Inoltre, nella scheda "alloggio", troverete anche le nostre tariffe per pernottamenti e pasti, anche la nostra navetta, secondo i vostri desideri. Cordialmente e sicuramente ci vediamo presto
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Ciao, caro Filippo, Si raggiunge la spiaggia da un piccolo sentiero in 5 o 10 minuti. L'hotel-ristorante si trova sulla penisola di Andilana, a 10 minuti di tuk-tuk dalla spiaggia di Andilana. Puoi cenare nel nostro ristorante. La stragrande maggioranza degli ospiti sceglie il trattamento di mezza pensione o pensione completa per rilassarsi dopo una giornata di visite turistiche. Per cena altrove, ti consigliamo di viaggiare in auto. Hai anche molte informazioni sul nostro sito e puoi anche scriverci direttamente. Il piacere di rispondervi.
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Good evening Mat1lda, We fully understand your question. Le Grand Bleu says that at the Menu, you can choose between 2 starters, 2 main dishes, 1 of which are based on fish or seafood and 2 accompaniments, also 2 desserts. If you prefer the card, it is also possible. We also have many specialties that are seafood-free. We also offer vegetarian, halal, etc ... You understand: there is for all and for all tastes. We specify that all our kitchen is MAKE HOME. You can find more information on our website. Definitely to see you soon. To book, you just have to write us to our e-mail address, we answer within 24H.
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US$53 - US$139 (Berdasarkan Tarif Rata-Rata untuk Kamar Standard)
MadagaskarAntsiranana ProvinceNosy Be
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