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Woolley Grange

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Travellers' Choice Pemenang 2019
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Kolam Renang
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Hotel bebas rokok
Kolam air panas
Kolam renang dalam ruangan
Kolam renang luar ruangan
Layanan Cuci Pakaian
Penitipan anak
Ruang Pertemuan
Ruang rapat
Wi-Fi Umum
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Kami memesan kamar standar yang sangat besar! Saya tidak yakin jika mereka semua seperti itu atau kita hanya beruntung. Saya benar-benar menghargai ruang karena kami bepergian dengan bayi yang suka bermalas-malasan dengan mainan tapi juga ketika dia pergi untuk tidur kami bisa
Suami saya, Putri (2 tahun) dan saya baru saja akhir pekan di Woolley Grange hotel, dan kami menikmati setiap menitnya. Rumah dan properti sekitarnya indah terawat dengan baik dan kuat. Kamar kami adalah nyaman dan elegan. Ada sangat banyak hal yang harus dilakukan untuk orang
Kami memesan makan malam di sini untuk ulang tahun pernikahan kami karena kami hanya tinggal 10 menit berkendara. Ketika kami tiba kami duduk di luar di teras dan menikmati minuman, hati-hati dengan ini dan jangan terbuai, mereka biaya. 7. 30 untuk satu tembakan dari pilot gin
Kami memiliki tinggal yang menakjubkan di Woolley Grange. Staf sangat membantu dan ramah, kamar besar dan bersih dan lokasi hotelnya luar biasa. Kami dua anak-anak (usia 7 dan 9) suka bermain di halaman, mengumpulkan telur di taman dan berenang di kolam renang 2. Bagian terbaik
Kami tinggal di sini selama perayaan keluarga ulang tahun akhir pekan. Tempat ini membawa Anda kembali beberapa abad namun telah disesuaikan dengan waktu kami. Rumah segera terasa seperti rumah dari rumah dengan interior bergaya tua dari furnitur untuk dekorasi, terkena sinar
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West Gable
Bathroom in The Hayloft
Foto disediakan oleh manajemenWoolley Grange
We have previously stayed at new Park Manor and Ickworth. Although the creche and facilities were great (which entices us to try your hotel next), the food was pretty poor at both - overpriced and the breakfast options were more limited than any other hotel we have stayed at – no bananas or fresh fruit and hard to eat healthily. But most concerning was that the food options for kids at Ickworth were terribly unhealthy, high fat, high salt, high sugar, zero vegetables or protein! Truly shockingly bad. New park Manor was healthier but totally unreasonable, beans on toast for a two-year-old was £7 and took an age to arrive. It just made us feel as if we were being completely ripped off and assume that the hotel was desperate for money - we would prefer to just pay more for the room than feel cornered like that. The rest of the experience at both places was simply fantastic though (facilities, staff, bikes, mini dressing gowns, bottle sterilising, crèche, pool, staff, soft play area, kids toys, atmosphere etc - truly remarkable) hence we are really keen to try Woolley Grange because the concept of this hotel group is so good (& staff have been fabulous) and we want to find a hotel that doesn’t let down on food so that we can return with friends every year. WG looks great especially as children are allowed to collect eggs from the hens in the morning, which our kids would love! We are concerned though about the quality of the food because of our experience in the other two hotels in your group and whether this will just leave us frustrated. Please can you advise: 1. Are your breakfast options as limited as the other two hotels (is there fresh fruit available rather than chopped up fruit in juice?) Are things like oranges, apples, bananas available as in most other hotels? If not, we will bring some with us and is it okay for us to bring these down to breakfast so our children can have them? 2. Do the children’s evening meals include healthy fresh options or is it mainly deep-fried stuff, chips, pizzas etc? 3. Do the children have to wait for parents to select from a menu and then the food to be prepared (expecting a child to wait 20 minutes at a table proved tricky for us at NPM) or is it a buffet option like ickworth (that’s a lot easier)? 4. Do you also charge £7 for a toddler portion of beans on toast or does £7 cover starter, pudding etc too?
Hello Clare M Thank you very much for your message and I am delighted to hear how much you have enjoyed visiting our sister hotels and that you now wish to try Woolley. I would be really pleased to chat with you by phone but in the meantime, below are the answers to your questions: 1. We have a bowl of fresh fruit available at breakfast (and throughout the day) including bananas, apples and oranges. That is in addition to the fresh fruit salad. If you can't see what you would like at any point, please let us know and we can get it for you. 2. Our children's menu was updated in November last year after conducting a months trial. The menu can be seen on our website - woolleygrangehotel, section called 'Eat', scroll to the bottom and the menu can be down loaded from the link. There is a mixture of dishes to appeal to children and parents alike and hopefully appealing to their differing criteria for making choices! 3. We don't have a hot buffet at breakfast so food is ordered, cooked and served from the kitchen. We serve the food as fast as possible, however at peak times, there may be a delay. In the meantime we also have a cold buffet selection of cereals and pastries available from which children can help themselves. If the restaurant is busy when you arrive for breakfast, you could ask to order the children's hot food straight away so it is fast tracked to avoid any possible delay. 4.Beans on toast isn't on the menu but it is charged at £3.50 for a slice of toast and beans on top. Other prices are shown on the children's menu. If easier, I can forward a copy of the menu rather than you download it from the website; just let me know your contact details if that would be helpful. If there is anything else I can help with, please do not hesitate to let me know. In the meantime, I hope we have the opportunity to welcome you to Woolley Grange. Warm wishes Clare
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Hi, does the baby listening service include a camera on the monitor or is it just a sound monitor?
The baby listening is the staff listening out view a clever system set up via the phone in the room. This allows mum and dad to have a quiet meal in the restaurant and the staff will only come and have a word if the baby sounds upset.
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Hello Rebecca and welcome! From Bath train station we would recommend that you take the train to Bradford on Avon (in fact book your tickets to Bradford on Avon from your original destination). From Bath to Bradford is a 10 minute, beautifully scenic train ride and trains are frequent. Once you arrive at Bradford on Avon, there are usually plenty of taxis available out the front of the station to bring you to the hotel. This should cost no more than £5-£10 depending on the time of day. In terms of rooms, can i advise that you call the hotel reception to discuss. Being an old country house our rooms vary considerably. By chatting to the team we can ascertain the room(s) that best meet your requirements. Hope that helps and we look forward to seeing you next summer!
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No charge but lots and lots of children so, be cautious if you're looking for grown up time! Delightful but very family orientated!!
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Hello I think that small children are supervised in the Kids Clubs however I am not sure that they are supervised during outside play. A telephone call to the hotel will answer your questions and they may be able to arrange care for you. Hope you enjoy your stay.
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US$138 - US$419 (Berdasarkan Tarif Rata-Rata untuk Kamar Standard)
woolley grange hotel bradford-on-avon
Inggris RayaInggrisBradford-on-Avon
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