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Manor Hotel

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100Sangat bagus untuk pejalan kaki
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Ulasan ini diterjemahkan oleh mesin dari bahasa Inggris. Tampilkan terjemahan mesin?
Ingin tinggal yang murah di london.
Hanya di suatu tempat untuk tidur setelah malam keluar. Tersandung di tempat ini.
Lokasi sangat bagus, 5 menit berjalan kaki dari earls court station.
Kamar dasar tetapi sangat memadai. Kamar bersih, tempat tidur nyaman, sarapan kontinental yan
Ini di lokasi yang layak tergantung pada apa rencana Anda di London.

Tempat kebutuhan dekorasi benar-benar dengan tanda-tanda di dinding dan tanggal dekorasi.
Staf sangat ramah.
Mengingatkan saya tentang liburan saya di Blackpool sebagai seorang anak di be dan menjadi seperti ad
Tidak bisa mengerti ulasan negatif dari hotel ini. . . . Kami membayar 400 untuk 3 orang dewasa selama 4 malam. . . . . itu cukup banyak harga yang tidak ada duanya untuk London! Ruangan itu bersih dan dasar tetapi apa lagi yang Anda butuhkan di kamar tidur! Memiliki handuk segar
Tanggapan dari Mohammed A, reservations di Manor Hotel
Ditanggapi 20 Agt 2018
Dear guest Thank you for staying with us. Your fair comments are very much appreciated, make our efforts all the worthwhile, and motivate us to improve "and also get by through the negatives that, most often than not, would come along." We would be delighted to welcome you back in our hotel, and hopefully soon. Kind regards, Manor Hotel Team
Tinggal di sini selama satu malam, menghadiri konser di Hyde Park. Pada dasarnya tempat untuk kecelakaan untuk malam, check in langsung (saya telah menelepon di muka karena check-in adalah pukul 1 siang, dan kami tiba lebih awal, jadi ingin membuang tas kami di suatu tempat, dibe
Mereka bertukar ruangan ke kamar yang lebih kecil dengan pengaturan tidur yang berbeda dari apa yang dipesan

Permukaannya berdebu dan tidak bersih

jendela tidak akan menutup

staf yang kasar dan tidak ramah

staf mengakui tempat itu lancar tapi tidak ada cara untuk mengembalika
Tanggapan dari Mohammed A, Front Office Manager di Manor Hotel
Ditanggapi 21 Mei 2018
The friendly guest(s) booked a Non-Refundable booking, at a further 10% discount from our original rates, through booking.com. He did complain to Booking.com, who contacted us: Dear Manor Hotel, Bill Fraser (reservation 1964567487) has reached out to us about: The guest said the room was dirty and dusty, the window did not close correctly and the bed configuration was different than the one G booked. The manager said there was no other room available and the guest ended up in another property. Then the guest got back again at the property and spoke with the night manager which offered a smaller room, so the guest is now complaining because he would have accepted the smaller room if offered right away. The guest is asking to be refunded for the full amount (90 GBP) Please let us know your response to the guests' concerns and if we can support you in any way. Complaints are an opportunity to turn dissatisfied customers into happy, loyal guests. If Booking.com refunds the guest on your behalf, the incurred costs may be invoiced to your property. We look forward to hearing from you within 3 days. Thanks very much, Here is our reply: The guests arrived at 15:30 on Saturday 17th March 2018. At the front desk, the 1st thing Bill Fraser enquired about, when he was asked to fill his details, was: Who died in this hotel few days ago, or, if not in the hotel, nearby or round the corner? All the time he was checking his mobile to reach a conclusion that the death was "may be" in Trebovir Road. All the time, the only reply from our side was: Do you expect us to know all the deaths in this residential area? After paying the room's rate, the guests went to the room. The women in the group came down to the entrance, went to the outside of the hotel, back again to the reception, asked for a WiFi code, given one and used it immediately. They stayed in front of the reception for around 10 minutes talking between themselves then went to the room. Guests returned to the reception half an hour later, women comfortable enough to change clothes, wanted to leave the hotel and get a refund. Given reason was that the room was not the one they saw in the photo when they booked. The one in photo was larger, which was room no. 10 which had already been occupied. The guests were told about that. The women complained that the window doesn’t close properly leaving a gap, despite being double glazed, and that the heater does not work, although an explanation about the timer and the heating was given. Argument lasted for around 20 minutes. Although an explanation was given to them that the booking was Non-Refundable, still they insisted on getting the money back, based on dissatisfaction with the room, without asking for an alternative. The complaint was that the room was NOT what was in the photo when they made the booking. They were asked why they did not mention that they did not like the room, as soon as they saw that it was not as in the photo, especially the women in the group, as they stayed in front of the reception for more than 10 minutes, and it took them an hour to reach the decision? The reply was because it was the man who made the booking. And when the man was asked, his reply was that he was trying to convince them to stay, as he did not mind. However, later on, as an added reason for the dissatisfaction, the man even referred to the hotel as being “S**t and C**p”. And that he wondered who would ever stay here? As the argument went on, with their attitude, we were determined not to offer the refund. The man, in turn, went on to say that he will fill the hotel with "the homeless" and bring clowns and circus in front of the hotel, to make us lose business and in the end close it down. They went out, booked in another hotel, and returned around 17:00 to check out and asked the night shift staff for a refund. He offered them the other room they referred to as smaller one, which was exactly the same size as the 1st room offered to them with the only difference was being with one double and one single bed, to which they claimed that although it was better than R 18, as it was not offered to them as an alternative, they refused this offer now. The staff member did tell them they can cancel the other hotel then, instead of cancelling this one, as they are already in and paid, to which they repeated their refusal. After leaving the room we found that the bathroom had been used and ALL tea and coffee sachets had also been taken. They returned to the hotel the next morning, asking for the refund, otherwise, they would put their version on Tripadviser and whatever they can, repeating the remark about the homeless and the clowns, to shut our business down. The reference to the dust and cleanliness of the room was mentioned by Bill Fraser to the night shift staff and on his return the next day, but not as reason for their leaving initially. To indulge into the perceived intentions of those people "a reference to the use of WiFi for 10 minutes" would not be the appropriate course of action, as we consider. Nonetheless, the least of our concerns, should there be any, with regards to these individuals, would be to turn them into happy, satisfied guests, not to mention their loyalty. They have made a Non-Refundable booking. And so shall it stay. Kind regards, M.A. Manor Hotel Team Booking.com did not repeat their request.
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Single bedroom w shared bathroom
Nevern Place desde la ventana
Room 26 (triplet). Nice n basic room :)
Room 26 (triplet). Nice n basic room :)
Bonjour le wifi est gratuit depuis qq temps ? Merci
Je pense que est gratuit. Je suis resteé a l'hotel solement 3 jours et j'ai utilisé ma connection qui a bien marché. Tu dois demander au concierge la password.
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What is the easiest Way to get to you from Stansted airport :)?
Buonasera, è possibile lasciare il bagaglio in deposito prima del check-in e dopo il check-out (l'aereo del ritorno parte di sera)?
Buongiorno, non ho avuto l'esigenza del deposito bagagli quindi, mi dispiace, ma non so rispondere con esattezza alla sua domanda. Ho letto in altre recensioni che il deposito bagagli si paga. Le consiglio comunque di chiedere chiarimenti all'hotel tramite mail, risponderanno velocemente.
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Nelle camere con bagno privato si trova il kit cortesia (shampoo e docciaschiuma)?
Quel est le prix de la wifi dans l’hôtel ?
5 £ / 24h
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US$58 - US$215 (Berdasarkan Tarif Rata-Rata untuk Kamar Standard)
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