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Berry's Motel

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Ini mungkin yang terburuk yang pernah saya menyewa kamar. Suami saya dan saya telah bepergian cukup ekstensif di 40 tahun pernikahan. Motel ini adalah begitu buruk bahwa saya menghabiskan malam di mobil saya. Suami saya yang akan tetap di kamar tidur di mana saja. Kadang-kadang
Tanggapan dari RKBerry, Owner di Berry's Motel
Ditanggapi 17 Jul 2017
When I am down to my last couple of rooms, which are usually smoking rooms, I warn people that they are smoking rooms and that they should check them out before renting them. Smoking rooms are going to smell of stale smoke; they are what they are (and no, nothing died there). It totally baffles me that you stayed in a room which you hated so much, when in each room a notice is posted indicating that "you have 30 minutes to inspect the room and if it's not to your satisfaction, we'll gladly give you a refund as long as the beds and bathroom were not used". I also have no idea why you used bottled water to brush your teeth, as we're supplied with chlorinated water by the Town of Truro. We get a lot of smoking guests and I'm not going to apologize for smoking rooms which smell of stale smoke. I warn non-smokers that they are smoking rooms; I have the refund notice posted in all rooms; the rest is up to you!
Kami berada di #6 itu baru remolded dan masih berbau seperti asap rokok, membuka jendela, itu sangat baik. Tempat tidur yang sangat nyaman, kamar bersih. Tidak ada tambahan satu level kunci di pintu. Pemilik yang sangat bagus. Kopi gratis. Dekat dengan ombak yang membosankan.
Tanggapan dari RKBerry, Owner di Berry's Motel
Ditanggapi 27 Jun 2017
Thank you for staying at Berry's Motel. I'm sorry about the smell of smoke, but some smokers have no consideration for others and sneak smokes inside non-smoking rooms, even though they risk penalty fees for doing so. We're going to have to crack down on these bozos! Thanks for your input!
Saya menginap di sana selama 4 malam di pertengahan Desember 2016. tempat itu mudah untuk menemukan, satu-satunya kesalahan saya menemukan adalah lemari es tidak bekerja dan wanita yang tahu dan tidak pernah mengatakan kepada saya,, saya tidak gila tapi itu hal yang baik saya
Tanggapan dari RKBerry, Owner di Berry's Motel
Ditanggapi 3 Mei 2017
Hi, thanks for staying at Berry's Motel and thanks for your review!
Saya mengantar anak saya di Halifax di sekolah. Saya tidak membuat reservasi, yang adalah tidak langkah yang baik, dan tidak bisa menemukan tempat dengan kekosongan. Aku memeriksa perjalanan penasihat dan menemukan berry motel. Bersih, harga yang baik, banyak ruang, pelayanan
Tanggapan dari RKBerry, Owner di Berry's Motel
Ditanggapi 7 Nov 2016
We're about an hour's drive from Halifax, so if you can't find accommodations in the city, or if you don't want to pay high city prices, we're a great alternative. Thanks for staying with us!
Motel ini adalah sebuah perjalanan singkat dari bandara, sekitar satu jam. Meskipun hanya dari Jalan Raya di kamar tenang. Ada sebuah supermarket di jalan dan ada banyak makanan outletts dalam jarak berjalan kaki. Tidak hanya tinggal untuk malam Truro adalah layak dikunjungi.
Tanggapan dari RKBerry, Owner di Berry's Motel
Ditanggapi 16 Okt 2016
Hello and thanks for staying with us. I'm sorry about the stain on the sheet; every once in a while a sheet goes through the wash and dry, a stain won't come out, and it doesn't get noticed by the housekeeper who makes the bed; I'll ask them to be more attentive. A trip to the airport is about 40-50 minutes from our motel and we're a lot cheaper than the airport hotels, I'll guarantee you that; in fact, we have many guests who stay with us when they are going to or coming from the airport, saving themselves at least $50 per night. While the street we're located on is the Main Drag of Truro (where all the fast food outlets are located), Robie Street slows down quite a bit after 9pm, so yes it's pretty quiet here during the evenings. I'm glad you were happy with your stay, and I'll remind readers that while many of our rooms have been renovated we still have a few left to go (which we rent at a cheaper rate), so please specify a renovated room when making a reservation if that is your desire.
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no cups in room.....nothing had to go to office to get styrofoam cups....cups aval.. at $store
really....omg....notes everywhere...
did not work
can be repaired with a $10 molding
Well Waldo, if you want to know what I have to say about that, you can read my reply directly below Christine's review. But I'll add a couple of things. Once in a while I stay overnight in one of our rooms to get an idea of what guests experience and to make sure everything is okay. The rooms are definitely NOT FREEZING; in fact, even on the lowest heat setting I have to sleep without sheets. It can be too warm, if anything. When I told Susan, our day manager, about Christine's complaint, one of the things she mentioned was that "they had more people in those rooms than they told us". The extra charge per person is $10. If Christine had paid the extra charges for the extra people, it would have actually worked out to more than the $10 per room she claims she was overcharged. Also, it's not like we overcharged her credit card after the fact; her party was fully aware of the room rates when they paid for them at check-in time. Our niche is "a quiet, comfortable, and above all, ECONOMICAL place to stay". We have quite a large base of regular clientele, so I'd say we're doing something right. If you have any reservations about staying here, you're quite welcome to inspect any room for yourself. There's nothing like seeing things for yourself. Not all reviews can be trustworthy, as some guests try to extort hotel owners/managers (i.e. "if you don't give us a big discount or a free night, we'll slam you online") and when they don't get their way, they write a scathing review. Thank you and have a great day!
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KanadaNova ScotiaTruro
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