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Huvandhumaa Goalhi, 09070
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Huvandhumaa Goalhi, 09070
Villa Intl Airport59 kmLihat semua penerbangan
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Barnabas H menulis ulasan Jan 2022
Budapest, Hongaria220 kontribusi7 penilaian bermanfaat
In brief: we’ve had a wonderful stay both at Maalhos Thila Inn and on the island. Let’s start with the guesthouse. Communication was smooth with the guesthouse from the beginning, i.e. the time of the booking, the guesthouse helped us with all the questions we had in advance. When we arrived in the Maldives, the guesthouse staff picked us up at the airport, helped us to buy SIM cards and change money and “put” us on the speedboat to Maalhos, for which the guesthouse booked us the tickets in advance. The picturesque bikini beach of the island is a short, 5-minute walk from the guesthouse with a romantic section through the jungle before reaching the sea. The guesthouse provided us with sunbeds along with a umbrella and a small table on the beach. The guesthouse provides meals upon request, we ordered lunch and dinner (e.g. rihaakuru dhiya, garudhiya, fish curry) as well as Maldivian breakfast (e.g. mas huni, kulhi mas) several times, the food was really tasty and substantial. The guesthouse organizes different excursions for its guests, we went on the turtle watch excursion and visited a sand bank, too, it was great experience: it was the first time we saw a turtle from a close distance. During our stay on the island we needed to wash our clothes several times, which we could do using the washing machine of the guesthouse free of charge. The guesthouse provided us a big bottle of water free of charge every day. Our hosts were really friendly, talkative and open, they came over to the guesthouse in the evenings and we had exciting chats about e.g. the Thaana script (the writing used by the Maldivians), the Maldivian customs, sports life on the island, etc., this way we got to know a lot about the Maldivian way of life. On our last night, our hosts even showed us their home, where met many members of the family. One evening one of our hosts went for evening fishing with some friends and invited us to the BBQ that took place in the street afterwards, the fish was just delicious. Whenever we had some problem or were in need of something, our hosts were always there to help us – here are some examples. When one of us had a health problem, they accompanied us to the health center of the island, where the person in question received great medical care and afterwards they took us to the pharmacy where we could buy all the medicines that the doctor prescribed. When we ran out of the gluten free bread we took from home – one of us needs to keep a gluten free diet – and asked the guesthouse to serve the breakfast for the person in question with papadum (?) (we found out that this food was made from gluten free flour and was widely available on the island) instead of bread, our hosts gladly responded to our request. When we were in need of something that was not available in the shops on the island, the guesthouse always helped us to get it from Malé, this is the way we came by e.g. sunscreen after we used up the one we took from home. When one of the snorkeling masks we brought from home turned out be too big, the guesthouse rented us snorkeling mask free of charge. The guesthouse readily responded to our countless special requests during our stay. E.g. our hosts arranged us a visit to the school of the island where the school principal showed us around in the classrooms and we could watch the students learning some practical skills such as palm tree leaf weaving or baking. At the end of our visit we even got presents, namely typical Maldivian handicrafts made by the students. In addition, thanks to the guesthouse, we also had the opportunity to join one of the sessions of the baking course that was organized by the council of the island for the local ladies and led by a country wide known Maldivian chef. Furthermore, though it was not included in the excursion list of the guesthouse, our hosts arranged at our request that we could join three real local fishermen during their morning fishing. It was an authentic experience to observe the fishermen doing their daily job, i.e. traditional line fishing and what’s more, we could participate in the fishing, too. Besides, as one of our hosts works at the powerhouse of the island – the plant that supplies the inhabitants with electricity – we had the opportunity to visit this facility, too. Our hosts arranged us a visit also to one of the mosques of the island and gave us a tour on the island one morning, too. We were even taken for a sunset walk one evening – the spot on the island where the locals go to watch the sunset is said to be the most western point of the Maldives. Moreover, every time we ordered Maldivian food for lunch or dinner at the guesthouse, we could join the chef and learn about the ingredients and the recipe and were also shown the traditional tools that the locals use e.g. to process coconuts. Our hosts even taught us how to eat in the Maldivian way, i.e. with hands. Our hosts helped us with buying some typical Maldivian food specialties on the island, e.g. breadfruit chips and havadhu (a spice mix), too. Finally, our hosts fulfilled even our weirdest wishes: when we told them we wanted to take an original Maldivian swing chair (a joli-undholi) home, they were happy to get us a few pieces of plastic pipes and a piece of net from which now we can assemble the swing chair at home. And now let’s continue with the island. Not only our hosts but also the people on the island were really hospitable and friendly towards us and let us get a glimpse into their daily life, special events and festivals, we gained a lot of memorable experiences this way. For instance, one weekend the council of the island organized palm tree plantation to compensate for the trees that were cut down because of the sewage works being built and we had the opportunity to join the islanders in planting the trees, the president of the council even invited us to the joint lunch that took place afterwards. Furthermore, the young men who play football in the island from around half past five till the call for prayer at sunset almost every day, were really welcoming, one of us could join their game several times. Moreover, when we walked around on the island and the locals cooked something in the yards of their houses, they always invited us in and showed us how they made the food, e.g. kulhi kaajaa (spicy Maldivian snack), havadhu or the tuna noodles for the lunch after the palm tree plantation. This is the way we got involved in and tried palm tree leaf weaving, too. In addition, on our last day we had the honor to join the first day of the 3-day circumcision feast of the island, we were invited for breakfast and lunch and ate together with all the islanders, in the evening we even went to a karaoke party, it was a real cultural experience. Finally, also the staff of the restaurant called “Coffee Pot” – the only restaurant that was operating on the island during our stay and where we ate there countless times – was always really kind to us, we even got a special free of charge grilled fish farewell dinner on our last evening. And finally some general information. At the time of our stay, there were two shops operating on the island; though the shops had a limited selection of items, they met our basic needs, this is where we bought fruits, snacks, dairy products, water, mosquito repellent, etc.
Tanggal menginap: Desember 2021
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Tips Kamar: pick one of the rooms upstairs as they have a sort of balcony
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