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Guotai Hotel Tanya Jawab

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Hi, may I check how should I get to Guotai Hotel from the Jiuzhou Port? I saw from the internet that there is a free shuttle bus from Jiuzhou Port to Gongbei Custom. Is it still in operation? If so, please provide direction as to where to board and alight the shuttle and the direction to Guotai Hotel. Thanks for your assistance.

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Hi there,

I am not aware of a shuttle bus from jiu Zhou kang to gong bei custom.

Take a taxi to Guo tai hotel as it cost less then RMB 30 usually.

If you wish to do so, once you are out of the immigration hall, turn left and walk where you will come to a small zebra crossing. Cross it and turn left. Less then 2 minutes walk in all.

Avoid all the touts along the way. Don't look at them and they generally will leave you alone.

From Guo tai, it is a short walk to gong bei custom though the pavements are genelly uneven and makes luggage tugging a little inconvenient but still ok for most. Also, avoid any touts along the way and keep your personal belongings cose to you.

From Guo tai some rooms faces the gong bei custom. In a way the custom is behind the hotel. There is a big road to be crossed to reach the custom. Do so carefully, slowly and follow the locals. Don't run across the road.


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