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Tigerland Safari Resort Tanya Jawab


Can anybody give me any details about how the elephants are kept/treated at this camp?

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Kathmandu, Nepal
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Hi! I am Bush Mali, reservation and marketing officer. It’s my immense pleasure to answer your question about how we take care of elephants in our safari resort.

In our safari resort we have two elephants: Anarkali and Premkali. They both are female. Anarkali is 48 years old and Premkali is 42 years old. We bought them when Anarkali was 44 and Premkali is 39 and were already trained when we bought them. We normally use them for safari, two times per day for about 1 and half hour.

We have an elephant stable of our own. There are 3 care takers including a Mahout appointed for each elephant. They are responsible for giving regular baths, food etc. Fresh grass, straw, black peas are the main food of elephant.

Every month, as advised by doctor, a veterinary check is scheduled that includes oral hygiene, foot care, weighting & other related diagnosis etc. Anarkali and Premkali are in great condition and they have become a part of our Tigerland family.

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