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Enodia Hotel Tanya Jawab

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Hello. I am thinking of booking a 7 night All inclusive holiday in July 2018 for myself, my husband and our 19 year old son. during the 7 night break, it will be my husband's 49th birthday. So I want it to be special.

The Tui holiday brochure and some of the reviews on trip advisor make this hotel sound like the ideal place to stay. But there are a few reviews on here that have lead me to ask the following questions. Can someone who has visited this hotel within the past 12 months please give me their honest answers?

Can the Manager of the hotel also answer the following questions (truthfully)?

1. are locally produced alcoholic drinks (brandy, Ozo etc) included in the All inclusive Price?

2. are all drinks served in glasses, not plastic cups?

3. day time and evening entertainment?

4. Is all food that is meant to be served warm / hot is it actually served as it should be?

I would be grateful for the earliest replies.

thank you

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Dartford, Inggris Raya
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In answer to you questions plastic glasses yes beer was so so had better no Amstel or mythos

Food not great but 10 minute walk to harbour for many good reasonable priced restaurants my opinion don’t bother going all inclusive waste of time staff good. Boat trip to beach worth while

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Kingston-upon-Hull, Inggris Raya
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Plastic glasses during the day, glasses on a night there was a Greek night wich was good fun, karaoke music every night but from a tape . Food was fine no problems there ,local spirits and cocktails in the all inclusive .

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