La Fattoria del Gelato
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I have been going to the Fattoria Del Gelato for a few years now and - thank to the owners - even if they have become more and more famous for their amazing gelato - the quality is still the same: unbeatable!

Every year during summer time we try other places - both in and around Turin. We really don't know why - must be the air, the cows right there, other ingredients? - we haven't found one place whose taste can be close to their gelato.

But now let's go into the nitty gritty:

LOCATION: this is the only downturn of this place. It is out of Turin, so you really need to want to go there for their gelato!

1) the shop is wide. There is an open space where you can eat your gelato (ehm...remember: we are in the countryside, so get ready for some flies) whilst enjoying the shade/breeze you can have there.
2) the area is a kids' heaven! If you want a stop during your trip in Piedmot, where your kids get an gelato and then they go around for hours playing on an open playground...this is the place. You (aka: we) can eat your gelato and rest here!

STAFF: ok....most of them don't speak English/speak a little, so make sure to point to the flavour you want.

TO SUM UP: if you are a gelato lover and you are in the area, just go!
Ditulis pada 31 Agustus 2019
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La Fattoria del Gelato (Pianezza, Italia) - Review - Tripadvisor

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