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Neil S
Milton Keynes, United Kingdom51 kontribusi
Jul 2016 • Pasangan
Whilst staying in St Simeon we noticed that the local road-signs mentioned Galleria Continua nearby and on passing through Boissy -le-Chatel we saw a sign for the Gallery. We arrived in the morning and the staff kindly offered to show us around after 1200 hrs as the mornings were taken up with school parties. We returned later to be shown around by a young Chinese lady who spoke excellent English. Only guided tours are allowed which makes the visit even more meaningful as explanations of the works are given. The gallery has taken over an old mill/paper works which gives it an authentic feel! This site of approx 1000sq.m. is only one. The other of approx 3000sq m is a little further up the road, again in another derelict factory. Sadly we didn't have time to visit both. The principal exhibitors were Leila Alaoui - "Je te pardonne" superb giant photos of Moroccan people and other photos of conflict. Sadly Alaoui was the victim of terrorist attacks of Ougadougou and died in January 2016. Through the Leila Aloui Foundation her work lives on. The second major exhibitor is Chen Zhen, a Chinese who moved to work in France and died in 2000. This exhibition entitled "Jardin Lavoir" after the main exhibit of eleven bed frames transformed into washbasins with various objects in them. Other works by Chen Zhen accomany this work. As well as these two the space is filled with exhibits by a large number of artists all of contemporary subjects. The whole site is almost like a mini Tate Modern and well worth a visit - opening is from 1200 Wednesday to Sunday and admission is free.
Ditulis pada 9 Juli 2016
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Sidmouth, UK71 kontribusi
Sep 2015 • Keluarga
We found this modern art gallery not far from where we were staying. On arrival at the former industrial site we discovered a French teacher (that's a teacher from France in this context) trying to find a way in and failing as all the doors were locked and there seemed to be no response.

Eventually I found a doorbell and we were let in to what seemed to be a very large, white-painted hanger with a reception desk in one corner. Several staff members emerged from an office to the rear and we were then invited to look at the initial display of some 18 paintings by a Brazilian artist.

Next a friendly lady took us through the rest of the complex which featured an array of different art modern art forms by a wide variety of artists in virtually every room of this large complex. There was no one else on site with us - the teacher having departed after the first room - and we were then invited to examine the outdoor exhibitions and visit the gallery's seconds site which is located a short distance away in the same village.

We had a fascinating and enjoyable time at this unexpected treasure and would recommend it to anyone interested in modern art.
Ditulis pada 2 September 2015
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