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Very Badly Organised
Nov 2014 • Pasangan
Though this is mainly a stables, ranch type venue it does also do evening events. We were there for what was supposed to be a Country Music evening, advertised as a singer + her band plus another band. It was supposed to start at 8.30pm. It was held in a large barn/eventing shed so temperatures inside were cold despite a couple of gas fires on the floor. there was no music playing of any sort untill about 8ish. except in the bar area which was seperated from the main area. Here music was playing but nothing like country. It was the only place where it was warm. The "show" eventually got under way just after 9.30, over an hour late and was started with what can really only be described as a "Kareoke" singer. The main girl singer came on ALONE about 40 minutes later, no backing band. After her set which was a mix of country & pop, there then ensued a prolonged halt while the band continued to set up their equipment which they had actually started to do three hours previously. It was an absolute shambles. Many people left well before we did but we eventually left after wating for almost an hour with no music. We won't be going there again
Ditulis pada 10 November 2014
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