Kaluga Saint-Tikhonov Hermitage

Kaluga Saint-Tikhonov Hermitage ulasan, Lva Tolstogo

Kaluga Saint-Tikhonov Hermitage
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Stronger than any destruction
Jul 2017 • Teman
This is a men's monastery. Formally it was known since the 15th century, since its founding by the recluse Tikhon of Kaluga (also of Medyn). In fact, what appears before your eyes, began to exist recently. Several times the monastery was destroyed - by Tatars, Lithuanians, Germans and Soviet power, when within its walls were located the technical college and even the military unit, and 5 times it again rebelled at this place. Even the old name of the village was changed – now it is named after the great Russian writer Leo Tolstoy, who've never been here! He visited Kaluga, other places in this region I have been, but this – never. But in the village, which is called Tikhonova pustyn (Saint Tikhon Hermitage), there are no traces of pustyn itself! The monastery is clearly rich – it has three stately temples (blue, green and yellow – if to distinguish them by color), spring, flower beds, paths, spiritual education center, Sunday school, publishing house, library, hotel, bakery. The relics of St. Tikhon are in blue one - the church of the Assumption.
The place is largely legendary. Written sources about the history of St.Tikhon and the monastery almost did not survive, only word of mouth rumor. But sometimes it is stronger than any destruction.
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