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Fenfushi Island, Maladewa
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Maldives Diving Loabi
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45 kontribusi
5,0 dari 5 lingkaran
Des 2022 • Pasangan
Getting there:

Fly with FlyMe from Male to Maamigili. From Maamigili Waterfront 15 minutes boat transfer to Fenfushi Island - all well organized by Kristina and Hassan. He came personally to welcome and pick us up. Alternative: Speedboat transfer from Male Airport directly to Fenfushi Island. Cheaper and overall faster options, depending on weather conditions.


The diving with Hassan is the best! That‘s why and what we came for. Hassan has 30+ years of experience a as dive guide on the Maldives.

Every day we went out with a Dhoni (traditonal maldivian boat) with a onboard toilet and little shower outside. Hassan and the crew were caring, providing water and food, such as coconut, dried tuna some times mashunni (typical maldivian dish; a ‚must try‘!)

We were absolutly thrilled by all the beautiful dive sites we went to. We saw many sharks, Eagle Rays, Napoleon, big Stingrays and Tunas, and so many huge schools of fish. Even had our private Waleshark to dive with, were lucky to swimm with Dolphins and to snorkel with Mantas. The fish and the coral life is extraordinary. Just stunning!

On the wreck dive we saw a frogfish and on one of the beautiful Thilas even two different Leaffish. On our last day diving the sharkes literally pilled up for us - or was it a shark parade? Anyhow, there were so many Gray Reefsharks and Wite Tip, we couldn’t count them.

(fresh fish every day with a choice of fried rice or noodles, curry or pasta). They have a garden with sundbeds and the staff is super friendly. We would definitely stay there again.

After getting installed, Hassan showed us the Dive Center „Maldives Diving Loabi“ which Kristina and he are owning. It‘s a magical little paradise they have, right at the beach! You can see on first sight that it is run with a lot of passion and love. That’s also where the name is coming from: „loabi“ means love in maldivian.

We strolled around the island with Hassan and he showed and explained us everything. How to get to the Bikini Beach, where you are allowed to swim with your bikini, the Sunset Point and also the best areas to snorkel.

There are a few restaurants on the Island, we tried only one „Bable!‘“, which was exellent. We even went there twice. Try the Club Sandwiches and traditional Maldivian Food!

Thank you so much Hassan and „Maldivian Diving Loabi“ to share your passion for diving and your unterwater paradies with us! We made memories for a lifetime to remember.
Ditulis pada 27 Desember 2022
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Elaine Lim
7 kontribusi
5,0 dari 5 lingkaran
Feb 2020
Hassan is the first dive instructor of the atoll, with over 30 years of diving experience he know the best places to go at the best time. Without fail, every dive with Hassan guaranteed sightings of the things we wanted to see!

First day - Mantas at manta point. We saw a group of manta rays feeding and looping. Second day we aimed for diving with whale sharks, and again, we were on the outer reefs of Maamigili and within a minute of descent, a huge whale shark came to us at the perfect depth and we dived for a full 3 minutes with it! Third day- we wanted to snorkel with dolphins, Hassan and Kristina brought us to a shallow bay where almost like by appointment, a pod of dolphins was there and we swam with them, amazing! During our dives Hassan has many different tricks to attract big schools of colorful reef fish’s to circle around us. I have to call him the fish whisperer. What an amazing, personalized experience diving with the best, all for us without other guests!

While we dived, Kristina snorkeled with my 9 year old, she is so patient, happy and a delight with her, and I could dive with peace of mind. My daughter saw mantas, whale sharks, turtles, eagle rays, tunas, sharks. No doubt our successful trip is wholly due to their incredible experience and enthusiasm in showing the best Maldives has to offer.
Ditulis pada 29 Februari 2020
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Elaine thank you so much for your kind review. We are so happy to hear that you and your family enjoyed your holidays here in Fenfushi. And its our pleasure to do whatever we can to make sure our guest can enjoy an amazing holiday here in Fenfushi with Maldives Diving Loabi
Ditulis pada 3 Maret 2020
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Singapura, Singapura41 kontribusi
5,0 dari 5 lingkaran
Mei 2018 • Sendiri
As a scuba diver who has been to the Maldives numerous times, there are specific things I want to achieve on each dive trip. I signed up to join Hassan on his catamaran as I wanted to encounter whale sharks. That is not guaranteed, of course, but with Hassan, one always stands a much better chance 😊

As a local boy who grew up in South Ari Atoll, Hassan knows the area and dive sites like the back of his hand. Encounters in the ocean are random as we know it, but with Hassan, he has a special connection with the ocean he calls home, and possesses the unique ability to create personal and unforgettable experiences for divers underwater.

I saw my whale sharks and much more - reef sharks, leaf fish, clownfish eggs and anemones, stingrays, feather rays, lobsters, mantis shrimp, dancing shrimps, Napoleon wrasse, moray eels, nudis, batfish, bannerfish and beautiful corals, etc. There was also an unforgettable private night dive with a feeding Manta ray that did loops around us for 66 minutes. An unexpected, breathtaking encounter altogether!

We made all these dives on my own time - without the early morning wake up bells, big group pre-dive briefings and I had the luxury of personalized 1:1 dive guiding.

My experience on Maldives Diving Loabi was made all the better with excellent chef Islam who is in charge of feeding everyone on the catamaran. He makes the most delicious Thai-style steamed fish with lime and garlic, as well as excellent Chinese soups and broths, my favorite being his fish soup with ginger. I miss it so much! Meals are always freshly prepared and I enjoyed the fish dishes immensely as they were always the fresh catch of the day, depending on what was caught.

Ali the Captain kept us safe at all times with his steady hands behind the wheel and was good too at spotting whale sharks and helping make my special encounters happen.

And Sabir with his smiley face makes my day every time - no request is too much for him - he’s such a great help and support onboard!

The beauty of Maldives Diving Loabi is that one can choose to do everything - snorkel, dive, check out sandbanks and private/local islands, have BBQs or picnics on those islands - or just chill and do nothing at all! It’s that simple and one doesn’t have to be stuck on a private resort island. It’s the best way to check out an Atoll, especially if you’re an active person who doesn’t like to be “confined” to one spot 😊

Try it for yourselves - you will be creating beautiful memories like I did!
Ditulis pada 2 Juni 2018
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Melissa B
Milan, Italia9 kontribusi
5,0 dari 5 lingkaran
Mei 2018 • Pasangan
I don’t even know where to begin. This was by far the most amazing experience I’ve ever had traveling, and I have traveled all over the world and I have been lucky enough to have some pretty wonderful moments, but this has been by far the most memorable and one that I will cherish forever :)
The Maldives has been on my Bucket list since I can remember and when my fiancé and I got engaged , he told me that our honeymoon would be in the Maldives, so immediately started to plan!
I was overwhelmed by so many guest houses, luxury resorts and live aboard options in the Maldives, I didn’t know what to do. So I took a leap of faith, and decided this catamaran would be the best choice for the Romantic adventure my husband and I were looking for, and WOW, Hassan and his wonderful crew truly went above and beyond to make it the most amazing experience imaginable. It was the most magical 5 days I could have ever dreamed up. Hassan coordinated every detail with ease and perfection. He received us with the biggest and warmest smile, and I immediately knew we were in good hands. Once he got us safely to the catamaran, his phenomenal executive chef Islam received us with fresh towels and a cold beverage to welcome us And after asking us what our food preferences were, he started to prepare the first of the most amazing fresh and delicious meals we had over the entire trip. Then Ali the captain asked which island shall we start with? After leaving it up to him, he took us safely towards the first beautiful island, one of so many we discovered throughout the trip. He is incredibly skilled, a true sail man, and we felt safe every minute on the yacht and tender under his direction. By the time we got to our room Sabbir the Steward had already placed and organized everything we needed in our room and bathroom, and throughout the trip he was always there for us when we needed with what we needed with a big warm smile.
And then the adventure started, Hassan had already organized a beautiful afternoon on a private island, and on the way we enjoyed schools of dolphins greeting us, as if he had Planned that too :) And the days continued with complete bliss. Hassan and his crew created the most dreamlike experience my husband and I could not have even thought was possible. With complete kindness, a genuine desire of making us happy with every single detail, we felt like we were invited into their home and treated like family for the next five days. Hassan told us how lucky we were when we saw not one but two whale sharks, and we knew that WE were the lucky ones finding Hassan, as his decades of diving experience, his passion and drive made it all happen. After seeing whale sharks , manta rays , eagle rays, dolphins , turtles , moray eels, catching all sorts of fish throughout our cruises from island to island, that were then made into the most amazing meals by Islam, our new nickname for Hassan was our private Poseidon of the Maldivian Sea :)
Every single moment was special, every single detail was perfection. And it was all natural and effortless, as I felt like they genuinely wanted this to be the most memorable experience of our life, and boy did they succeed, and went above a beyond.
I left the yacht in tears as I felt like I was leaving family, and I am already planning our next visit with Hassan and his crew ASAP!
It was a truly a blessing to stumble across the path of Hassan, he is an incredibly special person, who’s passion in life is to share the Maldivian paradise above and below the water with everyone and make sure it’s the most special experience possible. This is the best way to experience the Maldives and its beauty, anchoring in different lagoons and seeing so many beautiful places, don’t hesitate and debate, and book a visit with him ASAP, you will never regret it, and will cherish the experience forever. I know we will :))))
Ditulis pada 5 Mei 2018
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Melbourne, Australia51 kontribusi
5,0 dari 5 lingkaran
Apr 2018 • Pasangan
We did a lot of research into Maldives accommodation, and decided on the MD Loabi. What an incredible way to experience the Maldives. The sea life in the Maldives is some of the best in the world so waking up every day right on the water to jump in for a swim at sunrise was just incredible. Hassan and his amazing staff made our stay so relaxing and thought of everything for a great stay. We loved learning from them about the local culture and sea life. Our many snorkelling trips were always led by Abdullah who helped us spot manta ray, spotted eagle rays, sharks, turtles, dolphins, eels and so many species of fish. The guys even caught a Mahi Mahi (Dolphin Fish) which Islam cooked to perfection. Our BBQ dinner was a great treat, and all of Islam's food was incredible. Sobir always went the extra mile to make our stay so relaxing. The boat was very luxurious and meant we got to see so many different parts of South Ari Atoll. We loved visiting Mahibadhoo, the local island where Hassan and Abdullah live to see the beautiful coloured houses, watch a local netball tournament at the school and enjoy a relaxing coffee in the garden cafe. This is a fabulous way to experience the Maldives for anyone looking for something a little bit different!
Ditulis pada 16 April 2018
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Maldives Diving Loabi (Fenfushi Island, Maladewa) - Review - Tripadvisor

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