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Sorong, Indonesia
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Raja Ampat Biz
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Moskow, Rusia20 kontribusi
Jan 2020 • Teman
We booked a 4 days tour with Raja Ampat biz operator and I can highly recommend this agency.
Everything was good, in time and well arranged.
On our request guys included in the tour program snorkeling at Manta point though it was initially excluded.
Unfortunately we haven’t seen mantas but really enjoy the snorkeling there. It’s real underwater paradise.
Accommodation at Dive resort was good and special thanks for delicious dinners cooked by the staff.
The only recommendation is to inform guests that they should order lobsters/ shrimps a day in advance. We did it in the morning and it was too late to catch it.
And please, make more underwater pictures with fish and corals - it’s a real good memories to have.
Ditulis pada 25 Januari 2020
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Dubai, Uni Emirat Arab109 kontribusi
Des 2019 • Pasangan
Raja Ampat had been on my bucket list for a few years. I had planned and re- planned this several times as it isn't straight and easy to get to and accommodation is limited. So finally, 5 months before the intended travel, i had sussed out the routing and the itinerary. After thoroughly researching several tour operators, I decided on raja ampat biz. My reasons were:-
1. detailed itinerary with inclusions/exclusions were clearly mentioned
2. they gave a choice of accommodation category
3. Albert was very responsive on email.

After several back and forth emails and loads of questions from my end, everything was clarified eith Albert and we made our booking.
I was quite sceptical on what to expect but I was left amazed with the efficiency.
They adjusted the itinerary to accommodate our flight time arrival from Surabaya. Just as our plane touched down in Sorong, I had Aulia( translator) message me that she was waiting outside the airport for us. We were whisked away in our private transport for some lunch and then to the ferry. On the ferry we were provided the VIP tickets ( air condition and reclining seats) , which made the journey very comfortable.
We stayed at the Raja Ampat Dive lodge. It was an eco- friendly, rustic and charming resort.We had decent beds, airconditioning and clean bathrooms....which is a luxury in this remote part of the world.

Raja Ampat Biz had our itinerary well planned and were flexible to modify it too. We skipped the bird watching ( couldn't be asked to wake up at 5am) and went to the blue river instead. Throughout the 5 days, our guide ( Ali) and translator ( Aulia) were very punctual. They made sure we were comfortable, hydrated and safe. We had our own closed private boat with comfortable seats . They briefed us on the activities of what to expect the next day, a day prior so we came prepared with shoes or hiking sticks. They provided us with life jackets and fins when we went snorkelling and hand gloves for hiking wayag rocks. No other tour company had gone this extra mile , is the feedback I received from the other guests at our resort.

Ali exactly knew what is the best time to be at what location so we hardly encountered any other tourists . He also doubled up as a professional photograoher clicking some wonderful pictures with his drone. They even managed to arrange a delicious chocolate cake for my birthday!

Raja Ampat Biz is a truly exceptional tour operator who know their beautiful paradise very well. I highly recommend them if you want an enjoyable and safe trip to this paradise. Albert, Ali and Aulia were exceptional!!!
Ditulis pada 24 Januari 2020
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London12 kontribusi
Des 2019
We engaged Raja Ampat Biz for a 5 days private tour of Raja Amapat, between 29th December 2019 to January 3rd, 2020, requested services ranged from booking of hotel and compiling a 5 day tour of the region, capturing all of the key areas,

From being met at the airport by Aulia (our translator) who took us to our private transfer, and introduced us to Ali our tour guide for the duration.

Accommodation was at Raja Ampat Dive Resort, the resort was basic but comfortable with super friendly staff, (we knew the facilities in the region were quite basis, and it met our expectation from the online research the wife carried out.

Through out the trip we had our own private boat and crew, which made it a very relaxing experience as we could undertake the activities and sites at our leisure.

Both Aulia and Ali were absolutely amazing throughout the whole trip, and nothing was too much trouble, Ali was a legend with the drone videos and pictures, advising us where to stand to capture the best images for Instagram :)

It was my wife's birthday on January 3rd, and they even managed to locate a baker to make a special cake, and get it delivered to the resort, this was a super achievement in itself.

We are both seasoned travelers from super luxury to back-back style, and this trip would not have been so magical without the support of our guide and translator.

I would highly recommend Raja Ampat Biz, as a tour guide and operator service, before Raja Ampat gets hit with the next level of tourism, get there and appreciate one of the most naturally beautiful places in the world, still relatively untouched.
Ditulis pada 23 Januari 2020
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2 kontribusi
Agt 2019
My two weeks at Raja Ampat with my family was an unforgatable experience. Amazing tropical remote place with crystal clean water. We book online from this tour operator, all crew was very helpfull and services oriented, thanks anyway!!. Resort rooms is so nice and comfort. Will back again!!
Ditulis pada 24 Agustus 2019
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Thank you Ollandh... Waiting for your next visit in Raja Ampat!
Ditulis pada 12 Januari 2020
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Thomas H
36 kontribusi
Apr 2019 • Pasangan

Despite asking to focus on animals and birds the tour spent most of its time taking us to inane photo opportunities, if you want a taste look at the photos on the page.

We requested to include birds of paradise. This was included after some faff, but the charge was ludicrous, 100 dollars when we established that the guide was paid 10 and there were no other costs. We paid this via transfer, but when the money did not immediately come we received a series of threatening emails. Finally, I had to block the company's email address.

In addition the guides were completely lacking in application, effort, language skills, knowledge and interest. 2 example. sums this up: whilst hunting for birds of paradise in the jungle one of them kept playing a loud game on his phone and would not turn it off. 

They were less guides and more like moody teenagers we were dragging around with us. 

Avoid. Worst tour company I have been with in 20 years. 
Ditulis pada 22 April 2019
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Thomas Hunter was ESCAPE without settle payment USD 100. This cost added because he ask to change the tour itinerary to further spot and route which need more boat gasoline and additional bird guide charge. And we was explain this by email. We told him about this cost in the morning before tour start. And he said "OK". (Off course we will not run and optional tour without his approval of additional cost). All our tour program is listed and very detail in a booking confirmation letter, this letter was sent to his email few days before they arrival. Bird Paradise was planned on day 3, he know it. Also we was explain one by one for detail what will the activities will be. and he said: "GREAT. LETS BOOK THIS" Logically, if the program not as what he want, why did he approve it?? (Think) (We have all email correspondence for evidence if needed.) As we know they were really happy during along trip. He also say THANKS to us because he enjoyed the trip, and saw all the animal he want to see and would send some feedback. Then after his tour finish on last day, we ask the optional tour settlement by cash, but he delay to pay with reasons: No WiFi signal, No IDR cash, will pay by Paypal and bla..bla..bla Suddenly, he told us that he settle the payment via XE.com and will be complete in next 3 days. He show us transaction confirmation from XE (we realize this still an confirmation and has not been paid to XE.com). From this we start suspicious that he try to trick us. But keep positive thinking. We don't know why he didn't pay via Paypal like what he done before?? While he know he departure in next day. On the next morning, payment has not been settle. He ask us to waiting until next 3 days for payment process. We are surprised how could he say that and wolud leave while there is payment has not been settled?? But again, we keep positive thinking. We try to trust him, so we take them to the airport and let them go. (We could hold them that day, but we choose not to do that because we respect all our guest). Bad situation start from here, more than 10 DAYS after he leave we NOT receive the payment as what he promise. Then we send email twice, to asking about the payment. And no response. Finally, we realize we has been FRAUD by this kid. In our third email, we warn him will report the case to Indonesian Police & Immigration and UK Police Fraud Department for subject FRAUD TRAVELER if he not settle the payment in next 3 days after our warn. In next day he reply our email with reason bla..bla..bla, the he paid via Paypal. But he reduce the amount with reason: canceled fee charged by XE.com. (we never ask to be pay via XE.com) Finally, he failed to FRAUD us. After that, he write us bad review in our TripAdvisor. He write this FAKE bad review because he angry after we force him to pay the settlement. May God bless you Kid.
Ditulis pada 24 April 2019
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