Jardin des Melanges

Jardin des Melanges ulasan, Saint-Gilles-les-Bois


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Gillingham, UK26 kontribusi
A garden of delights hidden in woodland
Agt 2015 • Pasangan
We have followed the evolution of this enchanting place over many years, Claude and Martine have created an artistic and horticultural experience like no other in their beautiful wooded plot next to the river. It is a true plantsman's garden, where you wander from one lovely display to another - all on a small scale, and keep your eyes open for the whimsical touches: pottery, sculpture, ceramics all in unexpected places. Children would adore it, it is so full of quirky hidden places; There are jams, plants and produce for sale, and the potager is a thing of real beauty. Sadly it closes st the end of August each year, but if you're there at the right time, don't miss this wonderful place. greenhouses full or rare tomatoes, sweet bantams with names like Pounette or even Internette (it's a .long story!) and above all the delightful proprietors, who are passionately conservation-minded. We just love it.
Ditulis pada 25 September 2015
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Portsmouth, UK23 kontribusi
A lovely, eccentric garden
Mei 2014 • Pasangan
This is a woodland garden with a unique spirit. You will find willow withies deployed in all sorts of fantastic, inspiring ways. There's an orchard whose rows of trees have been under-planted with an array of cottagey flowers and herbs. Wherever you look, the owners have made something pretty or interesting. There is even a witch's den, slightly more funny than spooky, but still, a good indication of the eccentricity which is everywhere. This garden is worth a detour, as another famous guide used to say (and may still do), and will reward quite a lingering visit.
Ditulis pada 23 Mei 2014
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