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We had our best meal in Umbria in a little village in the Valnerina valley. The village is Scheggino, and there is a large sign visible from the road for the restaurant. large car park, and then take footbridge over crystal clear river to the restaurant.

Opens at 12:00. By 12:45 most tables were already taken by ltalians (always a good sign if locals eat somewhere!) but a fair few tourists too as it is recommended in the Rough Guide.

For a group of 6, the bill came to 100 Euros. We ordered a plate of mixed 'house' starters - delicious - about 9 different things, and enough for 4 adults to taste a bit of each (cost 8 Euro). Then we all had a main course with veg/salad/potatoes. Water and a glass of wine each, coffee, and icecream from their very large selection. Mains included fresh local trout (possibly from one of the two rivers that the restaurant sits between - you could see enough of them swimming around!), truffle, succulent meats.

Everything about it was good, and for the same price as we have paid for some mediocre meals in Umbria.
Ditulis pada 20 Agustus 2007
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