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Ashford, UK7 kontribusi
An amazing hidden gem
Okt 2019 • Keluarga
Thanks to Trip Advisor we discovered this under advertised gem. With the sat nav we found it quite easily. It cost us €6 each - 2 adults, a 12 yr old and a 14 yr old that generally don’t get excited about museums. We were taken on the tour by a lovely gentleman Stefano who seemed to run the place singlehandedly. He patiently gave his tour in French and then English. Translating back and forth. A couple other families joined in a few minutes after we had started the tour. Once the tour was over he kept them - I presume to go over what they had missed and to take payment. It was an extremely interesting and fascinating tour. There were 7 children in our group and all were engaged and participated. I would say it is probably good for 5 yr olds and above who have started to learn how to write. We all got to write in Braille which young and old loved. We visited 3 rooms- a room with artefacts for the blind, the room Louis was born and grew up in, and his father’s workshop. It also had a garden which I think would have been really beautiful in the summer. Despite the millions in Disney, we were the only non French family. I believe the sign said it is closed on Mondays and Fridays. The website is non existent and just takes you to a video of a lovely girl singing. Don’t be put off. It is well worth the visit and very refreshing after Disney. I would say it took 1-2 hrs, depending on the amount of questions and interactions.
Ditulis pada 24 Oktober 2019
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A small museum with a lot of information
Okt 2018
We were tagged on to a small group of French tourists, and the tour guide to,d us before hand that the tour would be in French. We understood enough to get a small understanding, and the guide spoke to us in English once or twice to clarify some main points. I don't think you can "do" this museum unaccompanied, as the guide was unlocking and locking each room of the house as we entered and left. It may be worth clarifying times of tours, as I don't know what would have happened if we had arrived after the tour had started! It is an interesting way to droned an hour or so, and there is a lovely garden to explore if the weather is kind!
Ditulis pada 3 November 2018
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Rohit Gupta
New Delhi, India149 kontribusi
Lovely Museum
Sep 2017 • Keluarga
Its beautiful museum and near to Disneyland, lesser known and less crowded too. We were visited three room and workshop also. recommended for visit
Ditulis pada 8 November 2017
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India180 kontribusi
Des 2016 • Pasangan
We went here while driving around the area. It is not very easy to find and we had to ask for instructions a few times. But we do not speak French and so it was a bit of a problem I guess. Once there we had an English speaking guide to take us through the museum. It is a nice museum to spend a couple of hours. Came to know quite a few interesting facts about Louis Braille and his life.
Ditulis pada 28 Juni 2017
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Chelles, Prancis327 kontribusi
For YOUR eyes only, lovely, ludique Louis Braille...
Agt 2015 • Keluarga
I'd been living near Coupvray for over 20 years before listening to a BBC R4 programme when David Blunkett (from Sheffield UK, former home secretary in the Blair government) explained how he'd learned to read via the Braille system. The visit to Louis Braille's house in Coupvray (to the east of Paris, close to Disneyland, in fact) is excellent - hands on (obviously!) - with a guide who takes his time with you and who lets you write/print in braille. It's 90 minutes of fun. It's very dotty. Louis Braille (blind and mathematician) invented a code using more than 60 letters/numbers/symbols) from a combination of only 6 dots, as on a domino. The visit takes you through all the living quarters (untouched) to the upstairs rooms where you can write braille for yourself. There's also a braille laptop there And a chess game, playing cards and an alarm clock. Eye-opening for sighted people. Helen Keller made her speech there in 1952. David Blunkett in Paris in 2012. Darkness otherwise. Go and see
Ditulis pada 26 Agustus 2015
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Olwen R
South Wales, UK87 kontribusi
Interesting and personal
Apr 2015 • Keluarga
Once we found the entrance (round the back of the house and not that obvious from the front - no signs in English) we were met by a chap who took us on a personal tour (in English) telling us how the family lived, the story of Louis' life and the development of his alphabet for the blind. It was really interesting. At the end our 8 year old got to write his name in Braille, which he really enjoyed doing. After a few days in the commercialised madness of Disneyland it was very refreshing to go to somewhere low-tech and educational - well worth a visit as it's only 15 minutes from the parks.
Ditulis pada 10 April 2015
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Staffordshire, UK36 kontribusi
Louis Braille Museum - fantastic!
Jul 2014
The Louis Braille Museum is really interesting. We had read all about Louis prior to visiting so our children, aged 4 and 7 years, were really keen to visit. The museum is actually the house in which he lived. It is in a village called Coupvray, which is 15 minutes from Disneyland Paris. It costs 5 euros for an adult and free for children. We found it difficult to obtain accurate information about how to get there, luckily a French lady getting on to the bus told us the way. It is so close to Disneyland paris and really worth a visit. In fact it is only 15 mins by bus and it cost 2 euros per person each way! It was quite a simple journey and allowed us to experience first hand. We took the number 6 bus from Chessy Gares to Coupvray Aulnoye (it's about 8 stops). After leaving the bus you need to cross over the road and turn right, walk along this road for about 500 metres and then take a right, the street sign says Rue D'Esbly. You walk straight up the hill and then bear right and the immediate road on the right is Rue Louis Braille. The house of Louis Braille can be found about 200m on the right. There is a sign on the corner. It is number 35. The guide spoke both English and French, she was very friendly and informative. We were given a tour of three rooms, including the workshop, and the children were able to have a go at writing and reading in Braille. They thought it was really great! The tour lasted about an hour. We then caught the bus back to Chessy Gares from the opposite of the road. Whilst waiting we went into the boulangerie and had delicious cookies! Definitely a must too! If you visit Disneyland and fancy a morning or afternoon out then I would definitely recommend this. Have a look on their website too, it gives the opening times and an email to contact them:
Ditulis pada 3 Agustus 2014
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