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Washington State95.234 kontribusi
Jun 2019 • Sendiri
In early June, the section of Pohono Trail between the Taft Point trail and Sentinel Dome had some challenging snow crossings and stream crossings. This was definitely a big snow winter!

My favorite parts of this trail are the numerous chipmunks in the area, the views of Yosemite Falls across the Valley, and the view of Sentinel Dome from the bottom looking up.
Ditulis pada 16 Juni 2019
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Droitwich, UK62 kontribusi
Sep 2018 • Pasangan
Quite warm in September and due to the altitude not for the faint hearted but soooo worth it for the amazing views from Sentinel Dome at the end of the trail
Ditulis pada 16 Oktober 2018
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Waterloo, IA146 kontribusi
Jun 2017 • Teman
Where do I even begin? I suppose the beginning is the best place, but I might just start with end which involved us walking nearly three more miles on the road and then hitchhiking. God bless the two guys from Michigan who picked us up. So you are probably wondering how hiking this trail ended with us hitchhiking.

Well, my word of advice is if you don't have two cars or someone who can pick you up at the end of this trail don't hike this trail. We rode the hiking shuttle to Glacier Point, where we started our hike which was overpriced and a complete disaster, as they allowed people without tickets on and almost didn't let me on even though I had a ticket. I was none too pleased when the worker grabbed me by the arm as I was ascending the stairs and tried to pull me off the bus. The hike finishes off at Tunnel View which is about 13 miles total, a bit more you add on the additional mileage to hike up to Sentinel Dome which is worth it. Once you are at Tunnel View, there is no shuttle or trail to a shuttle stop nearby. That's why having a ride or two vehicles is pretty much a necessity to doing this hike. Otherwise, you are going to end up like me and my sister walking nearly three miles to next shuttle stop on the road, only to find that the El Captain shuttle runs until 7:00 pm and not 10:00 pm like the other shuttles. That's why you either need someone to pick you up or somehow leave your car there.

If you get your transportation rigged around then you are actually ready for the hike. The first part of the hike from Glacier Point to Sentinel Dome is very scenic, well-traveled, and easily marked. This is probably the best part of the trail scenic-wise; it is also the steepest. Even up to Taft point offers you great views of the valley. After Taft point, you will see no one. My sister I saw eight people on the trail after that until we reached Tunnel View; there was a gathering of people at Dewey Point, but no one actually on the trail. This does afford you quite a bit of solitude which might be nice if you are sick of the crowds.

I did not find the trail itself to be challenging, and my sister was cruising. However, there was one portion where my sister and I had great difficulty finding the trail, and there was some stream forging we had to do. There were some other places where I felt like a machete might have been helpful. It wasn't overall that bad, but I guess I was not prepared for those types of trail conditions, as nothing I had read indicated any of those issues.

Several of the view points are very nice along the way, but there is a lot of hiking that does not afford views beyond that of trees. That being said it comparison with other hikes in Yosemite and other national parks, I would rate this hike as average.

So in conclusion, would I do this trail again, no. I am I sorry I did it, no. If I could do my trip to Yosemite over again, I would probably pick a different trail. If you have lots of time in Yosemite, it is worth doing. If you are there for a short time, pick something else that will give you are bigger reward for your time commitment. I guess after a full day of hiking I wanted a bigger scenery reward. Now I all I left with is a great dinner story that starts a little bit like..."remember that time we had to hitchhike."

Ditulis pada 13 Januari 2018
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Basingstoke, UK182 kontribusi
Mei 2017 • Teman
If you have the energy for a strenuous hike at 8000ft then you'll be rewarded with the 'greatest hits' of views at Sentinel Dome. We visited in May and there was lots of snow making it a little extra tiring. However, don't get disheartened because once you make the summit the views are awesome. Allow about two hours up and half that for the descent. It's only around 1.5-2miles but steep in places. Strongly recommend waterproof boots in spring owing to the snow and creeks. At the top you'll get uninterrupted views of half Dome, the falls and down into the valley 8100ft below! TIP: Glacier Point parking lot gets very busy, try to arrive before 8.30 to beat the crowds and enjoy some solitude.
Ditulis pada 24 Mei 2017
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Paris, Prancis2 kontribusi
Sep 2016
Lots of sightseeings, you need to walk a lot between them but everytime we arrived at a new point of view it was worth it !!
Ditulis pada 20 September 2016
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San Francisco, CA723 kontribusi
Agt 2016 • Teman
This trail had a lot of promise. You get Glacier Point, Sentinel Dome, Taft Point and the fissures, Dewey Point, Crocker Point, Stanford Point, Inspiration Point, and Tunnel View. And best of all you lose 2800 feet if you start at Glacier Point. At least that's the way it's billed.

But to do all that requires 14 miles and a car shuttle. And it's not all downhill -not even close. It's a lot of up and down no matter which direction you do it in. By Inspiration Point we didn't even care anymore.

Still, the points are all very nice, and there are few people at Dewey, Crocker, and Stanford, because these are less accessible.

I wouldn't make this your first hike in Yosemite. I'd rather see the two points at the ends by car, take short hikes to Taft and Sentinel Dome from the Glacier Point Road, and skip the rest.

But... if you have two cars, and you've been to Yosemite a dozen times and want to do a trail you haven't done, and you're up for some punishment, then sure!
Ditulis pada 23 Agustus 2016
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Maria J
Elk Grove, CA19 kontribusi
Jun 2016
Drive to the Tunnel View and park across the street from where the tour busses pull in. There is a trail heading up the hill. This trail is not paved, it is dirt and rock and a lot of uphill climbing so watch your footing. The sign says it is about .6 miles up to the Old Stagecoach Road but it feels longer. ONce you reach the old Stagecoach Road there is a sign that indicates a distance up the hill and continuing on the Pohono Trail and up to Glacier Point. We turned left and headed toward Artist's Point there is no sign for this destination. The road is better because it is mostly flatter and wider, some parts were previously paved, but that is broken away mostly. In addition, there are number of downed trees that you must duck under or crawl over. The view once you arrive is stunning. You can clearly see Bridal Veil Falls in the distance. A little ways past the point you come upon a creek with lots of big rocks for climbing on to relax, enjoy the view, and eat lunch if you packed one. It was lovely and quite private. Few people along this trail, makes it nice but hard to know if you're going the right way. We found that we had to back track a couple of times because we weren't sure where to go. A couple of strategically placed signs couldn't hurt too much...
Ditulis pada 23 Juni 2016
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Kyle D
Kansas41 kontribusi
Sep 2015 • Keluarga
We only hiked a portion of the trail, so cannot rate on the full experience. If you're only hiking to inspiration point from tunnel view parking lot, i would say pass on this hike. I rated a four star because there were no other people, so was relaxing. However, the view doesn't change much from tunnel.
Ditulis pada 22 September 2015
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Nathan S
Milwaukee, WI163 kontribusi
Agt 2015 • Pasangan
We planned our trip only a couple months in advance, so there were no openings at the campgrounds. Consequently we decided to backpack, and this was the best trail available. I'm very glad we did this. Yosemite can be so crazy busy. Hiking the Pohono trail gets you amazing views and vistas with far less crowd.

We started at Glacier Point, hiking the Pohono until just past Bridevail Creek, where there are nice camp sites. Taft Point is ridiculously wonderful, with great views and places to look straight down thousands of feet.

We hiked back via the Taft Point/Sentinal Dome trail. Sentinal Dome was wonderful.

This trail (especially the Pohono) sees less traffic. There are wonderful places to stop away from the crowd at Taft Point (although even that is less than other equally beautiful places). I recommend it!
Ditulis pada 10 Agustus 2015
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Karen H
Raleigh, NC152 kontribusi
Jul 2015 • Keluarga
We walked the Pohono Trail as part of a loop from Taft Point to Sentinel Dome. It was about 5 miles. After Taft Point, the trail is clearly marked to go to the left rather than go back to the parking lot. It winds through peaceful forests, then goes along a ridge with breath-taking views of El Capitan and the Valley. The trail then circles around Sentinel Dome. (This part of the trail ascends for about a mile. For an easier hike, begin at Sentinel Dome to go down to the Pohono Trail.) We only saw a few other people hiking the trail--it was quiet and beautiful.
Ditulis pada 8 Juli 2015
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