Nueske's District No. 3 Antiques

Nueske's District No. 3 Antiques ulasan, Wittenberg

Nueske's District No. 3 Antiques

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Metro Minneapolis-Saint Paul, MN700 kontribusi
Antique Store in Antique Schoolhouse
Agt 2016 • Keluarga
This antique store is located in what appears to ben an antique schoolhouse. It has the expected assortment of antique items, from jewelry to books to hats and dishes to cooking utensils, as well as more unusual items such as sock-knitting machine and old-fashioned cash register that sits atop an equally large vault. The store owner/manager has displayed the items in an attractive manner and the she can be found wearing period dress, looking like she stepped out from "Little House on the Prarie"; she is knowledgeable about the items in her store and is friendly and fun to take the time to talk to.

This is next to the Nueske's Specialty meat/cheese place -- so it's a great little roadside stop to make.
Ditulis pada 1 September 2016
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