Cave Canyon Indian Towers

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Cave Canyon Indian Towers

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Sally T
Albuquerque, NM5.005 kontribusi
Jun 2021
Cave Towers is an impressive Ancestral Puebloan site consisting of the fragile remains of seven structures sitting atop the rim of Mule Canyon. This particular site dates to roughly 1250 CE and the arrangement of structures – some of which were likely towers while others were above-ground kivas – may imply defensive uses. These Indian Towers are accessed from south side of Hw95 in between Mile Marker 102 and 103. There is a gate to a spur road that we open and drive through. The gate has to be closed once we pass through. The spur road should be considered 4 WD only but the road is short and it’s easy to park near the gate and walk to the towers. There are seven towers in various states of decay located on the left (east) and right (west) sides of the rim. Much of the first storey of one of the towers on the east rim is in very good shape. On the west rim a partial wall with a doorway remains. The other towers are basically piles of rubble. There is no way of knowing the exact purpose of these towers. The towers were multi-storied and their height undoubtedly provided great observation opportunities.
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