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Taman Hiburan PortAdventura
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Milton Keynes, UK250 kontribusi
Jun 2022 • Keluarga
Ok. Where to start. Have been here a few times before in previous years. Having visited Florida Theme parks and parks across Europe, this one was always about average. Visited end May/first week of June and had 3 days in the main park. Everyday is full of school trips!! And yes the kids are rude and queue jump, come prepared. Weekends are heaving with local families. The heat is intense and there is little shade in the queues/sit down areas.

However on 2 days we hit the parks early and got in before 10am. Head to the back of the park for the big coasters first. Some queing, but we just relaxed and messed about on phones to pass the time. Max time was about 40 minutes. We managed every ride throughout the day. Then did the rest of the park and left Sesame land til the end as most families had left and there were no queues. The 3rd day we went was different. A public holiday for Spain and queues were extreme, although park did stay open til 10pm. However the 33°C heat and crowds, compared to our earlier days experience meant we gave up and left at 3pm. I think if everyday was like the 3rd one, I can understand the reviews here.

Food places dont open until 1pm. All bags are checked on way in so you cannot bring in a picnic. They will get you to put it in a bin. You will play hunt the bench if you want to sit down. Yes water fountains disabled this year, so we ended buying lots of water in the park.

Kids had a great time. Pick up cheap multi day passes in the UK before you travel. Sounds as if pre June is the time to visit reading others reviews too.
Ditulis pada 29 Juni 2022
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2 kontribusi
Jun 2022
the rides are good, however the waiting times aren't worth it. The signs around the park never gave an accurate waiting time for rides, all rides were over a 2h wait!
We went for 2 days and on our 2nd day we made it on 4 rides after being in the park for 8hours. So many school trips were on during our visit and the teenagers all cut in line (if staff noticed this, then they would turn around and not say anything). Smoking in lines as well as shoving. Fast track would fill up every cart, I understand they get priority but sometimes you'd be waiting around 15 minutes just to see the normal line move slightly. Rides constantly breaking down. It was just really disappointing, and when you're paying a lot of money for the tickets it's even more annoying.
Ditulis pada 28 Juni 2022
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Cardiff, UK6 kontribusi
Jun 2022 • Pasangan
Just not worth spending the day there. Incredibly busy everywhere, walkways, rides & cafes. Managed 2 rides in 5 hours. Decided to accept waiting for 2 hours for shambala as the wait time board said, actually took 3 hours and the ride broke down. Swarms of rude teenagers everywhere, constantly moving barriers and queue jumping with no staff to stop this whatsoever. Such a shame as rides looked really good just not worth it
Ditulis pada 27 Juni 2022
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Brendan K
2 kontribusi
Mei 2022
I love this place, what's better than riding rollercoasters in the sun overlooking sensational views?! The shows are also well worth a watch. The food and gifts shops are expensive, as expected but overall, a fantastic day out.
Ditulis pada 26 Juni 2022
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Anna Darren
14 kontribusi
Jun 2022 • Pasangan
The park has a great theme and there is lots to do but sadly the queues were too long/rides kept breaking down so we could only get on 3 rides despite being there for 8 hours. Overall an underwhelming experience and I would not return.
Ditulis pada 25 Juni 2022
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Nottingham, UK25 kontribusi
Jun 2022 • Keluarga
Attended with a 2 day pass but didn't bother going for the second day! The place was swarming with teenagers you couldn't get on any rides.we went on 1 main ride which took at least 1 1/2 hours to get through the queue. All the others were at least 2hrs.
Some of the food outlets were only open to the kids as we found out after walking in one.
Terrible experience if I go again it will be our of the peak season.
Ditulis pada 24 Juni 2022
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Msida, Malta3 kontribusi
Jun 2022
My partner and I visited on 21st June, arriving at around 10:30. I have been to several large theme parks in Europe and have never experienced anything like this.

The entrance was not clearly signposted & crowded to the point that it was scary and unsafe. It took an hour to get in & it was just as bad inside. I would be very surprised if nobody was injured in the process.

The lines for the rides were unorderly and we avoided most due to fear of safety. There were teenagers jumping over barriers and pushing past people in order to get on faster. The only way to get on any that are even slightly worth the price point would be to purchase an express pass & still wait up to 1.5 hours. The three rides we actually managed to get on were fun but not worth the price point.

The water fountains were broken and the queues in order to get refreshments were long with many restaurants not even opening until 1pm. The standard of food / drinks was what you would expect from a theme park.

The app has a terrible interface & is very hard to understand, even for someone who uses technology every day for work. Using the app on 2 phones and the maps located around the park, it still took around 45-60 minutes to locate the exit for the park - nearly missing our transport home.

If you are in Barcelona and would like to travel somewhere for a day, I would recommend to steer clear of wasting your time here and go somewhere like Montserrat, which was a similar price but much better value for money.
Ditulis pada 23 Juni 2022
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David M
1 kontribusi
Jun 2022
We were there on Tuesday 21st. The place was way too overcrowded, mainly with teenagers on school trips. Took us around an hour to even get in. Once we were in, we could see that there were too many people for the size of the place. Queue times were all over 2hrs long so didn't manage to get on any of the better rides. Place is also terribly understaffed and dirty. Their app is useless - took us 45mins just to find the exit. I've never seen a place as terribly managed as much as this one. Which is a shame considering the potential of the park. But, clearly they are only concerned with selling as many tickets as possible to the detriment of the enjoyment and safety of their customers. I wouldn't recommend this park to my worst enemy, so unless you have time and money to waste - AVOID. 0/10 is an understatement #neveragain.
Ditulis pada 23 Juni 2022
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Richard F
Bath, UK1 kontribusi
Jun 2022 • Pasangan
The worst theme park experience ever!! Like all these bad reviews on here the park was overcrowded with teenagers, The queue jumping was insane and when you complain to a member staff or a member of staff saw it happening, they just shrugged their shoulders and walked off. At one point we saw a security guard actively helping someone Queue jump.
As for the queues they are unbearable very little shade or Air-con, all of them are so tightly packed in and very easy to queue jump in as the barriers do not even go above your waste in most places. I am very surprised that they do not have more incidents of heat exhaustion in these queues. I firmly believe that they make the queueing experience so awful you’re forced to buy fast track which we did on our second day. I never seen queue jumping in a fast track queue before but it happens here. Also at the end of our second day on Shambala staff were just letting people through the fast track queue without even checking their tickets (which they didn’t have)
As for operations they are the worst I’ve ever seen, me and my girlfriend have been to hundreds of park all over the world and the operation here are shambolic, there no urgency to get the trains out, No controls over the queues or Batching. We were one of the first 20 people in the park on our second day, we ran straight to Shambala and still waited 40 minutes to get on because they hadn’t done the morning safety checks on the ride yet, they were still sweeping the queue line from the previous day (and we were queue jumped by about 50 kids)
Operations got continually worse with allowing people who are clearly in groups from the single rider line to just jump on the train willy-nilly. And to top it off security checks at the start of the day when they check your bag so bad someone managed to actually smuggle fireworks into the theme park which they set off in the Shambala queue line, if you know the Shambala queue line you can imagine what that felt like, I have felt more safe in a slipknot in the middle of a mosh pit of 100,000 people than I did in the Shambala queue line
I’m not joking!!!
I have mention Shambala A lot but honestly the rest of the queues are no better. This park does not care about your experience once they have your money they only care about money they know that everyone comes once and because of the sea and the Sun nearby other People will come if you don’t. Trust me go to Europa Park,
It’s such a shame because Shambala and red
force are two the best rides on the planet and I wish they were in better parks.
As I Mentioned we have been to many parks all over the world and we’ve had some bad experiences but we have never actually felt that we deserved money back but this time we did,we decide to go to Guest services To make a complaint and see what they can do for us the answer…… nothing!!!
At the start we end up with a poor girl who was only four days into her new job who looked like she’s had already heard this story Thousand times before already. When we asked to speak to a manager we were told there is no manager, when we said there must be someone in charge of today’s operations we were told there was no one in charge ( which I can believe considering what we’ve just witnessed). There was a manager who was in the office next door but refused to come out we ended up speaking to Irvina who must’ve been a supervisor of some sorts but all she did was smirk and laugh in our faces and told us that nothing we had witnessed was possible in that park and that they do not give refunds.
she gave us a QR code and a email that was all, when we said this was not good enough we’re basically ushered out by security it was absolutely disgusting customer service.
To wrap it up honestly spend your money elsewhere if you want to go to the theme park go to the likes of Europa Park, Phantasialand and Energylandia who don’t just offer better rides but a far better guest experience and better value for money. We have pledged as a couple no matter what fantastic rollercoasters PortAventura World build in the future to never return to this park.
like I said it’s the worst theme park on this planet. We used the email we were given to write a complaint as you can imagine it’s about as long as this review has been we will see what we get.
Ditulis pada 23 Juni 2022
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Polandia24 kontribusi
Jun 2022 • Pasangan
Horrible experience. I’ve been to many parks (including top season weekends) and I haven’t seen anything like that. This is a scam that also puts people in very dangerous situations (many hours of waiting in heat without access to water, toilets, food). Go to Europa Park, Disney or Phantasialand instead.

PortAventura is a nicely themed park with few good rides but managed very poorly. We stayed for two days. Surprisingly the crowds were more managable on Sunday than on Monday when this place got extremly overcrowded with teenagers. The queues for main attractions were showing 2 hours while the real time was 3-4 hours. The park was open only from 10.00 (many rides opening at 11.00) till 19.00. On Monday I was able to get one one ride. We left in the afternoon as it didn’t feel safe and was not worth waiting for that many hours. There were less people in Ferrari Land but it has only one good attraction (Red Force). Some rides in the main park are very rough e.g Stampida. Their app is useless. Food mostly awful. Only the hotel experience (Gold River) was decent except chaotic check-in.
Ditulis pada 22 Juni 2022
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