South Llano River State Park

South Llano River State Park ulasan, Junction

South Llano River State Park

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San Angelo, TX1 kontribusi
Bad experience
Jul 2021 • Keluarga
Worst experience ever we were harassed by the cops the whole time with our kids and family we were just trying to have a good time and float the river cops told my husband he was to loud and they could hear us on the river bank which no one was at that location just cars my kids didn't even finish there food and enjoy this place cause the cops were coming back and forth even followed us out of the state park we will not be returning it was my family first time coming here spending money on this place
Ditulis pada 25 Juli 2021
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Michelle A
Houston, TX360 kontribusi
Great camping and the perfect river hangout
Jul 2021 • Pasangan
This state park is one of the best we have visited! They have great facilities and wonderful staff. We camped overnight and it was wonderful to see the stars as it Dark Sky site. There are multiple river access points which makes it great for tubing with friends or families. A must visit!
Ditulis pada 21 Juli 2021
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Austin, TX7.639 kontribusi
Lots and lots of birds
Mei 2021
My husband and I had an awesome time in South Llano River State Park. We stayed 3 nights in the campground with our travel trailer. The campground has water & electric and most sites had shade. We hiked 2 of the trails. Our favorite was the Overlook trail. It was 1.8 miles roundtrip, had some shaded areas, benches and a great view of the surrounding area at the top. We also enjoyed the Mid-Canyon trail. That trail was more shaded, 4.6 miles round trip and we saw a turkey with 3 tiny babies. Most of the trail was wide enough for a vehicle. There was a pit restroom at the primitive campground. We saw many varieties of birds, raccoons, rabbits and armadillos at the 4 bird blinds. We saw lots of birds between 5:30 pm and 6:30 pm (sunset was at 7:30). We saw lots of Painted Buntings, House Finches, Lark Sparrows, Orchard Orioles, Lessen Gold Finches, Summer Tanagers, Cardinals, Indigo Buntings, Golden Fronted Woodpeckers, Hermit Thrushes, Yellow Breasted Chats, Black Crested Titmouse, Doves, Blue Grosbeaks, Black Chinned Humming birds, Mockingbirds, Woodhouse Scrub Jays, Carolina Chickadees and Ladder Back Woodpeckers. We found out that the low water crossing is going to be replaced with a large bridge. That seems like a waste of money. The river running through the park was low in many places (late May) and kayaks had a few issues. There were 2 main creek swimming areas. One swim area was at the low water crossing and the other near the picnic area. The swim area near the picnic area was deeper (about 3 feet deep), had tall weeds around the water and was kind-of snakey. Flowers were blooming in many places. Most of the campground was cleared where neighbors could easily see each other but the campsite were spaced out nicely. My husband and I stayed in the heavily woody area and could not see our neighbors. The more wooded and private campsites are 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19 and 20. The rangers were average. We will certainly be back.
Ditulis pada 1 Juli 2021
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Austin, TX165 kontribusi
Fabulous Birding!
Mei 2021 • Pasangan
We are visiting the park over the Memorial Day weekend 2021. We booked it late and are staying in the Holiday Inn in Junction (nice, clean hotel for the area). The hotel is 15-20’ from the park. We bought park passes for each day, online, so no need to stop by the headquarters. We may decide to rent tubes there one day ($8/day).

The bird blinds are the big draw for me. Four blinds that are attended to by the park and/or volunteers. The birds fed are not the biggest draw, however. The fabulously designed flowing water features attract many species you would never see at a bird blind. The River Trail is also a lovely walk and is full of more birds to see.
My husband birds some, but has also fished (kayak). He caught large mouth and Guadalupe bass and hooked a gar. He saw herons and javelina, bull frogs, turtles and water snakes.

It is the end of May and I’ve seen ~35 species of birds in 1.5 days. Highlights: several species of vireos (white-eyed, yellow-throated and bell’s ... including a nest), more painted buntings than can be imagined, as well as indigo buntings. Blue grosbeaks, summer tanagers, orchard and bullock orioles, golden-fronted and ladder backed woodpeckers, and black-chinned hummingbirds. These birds are mostly up close and easy to see and photograph at the wonderful blinds. Bravo SLRSP for creating a park that is a birder’s delight!
Ditulis pada 30 Mei 2021
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Houston, TX83 kontribusi
wonderful birds
Apr 2021
Visited in mid Feb and mid April. By mid-April, birdsong was everywhere. There's a fabulous blind with feeding and water, where you can see and photograph a super variety, likely something you haven't seen before.
Ditulis pada 22 April 2021
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Holly W
Plano, TX351 kontribusi
Fun hiking and wonderful bird watching
Apr 2021
We came here to hike for the day, but really enjoyed the bird blinds (they have 4 or 5) and enjoyed watching the armadillos. We plan to go back when it is warmer and do some tubing down the river.
Ditulis pada 22 April 2021
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Boulder, CO398 kontribusi
Wonderful park for birding
Mar 2021
Very quiet and natural park. Many parks prohibit feeding wildlife, but this park has four birding blinds each stocked with bird feeders, humming bird feeders, and a fountain, and needless to say. lots of birds to watch. Great fun, appreciate all the effort. Friendly and helpful staff at the quaint visitors center, which was open.
Ditulis pada 3 April 2021
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Cynthia W
Freeland, MI685 kontribusi
Great for Hikers; birders; and photographers and water lovers.
Mar 2021
We didn’t use the river access, but obviously it is being used. Most campers had a tube, a kayak, or canoe at their campsite. This state park was only $5.00 a person to enter. Well worth the money. The camping has electric and water only at the site. A dump station very near the camping sites. The camping sites are laid out in a one way loop, with a covered cement pad and picnic table per site. The one bath/restroom has two shower stalls and 4 toilets. Very clean when I was there. The park has a river habitat and flat and Hill hiking. There is great signage all through the park. Many signs for plants/trees and the trails. There are 4 birding blinds. Inside the blinds, the walls are covered with images of birds usually seen in the area. Easy access to each of the blinds. The birding blinds are well kept up and the blinds are covered and clean. Each blind has a dripping water configuration which really draws the birds. We were here the middle of March and a fellow birder we met said he heard the golden-cheeked warblers yesterday. Although we didn’t see a warbler today, we did see: Armadillo, Woodhouse’s Scrub-Jay, Black chinned hummingbird, Turtles, Ring Kingfisher, Spotted towhee to list a few. As always when you hike, take water and wear a hat. Many trails are out in the sun, some have large trees with cover. We planned on spending a couple of hours and ended up being there more than 6 hours. If you forgot food and snacks, the city of Junction has a great grocery store and a subway for a quick snack. These are just about 3 miles out of the park. We had a great time here and will be back soon. Hint; early in the morning there are more birds out.
Ditulis pada 18 Maret 2021
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A Foggy Path
Austin, TX1.324 kontribusi
Great Park For Birders and Wildlife Lovers
Mar 2021
We visited South Llano River State Park on a very sunny day with a high of around 82 degrees. We hiked the Turkey Roost Trail, Interpretive Trail, West Field Trail, Overlook Trail, Agarita Trail, Acces Trail, and the West Canyon Loop. Out of all of these trails, the Overlook Trail was the only trail that offered decent shade. The rest are mainly wide tracks in full sun, so wear sunscreen. Even with sunscreen on, we burned pretty badly. These aren't our favorite kinds of trails (we prefer winding tracks through tall forest), but they were still well maintained and nice.

The best part about this park for us was the wildlife. After many years of hoping to see a golden-cheeked warbler, I saw two during our visit! The birdlife here is incredible. We saw a house finch, which I'd never seen before. In total, we also saw 10 armadillos and a gray squirrel. What a park for wildlife watchers!

A huge shoutout to the woman who checked us in at headquarters. She was so nice and eager to talk to me about the birds that come through the park. It was such a joy to be able to show her pictures of the birds we spotted at the end of the day. Thank you for being so wonderful!
Ditulis pada 17 Maret 2021
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San Antonio, TX899 kontribusi
Remote But Accessible Place for a Back to Nature Day
Des 2020
One of the best and worst things about this park is it's location --- it's not a short drive if you live in a nearby city and there are very few facilities nearby, but those are also really good things too as it never has seemed to be crowded. The park has a nice large day pass area, with a few picnic tables under large trees, some overlooking the river, and and "eco" toilet nearby. In the warmer months, it's good for floating and swimming as the river runs through this area with a small rapids current turning into a wider but still small river, with an accessible float take out area shortly down the road - probably an hour float but a two minute drive from where you put in. In the colder months (like now), there will be even less people here, and if you pick a good day, stop here for a picnic while taking a long drive through the Hill Country. The back area of the park for camping and hiking is much larger, with quite a few trails, and is further away from the road so has less "noise". The staff here is always helpful and freindly. The town of Junction is only ten minutes away with a few small stores if you need to restock your provisions.
Ditulis pada 3 Januari 2021
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