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New Haven, CT124 kontribusi
Varied terrain on a less traveled long distance walk
Jun 2019 • Sendiri
I did nine days starting in Wembury. For the last day instead of the official route I went from Withypool to Dunster via Dunkery Beacon. That put me in a good spot to get a bus to a rail station in then on to Paddington in London.

I did some real preparation for navigating the trip and as a result I had no problems. I had downloaded each days tracks onto my GPS using the AllTrails app. The Cicerrone guide book is very helpful. You really need it to find your way through the farms and fields of central Devon. I averaged about 13 miles per day.

I arranged the trip through Encounter Walking Holidays, which specializes in south west England. They arranged my accommodations and luggage transfer. They also provide the guide book and map. They provide great personalized service.

One nice feature of this route is the varied terrain. The farms of central Devon are quite different from the high moors of Dartmoor. I enjoyed the route very much.

I'd suggest reading Lorna Doone and the House of the Baskerville to get you into the spirit of the route (recommended to me by Encounter Walking).
Ditulis pada 27 Juli 2019
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Poole, UK6 kontribusi
A good long distance walk but facilities need to improve
Jun 2018 • Sendiri
I did this in June, 130 miles, starting at Plymouth, to Wembury and on to Lynmouth in a week. I had fairly good weather and was wild camping and backpacking. Its quite difficult to plan accommodation and there are only one or two campsites, hence the wild camping. The walk itself has some lovely highpoints, Dartmoor and Exmoor and a few bits in between. Dartmoor is not signposted due to its wild nature, Exmoor is signposted, yet still feels wild and unspoilt, the middle section is signposted but in some places not at all well, so follow the map and guide book. Apart from the few community cafes and some pubs, many of the refreshment stops were closed apart from lunch and dinnertime, so be prepared for this. Some places which should have stops (eg Withypool and Simonsbath) I found nothing open (except one shop in Withypool but even the public toilets were closed), so be prepared for poor facilities. This may be Devon but the Lakes and Scotland feel friendlier for walkers.
Ditulis pada 21 Juni 2018
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somerset10 kontribusi
Really good way to experience the moors
Jun 2018 • Sendiri
I walked this route in early may, and had great weather all the way. I did it in 5 days, which was quite a challenge, as I was wild camping, and carrying all my own gear. I would definitely recommend it. Some of the views of the moor, and the coast are really impressive, and the moor sections feel very remote in places.
In my opinion, basic map reading skills are adequate, as other than a couple of moor sections, the route is very well sign posted. I used the Harvey 2 moors way map, which I found was perfect, but I also took a Dartmoor os map, and a gps, because the weather can be notoriously bad on Dartmoor.
only met 2 other people doing the route, which surprised me, as it’s a great walk.
I highly recommend it, and I’ll certainly be doing it again at some point.

Ditulis pada 3 Juni 2018
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Madalyn H
Huddersfield, UK1.660 kontribusi
Great walk
Mei 2018 • Pasangan
We did the full walk over a continuous 6 day period and enjoyed the great variety. Both moor sections are not well signposted and reasonable navigation skills are required, particularly in poor weather. We travelled in May and it was quite wet and muddy underfoot. The middle section particularly had fantastic wild flowers, including numerous orchids. We used Encounter Holidays for our booking and baggage transfers which worked very well.
Ditulis pada 10 Mei 2018
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Brighton, UK36 kontribusi
Into the wilderness
Feb 2018 • Keluarga
We did 2 days walking from Chagford to Ivybridge with a stop at Scoriton. Tough stuff, some extreme weather but fabulous and varied landscapes. Full of interest: Devon Hedgerows, mining archeology, grand vistas, vast seaviews, river valleys. View of Dart river is the highlight. Signposting is poor - good navigation and mapreading skills essential.
Ditulis pada 13 Februari 2018
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Bekka W
1 kontribusi
The Two Moors Way: Wembury- Ivybridge
Agt 2017 • Teman
Completed this section today. 23.4km in 5hrs 23mins. Very muddy and slippery underfoot. Good signage however we also used the Cicerone Two Moors Way guidebook, very helpful however some of the stiles have been replaced with gates and vice versa. There are at leat two directional typo errors in the book and at one point towards Ivybridge the OS map I had been tracking our route on my phone with of the Two Moors Way, routes you in a different direction from both the route given in the book and the signage put up by Devon Council of the Erme Plym Trail. Either route takes you in the same direction.
Some lovely scenery, particularly of Dartmoor that looms closer as you progress through your day, lots of cows, young bulls and sheep. However considering it is the height of summer we did not see a single soul and the route in places looked like it hadn't been travelled much at all. Even on this route a compass would be an advantage though you can do without.
Ditulis pada 18 Agustus 2017
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brett s
Ottawa, Kanada20 kontribusi
Excellent (and underused) British Hiking Path
Mei 2017 • Pasangan
My wife and I just completed this wonderful long distance trail for the second time. We took nine days to do it in 2010, and this year completed it in eight days. I think you would have to be in training for the Ironman competition to do it in less than eight days. The hike, starting in Ivybridge, crosses Dartmoor National Park for about three days. It takes another three days to cross through central Devon and two days to complete the Exmoor National park portion to end up in Lynmouth on the Bristol channel.

We noticed there are very few reviews for this trail so we thought, having done it twice, we would pass on the following tips and observations.

You should do the hike as a whole, at once over eight days or in stages . We don't agree that you should cut out the agricultural part because then why start out on a long distance hike? You would miss the incredible feeling of success that comes with completing a long continuous 100 mile plus walk by cutting out the middle. Both Moors are exceptional on their own right but to see how people live and work on the farms and sleepy interior villages in between is also part of the overall satisfaction. One day you are on rugged moorland watching a herd of Red Deer, another day you are walking into a three hundred year old church, unattended and left open for all to see, or sitting down with a landlady of a local pub who is fascinated that someone would drop in on foot from so far away to have lunch at her pub.

We hiked the Two Moors Way in late June 2010 and had consistently sunny, hot (27 Celsius) temperatures and only 15 minutes of rain. We hiked it in 2017 in early May and had two gales, some hot days and great cool hiking (15 Celsius) weather for the most part.

In contrast to some more popular British trails, expect to see next to no other hikers. This year in eight days we counted, in total, six oncoming Two Moors Way hikers, and were passed by one group of six walkers heading the other way. We did the first stretch of 21 kilometres across the wildest part of Dartmoor and saw no one else.

This is a serious hike. Some training in hilly terrain beforehand is essential. Ordnance Survey maps, the 1:25,000 scale are a must. We tried saving money on a 1:50,000 map on the first try in 2010 and got lost. We are Canadian and the featureless terrain and lack of trees and lakes make identifying one Tor from another hard, so the more detail on your map the better.

There are parts of the trail with no waymarks and no visible path, but good map reading and compass work will keep you out of trouble as you quickly get to areas where you can verify your position with landmarks be it roads, farms, stone crosses and watercourses. Beware of mists, we never encountered a serious one, but there are alternative routes you can take to stay off of some of the worst sections of rugged upland Moor in poor weather.

A few of the great pubs we stayed in in 2010 have sadly closed such as the Church House Inn in Holne but there are some top rate farms and B and Bs to consider in the areas. We had to divert off the route to find accommodations three times this year. It seems hard to find accommodation options near Widecombe in the Moor, so we went on to Haytor Vale. The walk there was excellent, but you need to get a lift or taxi back to Widecombe the next morning in order to avoid a long plus 30 kilometre slog. Luckily for us there is Moorland Taxis, whose driver, Sally picked us up and kept us entertained on stories about the moors as she drove us to our starting off point near Hamel Down Ridge. Be prepared to walk the distance back to the trail if you go off route for accommodation, though. As we found as we moved north that just calling a local taxi for a short jog back to the trail was impossible.

The highlights of this trail for us are the beautiful varied terrain you pass through, the pastoral green hills, the bluebell woods, yellow gorse, ridges with views that go on forever and the abundance of farm animals and wildlife. We saw in excess of 200 wild Red Deer walking up a distant valley on the last day as we climbed up from Simonsbath towards Lynmouth, which remains for us an unforgettable sight, and we have hiked extensively in Britain.

The last thing a trip on the Two Moors Way gave us was a wonderful appreciation for draught Cider, the perfect invention to celebrate at the end of your long tiring day.

If you get to Lynmouth and still feel you have more energy to expend, we would highly recommend adding on another three day section of the South West Coast Path, between Porlock and Combe Martin. The sea and clifftop views were absolutely magnificent, but be forewarned there are some monster hills to climb, dwarfing anything on the Two Moors Way.
Ditulis pada 10 Juli 2017
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Carolyn M
Los Angeles, CA57 kontribusi
Not Without a Compass!
Mei 2017
There's not much I can add to the comprehensive reviews on this site, except for the following, I believe, important information. We did this walk in late May, and were warned that there will be rain and mist possibly obscuring the path. Better advice would have been that even without rain and mist, there will be miles upon miles where there IS NO PATH! If in addition you have the rain and mist, then be prepared to be totally discombobulated unless you are very savvy with your map and compass. We were a couple with 3 phones between the 2 of us and all 3 of our phones died (for good) on the second day of the walk, due to the heavy mist, rain and general humidity. With that we lost our GPS and were truly entirely dependent on our map and compass. As well, be prepared to walk through a great deal of poo (no other way to say it)....I mean heaps and heaps of it and ankle deep.
On the plus side, you will be awed by the stunning landscapes and the ever changing views and vistas. You will enjoy this beautiful walk, if you come prepared
Ditulis pada 27 Mei 2017
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Emma R
19 kontribusi
Regular hiker
Jul 2016 • Keluarga
The Two Moors way is a spectacular route. You can carefully prepare and walk the whole route over about a week depending on your fitness level. However, you can opt to do parts of it, or do circular walks. A walk I often do is up onto the path and follow it to Hangershell Rock, then I take the ridge, over butterdon hill , then the Beacon , before dropping back onto the path . If you are a tourist reading this please be aware that Dartmoor can be very treacherous and I always take account of the weather report, carry a compass, good jacket , and waterproof trousers, ( even in summer) first aid kit and mobile phone. If you are walking the whole route and camping out , please inform the Dartmoor Rangers or let someone know when to expect you back. Dartmoor is a truely wonderful, wild place to explore.
Ditulis pada 25 Juli 2016
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Rotterdam, Belanda315 kontribusi
Jul 2016 • Keluarga
Make sure you come prepared: in walking condition and with your gear. Weather is 'all sorts' so that is a bit of a challenge too.
Nature is gorgeous ...
Ditulis pada 17 Juli 2016
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