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Bordeaux, Prancis4 kontribusi
Very useful training -and a great day out
Jan 2012
A great day out on the water that builds confidence in your boat-handling skills while you learn a lot about the English canal system and how to get the best from it. Located on the Grand Union Canal not far from the city of Northampton and only a few miles from the M1 the two instructors are old hands at coaching novice helmsmen (and women!) and ensure that you get the maximum time hands-on even on a chilly January day. What at first can seem a bit daunting -like jumping behind the wheel of a large truck without brakes - soon becomes manageable and then a real pleasure Bring warm clothes, comfortable shoes with some grip and a packed lunch and expect to leave with a feeling of achievement when you finally tie the boat up at days end.
Ditulis pada 27 Februari 2012
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