The Pulaski Historical Society

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The Pulaski Historical Society

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Tom B
Brewster, NY36 kontribusi
Gem of a find
Jun 2019 • Teman
Since moving to the area last year the museum has been on my list of things to do. I wish I came sooner. The building and exhibits give visitors a well rounded vision of he rich history Pulaski and the surrounding area has. The museum is thoughtfully curated and informative. Frequent special events like the “Brown Bag”lunch series and Pot Luck dinners add to the fun. Be sure to sign up for the monthly newsletter to stay informed.
Ditulis pada 16 Juni 2019
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Syracuse, NY83 kontribusi
Knowing your roots in Pulaski, NY
Mei 2014 • Sendiri
Wonderful couple of hours or more to spend researching, reviewing, admiring our past in this museum and historical society. The ladies are wonderful and hospitable and incredibly knowledgeable on all things 'Pulaski' Worth the time and trip.
Ditulis pada 30 Agustus 2014
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Syracuse, NY398 kontribusi
A real gem of a museum: lots of history info
Jul 2014 • Sendiri
Saw the announcement in Sunday's paper and decided to take a drive up 81N from Syracuse. Not hard to find! Just off the main street (take exit 36 onto Rome Rd./NY13, R onto Salina St./US 11N, and Right onto Jefferson St. Maple is your next R.) My Dad used to take us there when I was a kid and I remembered it. The movie theater and old ice cream place is still there, but is a restaurant now. Ellie, at the museum was very friendly, helpful and I felt like I was talking with a close friend. They have plenty of birth/death/marriage records there, so if you're looking to do some family research, they're the place to be. The rooms all have a theme, ie a woman's bedroom and what it might contain, a children's play room, a room filled with military memorabilia and uniforms and more. Free, though they'd welcome donations. They've REALLY done their homework: lots of old pictures and if you like, reading to do. Just 4 miles down the road (also easy to find) is Richland's (Halfshire) Historical Society. However, they are still in the process of redoing the rooms of a beautiful, old beige brick school. That would be better for looking up family information and they were just as helpful and informative there. Took a walk through town of Pulaski and stopped in at Trash and Treasure (a Thrifty type shop) that gives its proceeds to the United Friends of Homeless Animals fund. Plenty of places to eat and there's a small park in the center of town. Will be back!
Ditulis pada 11 Juli 2014
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