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Okt 2019
I got a 90 minute package that included a foot bath, aromatherapy massage, body scrub and face cleansing. For the amount they charged (much higher than much better places in Ubud) the quality of service, staff friendliness and ambiance of the place were not that great. For the foot bath, I had to ask them to use warm water instead of ice cold water, which they initially had. The body massage was just average, nothing great. For the face cleansing, they rubbed off the cleanser using rough tissue paper which was quite painful, let alone very bad for the skin. Very little to no english is spoken by the staff, so it took a while to communicate that I needed lotion for my face (3 people had to get involved) and after some time, they managed to dig up an old tube of something, which I didn't feel comfortable using. This was the only place during my entire stay in Bali where I encountered rude staff. You'd be much better off spending your money at much higher quality and friendly spas such as Ubud Traditional Spa.
Ditulis pada 29 Oktober 2019
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