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Puerto Aisen, Chili

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AguaHielo Expediciones
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Sue F
1 kontribusi
Jan 2023
Paddling the Rio Baker with Rolando at AguqHielo was a trip of a lifetime. The views are incredible and Rolando and Garry took care of all our needs. Made our experience in central Patagonia.
Ditulis pada 23 Februari 2023
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Francisco E
Evanston, IL7 kontribusi
Nov 2018 • Bisnis
We did the 5 days in Baker a couple years ago with Rolando on a team building experience and I truly was not aware there could be such a beautiful and adventurous trip in this area of the Chilean Patagonia. Everyday brought us a different experience where we felt intensely connected to nature. The crew, being natives of the zone, were there every minute to help us enjoy the moment in the best way possible.

Rolando had everything very thoroughly thought out, and even in the rapids we were up for intense surprises.

Highly recommended for people going with families, friends, couples or team building in companies. Will come back.
Ditulis pada 7 Februari 2019
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Keri B
Draper5 kontribusi
Nov 2018 • Keluarga
We had an amazing day on the River Aysen with Rolando. He is very knowledgeable about the area, the wildlife, the river, & is passionate about preserving this beautiful area. He is an excellent guide and my 12 year old had a wonderful time on this trip. Lunch and snacks were delicious and he introduced us to the tradition of drinking mate. His gear and equipment are high quality. I highly recommend any trip with AquaHielo and Rolando!
Ditulis pada 8 Desember 2018
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3 kontribusi
Nov 2016 • Pasangan
This trip was all we had dreamed of and more. The Baker River Kayak descent proved to be an incredible trip through the wilderness of Patagonia, allowing us to discover the truly wild places and experience the land like few are able to.
We began in Cochrane, met by Rolando and Luis, our guides for the trip. Rolando spoke excellent English, which was very helpful. We were given dry bags for our things and had a team meeting the night before our expedition began. In the morning, we loaded our things in the kayaks and began our paddle. The day turned sunny and nice and ended at a lovely refugio, where Rolando and Luis cooked a gourmet dinner, which was surprising when we expected we'd be "roughing it". The meals were fantastic and we felt well fed and cared for the entire trip.
We set out the next morning and after a few hours of paddling, arrived at El Salton, a section of impassable river where we had to portage our things about half a mile downstream. The entire team had great attitudes and were of course shown up by the guides who could carry much more, much faster, than we could. We again enjoyed an amazing dinner and wine and headed to sleep.
The following morning Rolando and Luis treated us to a short hike to a cliff above El Salton. They brought the stove and made some coffee for us to enjoy with an amazing view! It was truly incredible. Again, we set out for a few hours of paddling and arrived at our final camp, an abandoned house on the side of the river. The weather was starting to get a little more windy and rainy, so we were glad for the shelter of the house.
The following morning we set out under a rainbow on our final day, which amounted to about 9 hours. The day was grueling, but so rewarding by the time we finally reached Caleta Tortel.
I cannot say enough about the knowledge and professionalism of our guides. We always felt safe and cared for. The food was amazing and the gear provided was quality. We were provided with all the kayak gear, tent, and sleeping pads.
Highly recommended!
Ditulis pada 18 Desember 2016
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Koby S
Pardes Hanna Karkur, Israel27 kontribusi
Feb 2016 • Teman
The Expedition to Laguna San Rafael

See with pictures @

The story starts 6 months ago when I decided to make a trip to Chile, the trip planning process included some discussions with friends and very shortly the important goals where defined, since I love Kayaking and heard about Laguna San Rafael and the San Rafael majestic glacier such an expedition was set as a corner stone...

After consultation with Yosale Dror from my Kayak club (Optimist Sdot-Yam) I have made a decision to paddle in the unknown waters where tide range is 5 meters, currents are strong and weather is unpredictable with a professional guide. I have started looking for a guide and found Rolando Toledo from AguaHielo.

Quitralco 411, Puerto Aisén, Chile

Tel: +56 9 7605 3580


Besides the everlasting smile on Rolando’s face in the gorgeous pictures and videos, Rolando answered me in perfect English which for me is very useful, making the communication easy and fluent, we have set a date for the expedition on February 20th and I was waiting for it impatiently :).

On January 21st My partner Giora and me were on a flight to Chile and after trekking in Torres del paine Jeinimini and more we arrived at Coyhaique and rented a nice pickup, first thing we did was driving to Puerto Aysen to meet Rolando and get acquainted

We have met Rolando and indeed our good internet impression became an understanding we have made the right choice, we have made a short kayak paddling trip down the Rio Simpson made sure the equipment fits us and asked Rolando for a tip where to camp, to make a long story short our pickup (not 4x4) required some help, it was 21:00 (PM) and Rolando came in 15 minutes from call and towed us out.... what a man

We agreed to meet on February 20th in Puerto Tranquilo where the expedition will start

We made our way down the Caratera Austral had great time visiting Capillas de Marmul, Rio Baker (rafting in Puerto Bertrand) Cochrane (Festival), Villa O’Higgins (El Musco glacier), Chilechico red rocks (Rolando’s recommendation) and more...

On the 19th we were in Puerto Rio Tranquilo and on the 20th afternoon Rolando arrived as agreed with his famous Bongo loaded with Kayaks, food and equipment

Roland opened with a short plan review using a map

The planned route was the following

We packed quickly and headed Los Tres where we plan to get into the water tomorrow

In Los Tres we met with Don Jaime and Sra Vera, we got a splandid Salmon based dinner (Lazanga, and on the plancha)

And heard the stories on Salmon fishing, Jaime's Balsa (Raft), How the way to Puerto Grosse was opened using fire and water... vey very warm and homelike feeling

Morning the Los Tres point is the merge of 3 rivers and due to the rain in the last few days water level is high and the current is fast (8 knots) looks chalanging but fun as well, we pack the Mexicano (Marco) is saying last goodbye to Vera and we go in, the feeling can not be described, the current the mountains the waterfalls so the best way will be to look at Edgardo singing down the river

Rolando is leading making sure the path is clear from wood and eddies and soon we are getting into the pacific waters

We continue to paddle and the wind is coming up, Rolando takes a decision to call it a day and we are heading a small lagoon very protected and nice, We lift the Kayaks 4 meters since tide is low and in minutes Edgardo and Rolando are setting the camp and start cooking

Dinner is a great so a great day is behind us

Second day weather looks nice and we start paddling we pass a Salmon farm and watch the jumping fish, the farms are nice but bring a lot of pollution... while paddling one can see the seagulls tonina dolphines and sea lions

We pass the the strait of Golfo Elfantes, paddling down current avoiding the eddies and having grreeat fum, Patagonian weather is surprising so after a very good weather at day start we suddenly get strong head wind waves start rising and rain is striking our faces, Rolando is signing to get closer to the shore and is tieing one of the boats to his Kayak we are back in safety soon enough :), wind goes down we continue paddling and get to a very nice beach for the second night, good food, good wine, full moon light, huge campfire what more can we ask for

Third day, we will start late because we want the incoming tide water current to take us into Laguna San Rafael, paddling against the current will not be a good idea :), since we are lucky not only tide current is at our back but also the wind, Rolando has a small sail but all us fly with the current and back wind into the laguna and get to see the floating glaciers

Camping at Laguna San Rafael is convinient, meal is good as always and in the next morning we are hiking by foot to the San Rafael glacier mirador (lookout) a little rest from the long ~110 KM we covered in the last 3 days

Afternoon short Kayak trip to the glacier during which we pickup some ice from the water for a special use

Last day in the laguna consists of paddeling through the ice to the far side of the glacier and walking to its blue icy face, the expirience is so wonderful words will not be good enough and also the pictures only hint how great this is

For dinner Rolando says he will fish, I must confese I wasn't optimistic but in an hour I witnessed the miracle

Rolando got 4 large Robalo fish which Edgardo prepared in the oven.... how come we have an oven during an expadition? well Rolando being a very generous expedition manger got hard rain forecast and decided to rent the guarderia building for us and eventhough the rain was not that hard we got the luxurious building along with wine and very nice jokes Marko was telling we had great evening

In the morning we took all the gear packed and loaded a small boat that took us back

Great great expirience, many thanks to the profesionalism of Rolando and Edgardo and the nice team, Giora, Roberto, Francisco, Marko, Mauricio and me Kobi the writer of the above

Bottom line very recommended expedition and if you decide to do it only with Rolando and Aguahielo
Ditulis pada 12 November 2016
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