Rimba Borneo Kalimantan Orangutan and Eco Tours
Rimba Borneo Kalimantan Orangutan and Eco Tours
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Rimba Borneo tour company specializes in organizing tours to Borneo and East Kalimantan. Join us for introductory, eco or adventurous tours to the Mahakam River and Orangutan areas. Highly-experienced, professional and fun guide, with in-depth knowledge of the unique local areas. Association of Indonesian Travel Agent member & owner, Rusdy is Chair of the Tour Guide Association of East Borneo.
Balikpapan, Indonesia
Rimba Borneo Kalimantan Orangutan and Eco Tours
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Ozy Aditya
Samarinda, Indonesia16 kontribusi
5,0 dari 5 lingkaran
Feb 2020 • Bisnis
Was very amazing. Tour guide excellent...a lot experience and knowledge about nature, culture and wildlife.
The tour was perfect.
Ditulis pada 2 Oktober 2020
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Santa Barbara, CA2 kontribusi
5,0 dari 5 lingkaran
Jul 2019 • Teman
This was truly a spectacular trip! I loved Borneo and Rusdy was an absolute gem. Everything was so well organised and so well done. The boat cruise was one of the best experiences ever. Couldn’t rate the service, food, or trip any higher. Really enjoyed the entire thing and hope to come back soon!
Ditulis pada 3 Maret 2020
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Juju Echo
Atherton Tablelands, Australia6 kontribusi
5,0 dari 5 lingkaran
Nov 2019 • Pasangan
Loved this tour of East Kalimantan . Saw orangutan in old growth rainforest , particularly liked canoe trip on Maharkan River to Tenjung Isuy. Rusdy was an excellent guide and the cooking the best . Caring and trustworthy .
Ditulis pada 18 November 2019
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Port d'Envaux, Prancis39 kontribusi
5,0 dari 5 lingkaran
Apr 2019 • Teman
We are two NZ friends and frequent travellers who took a 4N5D Mahakam River and Kutai Park tour with Rimba Borneo, with guides Rusdy and Longfa April 2019. The trip was fantastic - made so by Rusdy's good organisation and the pair's great cooking. They were also a good laugh and relaxing to travel with.

We spent approx 2 nights and 1 day around the Mahakam River area, where the highlight was a day-long tour in a sturdy little wooden boat. There was lots to see around a series of rivers, lakes and communities. It was eye-opening and interesting to understand how the people living there made the best of the natural environment. Many lead a demanding life on houses on stilts or floating on the water or water's edge, with fishing and raising swiftlets for their nests the main earners on the water. Nearby there's also huge coal mines, with some eyebrow-raising barge loads passing incongruously along the river. Only similar thing we've seen are communities up the Amazon River from Leticia, Colombia to Peru, and to the floating fishermen villages in Halong Bay, Vietnam. But nothing on the scale there.

Up one river surrounded by bush, it was possible to see a lot of proboscis monkeys and birds... we loved that. And not far from there, we had a good look round the beautiful old wooden Lamin Adat Mancong long house - a type of large communal home.

Overnights were in more-populated villages in quirky but clean guest houses. The locals were smiley, relaxed and curious to see us, but didn't chat much other than asking for the occasional photo (we would have loved to sit with them and learn a craft or recipe to talk longer). We saw only one other tourist pair the whole time. Tourism definitely hasn't arrived yet.

After one day's drive, seeing some interesting bush and different types of villages and the city of Samarinda out the window, we went to Kutai National Park. This is one of the areas where the Indonesian Government protects the habitat for orangutans. Access was via a similar little wooden boat, 20 mins motoring up a river and we stayed in the ranger's lodge with a ranger who had come to stay when we were there... that was a really cool element of the tour.

The lodge has a beautiful site and plenty of space, however is quite basic, so travellers need to be relaxed. We slept on clean sheets on old mattresses under mosquito nets in a private room that could sleep 3-4 at a squeeze. Washing was cold water, tap and bucket. It was fairly hot and noisey from animals in the surrounding jungle! (If you're the type of person worried about that... it's not for you).

Around the lodge, we loved: The night walk to see all sorts of birds, bugs, frogs and spiders, then the 8am (easy) walk, where we found four orangutans having their morning tea in the wild, swinging round the trees. Watched them for 3-4 hours. Later, other animals showed up around the lodge, including macaques, a civet, monitor lizard.. loads to see. And there was good time for resting and reading books etc. While there, you have a ranger pretty much to yourself to show you everything.

Food for the whole tour was absolutely delicious. A mix cooked by Rusdy or from rapid stops at restaurants. His treats included: omelettes, banana pancakes and copious fruit for breakfast; beautiful little fish with tasty toppings, battered chicken and noodles, loads of vegetables and huge prawns negotiated from the local fishermen for lunch and dinner. Vegetarians would be easily catered for.

Our tour finished when we were dropped at Samboja Lodge.

We did a bunch of research to find tours which respected the natural environment and were very happy with this one. Highly-recommended
Ditulis pada 30 April 2019
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Rimba Borneo Kalimantan Orangutan and Eco Tours (Balikpapan, Indonesia) - Review - Tripadvisor

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