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Saint Cloud, MN272 kontribusi
Peaceful and welcoming
Jan 2020 • Pasangan
We stopped here out of curiosity . We were able to walk around and explore the many buildings and religious areas. We met a monk who helped us understand the temple and buddhism. He invited us to attend the next service at Wat Promkunara.
Ditulis pada 26 Januari 2020
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Surprise, AZ11 kontribusi
Not representative of what I know to be Buddhism
Mar 2018 • Sendiri
In a curious mix of shabby wooden buildings on ill-kempt grounds in a rural part of the countryside, this Thai Buddhist Temple lies. There are many sects of Buddhism, and this is only one of many. For those who imagine clean lines and a simple environment, with a few well-placed Buddhas and tasteful décor, this isn’t it. Imagine instead, an oriental bazaar with a hodge-podge of everything at the altar. Florid, cheesy even.

I’d always wanted to see this temple, as I lived nearby. My purpose was to find a place of solace and peace, where I could meditate. Unfortunately, this was far from such a place.

I was met by a woman who introduced herself three times and twice asked if this was my first visit, as though she wasn’t paying attention. This was the assistant to the head nun, she made sure to tell me. We went to the main meditation room, where she told me the precise seat out of many in which she wanted me to sit. Being a guest, I obliged. Having told her that I’d come to meditate, I closed my eyes while she wandered off. However, after barely two minutes, she came back and started chatting. She asked me if I wanted to join the staff and other guests for lunch.

Go with the flow, I figured. Besides, it was a lovely invitation and I wanted to experience the place. We went into the lunch hall, where she introduced me to the monks, showed me photos of the staff, and served me very spicy food (everyone else was allowed to pick what they wanted from a buffet). Then she proceeded to talk about herself and how she’d been a Buddhist from the age of 10 in her native country, with myself and two men at the table as a captive audience. I would have liked some of the other food from the buffet, but was not invited. At the end of the meal, while I was trying to talk with one of the other guests, someone put on some very loud chanting. I never got to the meditation hall to meditate.

The biggest problem there was a large-ish, quite vicious dog whom this woman told me was the monastery’s “guardian dog.” When I arrived, she told me to hold out my hand so the dog could sniff. I did, but he poked me with his nose. Then I felt his teeth on my leg. He was pulling my pants. “Oh,” he does that,” the woman said, laughing. The dog did that a couple more times.

By the time I was ready to leave, after lunch, the dog followed me, nipping some more. At no time did this woman call off the dog. She was a short distance away, chatting with two guests. I was almost at the parking lot when what felt like a bite, came forcefully down on the back of my calf. Fortunately, the skin wasn’t broken and my pants weren’t torn (although they were quite wet). I exclaimed loudly, then got into my car.

I have rarely been to a place as dysfunctional as this. A dog that attacks guests, that has not been taught any boundaries, is an accident waiting to happen. The place does a nice job with its meals and does feed the hungry, but if you want to visit, make sure to bring a can of mace. I’m serious.

This is not an example of compassion and responsibility, two tents of Buddhism. If you want to attend a serene, visually beautiful and uplifting temple (although without any of the grounds), visit EMAHO in Phoenix.
Ditulis pada 11 Maret 2018
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