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Phoenix, AZ14 kontribusi
Great Waterfall but not much of a hike.
Mei 2019 • Teman
Definitely a cool escape but if you want something less crowded and a true hike head to the incredible Fossil Springs. I have a full breakdown on my site if interested... it is unreal though.
Ditulis pada 31 Mei 2019
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Joy J
League City, TX9 kontribusi
More of a Cascade...
Mar 2018 • Keluarga
This trail is basically down and up. You start from the first Tonto Bridge parking lot and descend about 200 feet into the canyon dug by Pine Creek. At the bottom you come to a platform. Water cascades down the cliff face to your left (facing downstream) and there is a lot of moss that the water runs through. Pretty enough for a short hike; and probably good for photography towards early afternoon when the sun should be at a good angle.
Ditulis pada 14 Maret 2018
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Phoenix, AZ56 kontribusi
An Arizona natural treasure!
Jul 2016 • Keluarga
Fossil Creek is absolutely breathtaking and something every Arizona resident who is physically able should experience at least once...and the road to get there is daunting enough that it may be awhile before I go back! I consider the washboard road a good thing, it will hopefully help preserve this natural treasure for years to come.

The big waterfall is the main attraction, where the majority of the people will set up for the day and hang out to enjoy the cliff jumping and waterfall slides. However, there are many small waterfalls and peaceful swimming holes (some with shade) along the way that we stopped at and had to ourselves most of the time. Beware if you're coming from Phoenix and used to 80+ degree pools, the water felt COLD, even in July! It was probably about 65-70 degrees, it was still refreshing and beautiful, but I wouldn't go here to swim in non-summer months. We didn't even get to the big waterfall until almost the end of our day, and only spent an hour there, saving some energy for the walk back. I consider the Waterfall Trail almost a walk versus a hike, there are minimal inclines and it is very doable, even for small children. It's a great family day trip. We were there from about noon to 6pm, not counting the drive in and out (add another hour to 90 minutes).

We went the Wednesday after 4th of July and didn't feel it was crowded at all. We encountered minimal obnoxious beer/loud music/party people, which I don't understand anyway...you're in nature and it probably took you hours of planning and travel to get here, soak it in! Leave the bs at home!

My suggestions:
Unless you're extremely fit and child-free, you're probably stuck getting to Fossil Creek by driving in on the road from hell on the Camp Verde side. Take a high clearance vehicle. Sedans and vans we passed seemed stuck at 10-15 mph while we were able to reach 30-35mph in our SUV. It takes anywhere from 35 minutes to an hour just to get to the parking lot on this road. Motion sickness pills were a must for some of our group, try Bonine, no drowsiness as with Dramamine.
Go on a weekday!!!
Try to plan the trip at least two weeks ahead of time to secure a parking pass in the closer Waterfall Trail lot or Irving Flume lot.
Bring food, water, hats, sunscreen, water shoes, hiking shoes, a waterproof camera. No point bringing a cell phone outside of the car. No reception and water could kill it.
Plan on a full day. Take your time, take it all in and enjoy the scenic route to the big waterfall. Stop and swim at the smaller waterfalls along the way.

I feel the need to re-iterate, even though it's all over the Fossil Creek website and areas signs, PLEASE, Leave No Trace! Bring trash bags, pack out what you bring in, do your part to keep Fossil Creek gorgeous so future generations can enjoy it too!
Ditulis pada 19 Juli 2016
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Gig Harbor, WA492 kontribusi
Easy Trail with Gorgeous Creek and Waterfall Views but Getting There is a Challenge
Mei 2016 • Sendiri
This is not a place you decide to just pop over to hike. You must intend to visit. First, you need to get a parking permit ahead of time ($6, available online). The weekend parking slots fill way ahead but if you can go on a weekday, it's relatively easy to get a decent spot just a day ahead.

From the Waterfall parking area, walk up the road past the barriers. Pass under or around the barrier arm. Walk a bit until you see the trailhead opening in the fence to your left. Walk down the hill and follow the trail. It's easy to get off on side trails, so if you think "hey, this is a lot of rocks and shrubs", you likely got off on a side trail.

By all means, go the end to see the main waterfall. But once you've had your fill of the view and the building crowd, mosey back and stop at all the little vistas and mini-falls along the way. You're likely to find a perfect spot to sit and have your snack while you watch the fish swim by in crystal clear green spring water.

Fossil creek is billed as "wild and scenic." And, it is! But as midday rolls around, it gets a different kind of wild and scenic - more people, coolers, music and floaties. If that's not the experience you want, go early and leave by noon.

Bring water shoes for a better view of the main fall. Even if you don't bring them, stick your feet in the water anyway. There are a few rocks to contend with but it's cool and refreshing. And, so so pretty!

Now, as to the challenge of getting there. The road is AWFUL! I am not exaggerating - it's 15 miles (an hour each way) of bumping and vibrating and rocks and awfulness. You will question (more than once) why you are making this drive. High clearance is really helpful. While I commend the gentleman who drove in behind me in a Camaro, no way I'd of done that. So long as it's not wet or rainy, AWD/4WD is not necessary.

I understand the need to keep this place wild and scenic and to manage the number of visitors, but wow, did I tell you how bad this road is?
Ditulis pada 26 Mei 2016
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