Glass tending textile fabric Market

Glass tending textile fabric Market ulasan, Shanghai

Glass tending textile fabric Market

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Great service
Jun 2013 • Bisnis
I am new to ordering a custom suit as this is my first trip to China. I went to the Shanghai Fabric Market to see about getting a custom suit as I am a heavy set guy with unusually long arms for my height. I walked the first two floors and just picked Cheryl Bao Booth #261 as I liked their suits they had on mannequins and they did not jump on me when I walked by. I had planned on 1 two piece suit and one shirt. Well when it is all said and done i am leaving with 2 suits, 5 shirts and 5 ties. I went in one day before noon and they had the suits done by 4 pm the next day and they fit and look excellent. They did mix up one shirt but they immediately made it right and sold my the wrong shirt for a reduced cost. I am very happy with the pricing I might not have paid the absolute lowest price but I got great service and suits/ties for a great price. Also they can make addition
suits and ship to the US.
Ditulis pada 14 Juni 2013
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