White Desert
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Shaneez P
4 kontribusi
Des 2023 • Pasangan
We had a wonderful experience in the desert with Islam and his friend Salah!
The tour started early at 6am with pickup from our hotel in Cairo and consisted of the discovery of different parts of the western desert of Egypt : Bahariya, the Black Desert, Crystal Mountain, Aqabat Valley, the old White Desert and new White Desert. We managed to spend enough time at each site and we even had time for some sandboarding and some thrilling dune bashing !
Coming from a Bedouin family, Islam knows the desert on the tips of his fingers. We felt really safe with him and Saleh. He is very fluent in English and gave pertinent information.
At night, we enjoyed a delicious dinner prepared by Islam and Salah while having a nice chat with them. The starry sky in the desert at night is just wow! The bedouin tea around the campfire while watching the starry sky was much appreciated.
If we have the opportunity, we will definitely return to spend a few nights in the desert with them !
Islam and Salah are both lovely persons and we enjoyed sharing this exceptional day with them. If you are having thoughts about visiting Bahariya and the desert nearby but are having doubts, do not hesitate! You will not regret it! We strongly recommend booking a tour to discover the desert with Islam over a few nights !! (Whatsapp +20 127 709 8180)
Ditulis pada 5 Desember 2023
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eVe 🇸🇬🇸🇬🇸🇬
Singapura, Singapura689 kontribusi
Apr 2023 • Pasangan
As part of a 2 days 1 night Bahariya Oasis trip, we went to the Black Desert, Crystal Mountain and White Desert in late April. The Black Desert was a volcanic area million of years ago. In Crystal Mountain, we picked small and beautiful crystal rocks. Thereafter, we sand boarded down a steep sand dune which was fun. Daytime weather fortunately was around 28 degree Celsius. The highlight of my trip is definitely the White Desert. It has stunning chalky formations of all sizes and shapes. Use your imagination and the formations can be rabbit, chicken, ice cream, lion head etc. We stayed 1 night in the White Desert under bright stars and a moon. We also enjoyed a bedouin BBQ and performance near a campfire. White Desert whether in the day or night has stunning views. Both sunset and sunrise is beautiful!! Highly recommended to stay more than 1 night as it is a 4-hour one way journey from Cairo. Bring along camping essentials such as a torchlight, toilet papers and wet wipes.
Ditulis pada 11 Mei 2023
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Cornelia A
Wurenlos, Swiss37 kontribusi
Apr 2023 • Sendiri
This is a dream come true. I've been waiting for over 10 years to go to "The white Desert", due to it being closed (political reasons).

I booked through Globetrotter. My advice: one of the BEST! (been their client since 1983 since I returned from South Africa).

Unfortunately, at present, one isn't aloud to sleep in the desert. We, our Swiss group of 7 with our competent Swiss Tour leader; had daily a security police man escorting us (except whilst doing the hikes/rides).

We had a Bedouin cook, great food and 4 other Bedouins who helped us though the Desert. One man was always the leader, and it was Ramadan ( so no drink or food or smoking from sunrise to sunset). They only wetted their heads with water, during the heat of the day.

Spoilt with lots of water and daily the cook, with his jeep, would meet us and give us an apple juice; look for a shady place at lunch time; to cook fresh food for us and to give the camels and helpers a rest.

Yes, one has to be fit when one rides a camel or hikes 20 plus km ,daily.

Sorry haven't written for some time due to ...

Ditulis pada 24 April 2023
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Georges V.
Brussels, Belgia3 kontribusi
Feb 2023
This is certainly one of the TOP5 places for nature in the world. It is just an incredible beauty. When we were there in last February 2023 we ( 3 people) were alone in the desert the whole day. It is best to organise it out of Farafra rather than from Baherriya because it is closer to the desert and hence cheaper and more time to visit. Rafala-safari hotel has organized it for us and it was perfect
Ditulis pada 10 Maret 2023
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Anfalz Travel Egypt
Hurghada, Mesir22 kontribusi
Jan 2023
Do you want to pack your backpack and travel to the white desert safari Egypt?
if you like to live an adventure trip for a couple of days around 3 or 5 and you want to be on a budget here I recommend you to visit the white desert safari Egypt has a lot of activities, in form of a “Camping in the white desert safari Egypt.” it is an important experience that you should not pass. Just pack your backpack, and leave the adventure in the white desert safari Egypt takes you into the stars and the sound of quietness will heal your body and your soul, The most attractive location when it comes to safari and camping in Egypt.
if you want to spend around 4 days it would cost you cost $400 per person. and there are a lot of other choices if you want to spend around 2 days, And the white desert safari in Egypt was known as the most friendly budget choice! , However, most of the people that went to the white desert safari Egypt recommended we spend more than 2 days enjoying the place and the stars at night and most important now miss anything!

and there are a lot of websites offering good packages If you want to visit Siwa Oasis and the Black and White deserts in Egypt as well.

what is the process of visiting White Desert safari Egypt?

First of all, the Transportation whether from your location in Cairo
or any city in Egypt to the white desert

Endless fresh bottles of water

Access fees to see the White Desert National Park

Around 3 freshly-cooked meals per day, and depends on your package

Unlimited Egyptian Tea!

If you are preparing your stuff to campaign and see the white desert safari in Egypt then you need to know how many days you should spend there!
I believe it depends on the person so I might spend a complete month traveling around the white and West Desert in Egypt, although I can’t do that because of the lack of the internet and network in some areas however this reason would be a valid reason for somebody else! because our preferences are different for me, I would choose modern life, but some would choose the opposite, and that’s fine.

However, as people recommend usually the “ideal” period of time to camp in the White Desert is 3 nights at 4 days in order to live and try and experience the adventure and also to visit the Black and White Deserts.

however, If you would like to spend less time whatever the reasons, or if
you are on a tough budget you can choose a 1-night 2-day package, and I

recommend you if you like the risky stuff and the thrillers in adventure and want to experience and feel it, you should choose a 5-day, 4-night package, it will bring you to the west of Siwa Oasis, But let me advise you, do not recommend you to camp in The Black Desert, it is a great place to visit but it’s not a suitable spot to camp, no need to mention that you would be close to the Bahariya Oasis, do not forget to go there too!
Most people especially women would ask an important question, would it be safe to campaign on the white desert safari in Egypt?

To be honest with you, as I experienced, you will find your privacy there when you reach the hotel and the campsite, and if you’re hesitant about camping in the white desert safari Egypt, I’m pleased to inform you there is no need to be worried, you will feel safe and comfortable, if you’re exaggerated of living in the city I think you should give it a shot give yourself a break from the noise, and if you want to gather with people I think you should also try visiting the Pyramids or you can also visit all the temples along the Nile, there are a lot of groups that get into the white desert safari Egypt to camp for around 2 or 5 days, however, you might think everything will not be surprising and expected, but actually, each night has its own vibe and its own magical moments.

So now let’s know other types of activities you could do regardless of camping:

first of all, is it for everyone? to ride the 4*4 cars in the desert? absolute not! and I would recommend you to have a specialist driver, to be safer, but is it really worth the money? of course yes!, as long as you like taking adventures so you could do this in this on both the white &West Desert safari Egypt,

white desert safari Egypt offers a lot of enjoyable options

Desert Tours by four-wheel cars
Camel riding
you can watch the Bedouins while they prepere the barbeque dinner and You would sit and share them in a circle.

have you ever thought of the night on the white dessert safari in Egypt?
the scene of the sky and the stars would capture your mind, and you would take beautiful pictures to remember this moment later on, it is such an adventure and while you are watching the sunset, in this place, the color of the surface, the sky, and the ground are changeable, during the daylight, you would find it orange and then it would turn into purple during the moonlight
Do not forget to prepare the survival stuff when you go to the white desert safari Egypt
Pack survival supplies, things you will need when you pack for the desert

Water tablets
First support kit
Fire starters
Strong flashlight
Signal mirror
glovers and dust masks in case you face a dust storm

Final Thoughts

In my opinion, I see that going on the white desert safari Egypt will change how you see the city in a way, or it might give you a real break from the crowd and the noise, but to be honest, as I experienced you should go and experience this trip.
Ditulis pada 2 Maret 2023
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Paola D
3 kontribusi
Jan 2023 • Pasangan
We’re so glad we decided to book a night in the White Desert and our only regret is not staying longer. We would love to go back and we will definitely be booking again with Islam. We enjoyed the multiple stops exploring the Black and White Desert. Sand-boarding was so fun! Amazing sunset and sunrise. Sitting by the campfire at night, enjoying Bedouins tea and live music performance by Islam and his friends. Islam cooked us a delicious dinner and it was one of our best meals in our 2 weeks in Egypt. When booking the reservation I was nervous about being cold on a winter night in the desert but they provided us with sleeping bags, mattress, blankets, camel blankets that kept us warm all night. We even decided to buy some camel blankets in Aswan at the Nubian village. Amazing amazing amazing and you won’t regret it! Islam is a chill man and he would do his best for you to have an amazing experience.
Ditulis pada 20 Januari 2023
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Wurzburg, Jerman3 kontribusi
Nov 2022 • Pasangan
Overnight tour with M. K. (+20XXXXXX7317)

The place itself and the experience in the desert
is magnificent. However, in the beginning we had
an argument with our tour operator about the
previously agreed price (he was not content with it
anymore). After we had settled this we enjoyed
the tour very much. The highlight was sleeping
under the skies. We did it without tent -
recommendation! We gazed upon the stars until
we fell asleep.

P.S: It seems that the tour operator wants
Tripadvisor to delete my honest review because it
is not the 5 star review he urged me to write. That
is why I now only give 3 instead of 4 stars. I was
trying to be balanced. I don't recommend him. Do
the tour with someone else.
Ditulis pada 27 Desember 2022
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Harold. F
1 kontribusi
Sep 2022
Special Camel safary With Islam (+20 127 709 8180)
(2 night desert+ 1night in the oasis camp)

It started « whaaaao » end up « whaooooo »and in the midle it was « wahooooo » also

This experience just blow my mind
I did not wanted to just go through the desert with a 4x4 jeep but wanted to really explore and feel the desert so we took the camel tour with our guide. This is a one in a lifetime thing, i recommend you to do it .

It was the best idea I could have:
While we was going deeper in the desert , we could really enjoy this beautiful moment
It was specially nice cause this desert have so many different desert inside( you will understand when you see it)

The camel:
You can see they are in very nice condition and well treated. They dint smell compared to the one you will see in the Cairo. . They DONT USE OR HAVE A WHIP. You can see the owner love his beast. They are very smart animals .

The camping:
If you are the kind of people affadi of insect, this is for you , no mosquito no ants in the desert. And it is so nice and peaceful.
The guide gonna make you a camp in a random place in the desert and fix you the best meal you will have in egypt. (He had a tons of fresh fruit and vegetables that he bring on ice) and with his assistant they compete to make the best food.the camp fire will keep you warm while looking to the incredible clear starry night.
You will also choose to sleep under the « shooting » stars or in a tent.

Activity :
In the desert you will be able to do some sand bord its really fun
Sunrise is crazy, sunset is awesome . And someting we wasnt prepared was the moon rise.
And in bahariya oasis , he gonna make you visit so much nice things . It was over 30*C but i specially loved to bath in the hot spring.

The guide:

Islam (+20 127 709 8180)
He will do anything to make your trip perfect.
He made my fiancé a special birthday surprise that was over my expectations.

I think he is the best option for you and maybe the only one who can offer you camel tour. And if you still want to go with the car, he is still the best option
He dont work for tour company or hotel resorts so thats mean you gonna have the best price without having a low/cut budget experience.( food is fresh , tent and mattresses are new…)

So I recommend you 3or4 night :at least 2 in the desert by camel and 1 in bahariya oasis.

Anyway , the best thing I did in Egypt 🇪🇬

Ditulis pada 2 Oktober 2022
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Venk von Konz
1 kontribusi
Apr 2022 • Keluarga
The breathtaking views and the isolation with a night under the stars! The trip was memorable with Mohamed, our tour guide who drove us to all the sites on the way to the White desert and is clearly someone who knows the desert inside out. He also cooked a delicious meal for us and made all arrangements for a comfortable stay. Highly recommended!
Ditulis pada 4 Juni 2022
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Pune, India15 kontribusi
Mei 2022 • Keluarga
The white desert experience has been incredible and Islam was the man behind the trip. He is a thorough professional. Knows in and out about the desert and it was his home. He prepared delicious dinner and test was absolutely fantastic. Took care of our daughter that she doesn’t get cold. This was a lifetime experience and I highly recommend Islam for this your.

It is completely safe and a trip to remember forever. If you are in Egypt, this is a must have.

Islam would reachable at +20 127 709 8180.
Ditulis pada 31 Mei 2022
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