Monument to the Prince Daniil Moskovskiy

Monument to the Prince Daniil Moskovskiy ulasan, Moskow

Monument to the Prince Daniil Moskovskiy
Kawasan: Danilovskiy
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First ruler of independent Moscow
Des 2020
St Daniil was the youngest son of Alexander Nevsky, one of the most revered princes of medieval Russia. His father left to him a backwater and poor fiefdom - Moscow and surroundings. Formally it was a sovereign princedom already but less-than-prestigious and so poor and underdeveloped that nobody took it seriously. By and by, however, this young gentleman strengthened it, absorbed some important cities, founded several monasteries and later bequeathed to his son, Ivan I Kalita, quite a nice "property".
I visited the place in December. It was snowing, hordes of vehicles stood all around in a hopeless and endless traffic jam so I just decided to pull up and spend my time in a more useful way.
The prince stands with a sheathed sword in his right hand (symbolizes his peaceableness) and a church in his left hand (symbolizes his piousness). The monument is solemn, imposing and moving. I loved it.
It stands in the middle of a street island decorated with a compact tidy Alpine hill and a fountain. It might look nicer in summer but, on the other hand, might not - due to heavy traffic and unavoidable pollution. You never know.
Worth at least a photo (if you are aware of who the guy was).
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