Intercession Monastery

Intercession Monastery ulasan, Moskow

Intercession Monastery

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Beverly Hills, CA152 kontribusi
Pokrovsky Monastyr Convent a must visit
Feb 2020 • Sendiri
When I am in Moscow, I often visit this sweet, peaceful oasis in the middle of bustling city. Here you can see a beautiful cathedral and see Christian services there ( sometimes the Patriarch of Russia Kirill is conducting the liturgy there)!!! But what flocks people to this place are the relics of Russian Saint Matrona of Moscow who protects people and perform miracles to this day. People come to ask for her mercy or to thank her for something she has done for them and they bring Her flowers! And after paying respects to the Saint, all receive back flowers that were blessed by the Merciful Saint Matrona! The chapel with Her relics is the sweetest. It hosts stunning icons !!! But prepare for long lines to get inside, unless you are with little children or elderly with medical condition. Then, you can go without lines! On the premises there is a little cafe Trapesnaya, where female monks are cooking and serving for the pilgrims. It’s very tasty and a lot of choices for vegetarians and vegans too. There is a spring with Holy water ( it’s free and you can buy bottles near by). Also, there is a fantastic hotel $100 a night if you would like to enjoy the tranquility for few days. That hotel has a very good restaurant! Highly recommend all of that!!! It is a very special place!! Many couples come here to ask for children. My sister in law came too. For 4 years she could not get pregnant!!! After visiting Matrona she got pregnant upon return to her city!!!! Just like that . Saint Matrona , pray for us! - that is the main prayer around there. Lovely place
Ditulis pada 18 Februari 2020
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Naija M
Inggris, UK553 kontribusi
A magnet for orthodox believers
Feb 2019 • Pasangan
I am so pleased I visited this monastery. It’s a beautiful building, both inside and out. What really touched me, though was how the place is a real magnet for true orthodox believers. It was packed with people who were there for religious reasons and nothing else. The day I visited was a cold, winters day, I understand that during the summer months the grounds are quite beautiful.
Ditulis pada 10 Februari 2019
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Bolton, UK833 kontribusi
Sep 2016
This monastery is quite breathtaking. It is simply beautiful on the outside with it's many murals on all it's buildings. But the jewel is on the inside of the main church which has to be seen to be believed. Don't miss it!
Ditulis pada 18 Oktober 2016
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Saint Petersburg, Saint Petersburg City, Russia15 kontribusi
Holy place you don't want to leave
Jun 2016 • Sendiri
This place is well known in whole Russia. People come here to pray to the famous holy person Matryona who lived not far ago, healed people and helped handle everyone who addressed to her to struggle troubles of life. A must visit place for all orthodox believers, as well as for foreigners who want to get closer to the Russian religion.
Ditulis pada 29 Juni 2016
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Oleg Y
Belgrade, Serbia2.720 kontribusi
Very nice monastery of Matrona of Moscow !
Jun 2015 • Pasangan
This Intercession ( Pokrovsky) Monastery is known better among the Muscovites as the Matrona ( Dame) Monastery of Moscow. It is a Russian Orthodox Convent that is located in Taganskaya street near the Taganka Theater. That is also on the left bank of the Moscow River as the Novospasskiy Monastery but further in inland, toward the northeast. The Pokrovsky Monastery is the woman monastery, designed in Neoclassical architectural style and although possessing russian elements of building ,has got the Byzantine Revival features.
The walls around the monastery are made of red bricks with octagonal towers in the corners. The belfries are yellowish and white with the crosses on the tops. The gates for entrance in the area of Monastery are very nice ornamented and carved in the stone with the arches made of bricks.
Loved one more pearl of Russian Sanctity !
Ditulis pada 27 Maret 2016
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