Think Climbers
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We offer privately guided rock climbing day-trips to the best area of Citatah Bandung. All gears is included and our profesional guides are highly skilled, patient and enjoyable people to spend the day with. Fun for al ages and abilities. No prior experience required!
Bandung, Indonesia
Think Climbers
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Daniel G
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Des 2020 • Teman
Doing research I found this. The prices online are very clear. Gave them a call. The private classes that were 1 million or more were suspended due to Covid 19. I was disappointed, but he offered a one day trip for 200k IDR. I said that their website said 150k IDR. He said that if I bring two people it would be 125k per person.I invited my friend and told him the prices.

The night before, he asks for a down payment, with an increase price. 200k per person. We reminded him what he said and he moved it down to 150k per person. Once again we reminded him about the original "promo" Price that he offered us. We screen shot what the website said. Then he pretended as if we spoke to another person and as if that person made a mistake on the prices. Then, all of the sudden he admits it's him that we spoke to, and now recalls what happened... He said it was a different location.

To make the long story short. This place is dishonest. I was willing to pay 1 million IDR for private classes, so why wouldn't I be willing to pay 100k, 50k more for a one day trip. I just can not trust this group. Sad that these people are greedy for 1-7 usd dollars.

I decided to go with a company that is honest and could trust. It's not the money, it's about the principle.
Ditulis pada 26 Desember 2020
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