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Bally's Atlantic City Casino

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Diane P
8 kontribusi
A nice Casino
Agt 2021
It was nice and clean, Video Poker was not very notable, I have no need to go back. Staff on floor was nice.
Ditulis pada 31 Agustus 2021
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Brooklyn, NY1.784 kontribusi
First time visit after Covid.m
Mei 2021
I was so disappointed with everything. Most of the classic slot machines are gone. You can’t find many $.25 machines anymore. I was playing dollar slots and they were super tight. The casino seem dead. I didn’t enjoy my visit at all
Ditulis pada 5 Mei 2021
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Christi L
Selden, NY17 kontribusi
Rooms from hell
Feb 2021 • Pasangan
My husband and I had visited Bally’s 12/2020. Although the rooms are dated. We had a great time so decided to return with another couple to celebrate a 50th birthday. We booked about 30 days in advance and were scheduled to arrive Sunday 2/7 and stay for 2 nights we spoke to a representative to book and request connecting rooms. Due to a snow storm we decided to come in a day earlier. Bally’s was great with our change of plans. They were not able to accommodate us in our booked rooms a day early but offered us a double room for the one night and comped is the room. We arrived at the hotel at 11:45pm on 2/6. The girl at the front desk promptly checked us in and advised us that come the next day all we would have to do is come down and check out of this room and she would get us into our other room. That is where the everything went ary. We went to check out only to be told to return between 3 and 4 to get into our new room. We lugged all of our stuff to the parking garage and put our belongings into the car. When we arrived back at the desk at 3:30 we were told they didn’t have any connecting rooms and only one room was ready at that time the other room across the hall was still being cleaned. We requested to be called when second room was ready. We walked down the hall to the ready room with no housekeeping in sight. Room across the hall had a sticker on the door to indicate that it had been cleaned. We waited 45 minutes before we returned to the check in desk and advised her that the sticker was on the door we were promptly given the key. The rooms were in the 1st floor of the Dennis tower(don’t stay there). The rooms are dark and dingy and in need of an update desperately. My husband used the bathroom and when he closed the door the plastic covering over the light fell on him. We found a left behind ugg boot and a food container under the night stand. Cleanliness is not the top priority. The carpet was definitely not vacuumed before we arrived. And as I saw housekeeping during our stay not once did I see or hear a vacuum. I saw a man walking around with a broom and a dust pan sweeping the carpet. In these room the wall has some design with a wood trim around it. While our friends were sleeping the last night the wood trim came off the wall and fell on the bed. Upon check out as we explained the mishaps the girl checking is out just laughed.
Ditulis pada 9 Februari 2021
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Catherine B
Jackson, NJ73 kontribusi
60th birthday no place to go
Jan 2021 • Pasangan
we stayed in one of the executive suites. we were warned these rooms are smoking permitted rooms , but the smell of marijuana was so strong coming from the room next to us combined with stale cigarette smell , it was too much. we got lucky and was moved to a larger fresh smelling room. amazing views, loved the tub , 2 full bathrooms 2 sitting area’s and a dining area. this was a midweek stay, with no one there not sure why the needed to but people in the adjoining room, again the strong smell of marijuana coming in our room was strong on our last night.
Ditulis pada 14 Januari 2021
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Jimmy C
2 kontribusi
Ground floor Dennis tower very nice!
Nov 2020
I normally stay in the Garden Tower. But due to how slow and dead it is due to Covid and the off season they mainly only using the Bally's Tower. But I am here enough as it is so they get me in the Dennis tower because i like that one much better. If you do not like elevators they got nice sized rooms on the ground floor of the dennis tower. i am in room 247 nice size very comfortable bed. only down fall would be the view. besides that a great room!
Ditulis pada 8 November 2020
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Reston, VA178 kontribusi
Older Property With Some Classic Slots
Okt 2020 • Teman
I liked Bally’s better than the adjacent Caesars, even though Ceasars is more upscale and updated. Bally’s has games I like to play, including jacks or better poker.

There seemed to be an effort to allow for social distancing. Unfortunately, the employees backed down when a non-mask wearing gambler tried to say he could wear a mask because he said he has COPD. He also refused their suggested compromise, a face shield, because he sad it impeded his breathing. We left when the manager let him sit down at a craps table.
Ditulis pada 2 November 2020
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Marshall F
7 kontribusi
Motel Hairy at Ballys
Okt 2020 • Sendiri
The first day I arrived 10/18/2020 @ 4pm. First time I stayed at this resort and casino. Reservation was good. Got to my room, I thought I stepped in a bad roadside motel. The bathroom tub had hair in it, the sitting chairs were dirty. Now got in my room at 415pm, did my inspection, after finding the hairs in tub n calling house keeping it took them almost 3 hours to come and clean the bathroom

I should have went to Ceasars which has much better rooms
Ditulis pada 18 Oktober 2020
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Cynthia D
1 kontribusi
Room Deposti dont matter.
Sep 2020
Hey Guys!

So WARNING** there is no point in putting a deposit on a room because they will not save that room for you!! I stood here 9/26 - 9/28 literally for 2 nights and they couldn't accommodate us at all. We booked this months in advance and paid the deposit so we should of had a set room.

Apparently checking in at 8pm was an issue though, if you Google it, it clearly says Bally's Atlantic City Check in times are from 4pm - midnight. We checked in around 8ish using the Express Kiosk and quickly left to our dinner reservations trusting that our room was what we ordered and set for us after dinner. Unfortunately that was not the case, I paid for a Luxury King size smoking bedroom in the DENNIS TOWER and let me tell you NOTHING about it was Luxury at all!! First of all getting to the room, you had to walk down this disgusting hall way full of stains on the rug - ( I get it was a smoking room but still.. it looked like you was walking into the ghetto!!) When I got to my door, the door was cracked opened! AND there was no Red "Covid Clean" Sticker on the door whatsoever, - as there was on the other doors, to confirm the room was fully cleaned. When we walked in, there were 2 twin/full size beds in the room, again not what I ordered! When I tried to call the front desk from the room, I realized the room phone was not connected or working - no dial tone!!

So you can imagine how upset my husband and I was! When we finally got to the front desk, they told us the room they gave us was actually an upgraded room from what we ordered - a SUITE! Tell me.. What was suite about what we walked into?!?! The room was a basic size room with 2 twin/full size beds and a regular shower/bathtub!! That made us even more upset, we ended up speaking to 2 front desk employees who couldn't accommodate us at all. I really just wanted what I paid for, what I put a deposit down for, rather it was a smoking room or not and I couldn't because at that time every King room was booked! They told us we could stay in that room for that night and they will see as people leaves the next day if they can put us in a room like we ordered. -___- Again we were only staying for 2 nights and now we're paying for a night in a room that we didn't ordered or put a down payment for. What was the point of putting down a deposit for a room!?! You would of thought they would have at least gave us money back for that or something.. Instead they try to blame it on us and told us it was our fault for checking in late - apparently the time is until "8pm"!!! - not midnight! After a lot of back and forth... we ended up with a "premium room" which let me tell you was sooo much better then the room they gave us or the "Suite" they tried to call it. Unfortunately we still had to deal with 2 beds in the room - that we did not need at all, for just the 2 of us.. but at least they were queen sized.

Lesson learned. This was our first time staying at Bally's which we were excited for but after this experience.. we will be sticking to staying at the Tropicana resort! At least there, you get what you paid for regardless!
Ditulis pada 29 September 2020
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Norma G
8 kontribusi
Room review
Sep 2020
This review is on the condition of the hotel room we stayed in this past week. It was a two bed room, plenty of room. However, there were many things that required repair:
1. Curtain was torn;
2. Bathroom towel bar was ready to pull from the wall;
3. The toilet seat was scrapped and worn;
4. The telephone had been ripped from the wall and only wire exposed so you could not use the phone;
5. A lamp was wobbly and needed to be tightened at the bottom; and
6. The TV was not working and we had to call for service.
We have stayed at many casino hotels and I would say this one was the worst. We stayed in the Dennis Tower which I understand is the oldest of the two towers.
Hence, these rooms need a makeover.
Ditulis pada 16 September 2020
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Selkirk, NY306 kontribusi
Penny slots.
Sep 2020
I’m not a big gambler but had some time to kill so I sat down at one of the newer machines. I actually came away winning $60.
Ditulis pada 15 September 2020
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