Hezhou Mosque

Hezhou Mosque ulasan, Urumqi

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Tianshan Qu, Urumqi 830001 Cina

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Andrew M
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Best mosque in Urumqi
Agt 2019
The Shaanxi Mosque is the most well known mosque in Urumqi. It is probably the only mosque in Urumqi that tourists are freely allowed to visit. Unfortunately it was closed when we visited, so we were restricted to taking photos of the exterior. This mosque was built in 1906 during the rule of the Qing Dynasty. It is one of the only examples of Qing architecture in Urumqi, another is the Confucian Temple. The mosque has the name in English above the entrance. It was unfortunately closed when we visited, and we only took photos of the exterior.

The mosque is constructed in Chinese architectural style and at first glance seems to be a temple. The only indication that it is a mosque is the crescent shape on top of the pagoda shaped entrance. The bright red columns and doors, brickwork and colourful painted eaves were very different from all the other mosques that we had visited in Urumqi. The upward sloping roofs and roof ridges , which were protected by dragon figures and other animals, is another feature which is usually seen in a Buddhist Temple, and is expected to ward off evil. The nearby Hezhou Mosque had a similar design at the entrance.

The Red Chinese lanterns on either side of the door seemed the perfect decoration for this mosque. The mosque was designed similar to its' namesake, the famous Shaanxi Mosque of Xian, and was recognised as a cultural relic in 1962. The mosque is also the headquarters of the Islamic Association in Urumqi and was the patriotic base of the Urumqi Muslims during WW2. We had visited the Center of Asia monument earlier in the day, and had heard that there were carvings in the Mosque which supported the relationship between the 49 Asian countries, and were very disappointed that we missed this.

Other attractions nearby include a small mosque at 211 South Heping Road, Hantengelli Mosque at the top of Jiefang South Road and the Beifang Mosque, which is on Renmin Road behind the China construction bank. I would advise that you take a bus (the BRT is on this route) to Renmin Road and walk to the Shaanxi mosque, then stroll south along Heping South Road where you will find many mosques and the International Bazaar.
Ditulis pada 23 Agustus 2019
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