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Toronto, Kanada162 kontribusi
Agu 2023 • Teman
Adventure Guianas was a pleasure to work with right from the start. Navin answered all my e-mails promptly and kindly accommodated the many changes my group had to make - even last minute. Upon arrival back to Georgetown Navin was right there waiting to pick us up despite a 2 hour delay with our flight.

Guides were excellent. I was amazed by the strength and knowledge they had. They seemed shy at first but ask them questions about the area and they will quickly open up. My group hiked at different rates and they were incredibly patient and encouraging with us all. They took the time to point out animals/plants to us and even went out of their way to ensure my group members had access to charge their phones throughout the trip. The food was sooo tasty! Yum!

The boat ride up the Potaro river was absolutely beautiful. Because of the water levels, we had to portage the boat at one of the rapids. The section of portage was small but required all of us to pitch in.

Apart from seeing Kaieteur falls for the first time, the most memorable part of the trip was waking up to the sounds of Jaguars near our camp in Tukeit. I'll never forget that!!

I'm so glad I opted to see Kaieteur falls via the overland trek VS the fly in/fly out. The overnight at the top gave us complete access to the falls after the rest of the tourists had departed. We bathed just up the river of the falls and watched the sun go down while the Kaieteur swifts (Makonaima birds) danced above and then theatrically dove down directly through the water fall. So magical!

In all, this was an incredible experience from start to finish. What a memorable trip flawlessly organized by Adventure Guianas! Thank you so much!

Bathroom/shower situation:

The guides created a private makeshift bathroom at the jungle camp (1st night) and there are flush toilets/showers at Tukeit and Kaieteur guest houses.


- Bring snacks. Potential for portaging, and the varying fitness levels of your group may delay meals.

- The hike up the "Oh my God" mountain was not as difficult as I had thought but if you're worried about your fitness level then ensure you pack light or hire a porter.

-Rainy season will make the rocky sections slippery so wear good shoes with grip and bring walking poles.

- Please make sure you leave a good tip for the guides. They definitely earn it!

Ditulis pada 14 Agustus 2023
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Christina D
3 kontribusi
Jan 2023
Our experience with Adventure Guianas was very similar to juliagulia1 review -- exceptional guide service in a country full of beauty and little infrastructure. Navin, the owner, was very responsive and was very thoughtful about our trip. Like juliagulia1, my boyfriend and I traveled overland from Georgetown to Mahdia to visit (and hike up) Kaieteur Falls. Navin works with local guides and is clearly very committed to safe and ecologically-friendly tourism. By booking with Navin you get to stay with, and get to know, the Amerindian community -- David and George are wonderful people, full of knowledge and pride for their land. Many visitors to Guyana see Kaieteur Falls by plane as a day trip from Georgetown but if you can accommodate the time (total was about 5 days) it is so worth it to travel overland. We then stayed at Piraiba Lodge for two nights before the next leg of our trip. Piraiba Lodge is such a great place -- it is comfy but not frilly and Navin's staff take great care of you. After a long ride from Mahdia, there is maybe nothing better than a cold beer and someone saying "we made you fried chicken!". Navin's staff showed us the river and took us out to find birds of all kinds, jaguars, and river otters. Even though we didn't see all the animals we hoped for, it is just a blast being on the Essequibo River and seeing all that wild nature. The next leg of our trip took us to the Pakaraima Mountains, visiting Amerindian villages and ending at Orinduik Falls (near the Brazilian border). Again, Navin had enlisted local guides who were not only fun and caring but also very knowledgeable and eager to share. Our guides navigated tough roads and some minor hitches -- all in stride and always being careful to keep us updated/informed but not worried. Guyana is a wonderful country to visit and thanks to Navin and his guides we were able to see a large chunk of it and do so in a way that was totally immersive. Guyana is a little tough to travel in because the tourism infrastructure is limited -- this in no way detracts from the wonderful time to be had. It only helps to demonstrate how worthwhile it is to book a tour with Navin because the trip could have easily been unpleasant if we had tried to navigate it on our own. If you are considering travel to this wonderful country, please use Navin and his guides. They are deeply committed to sustainable tourism and are working hard to build the infrastructure and systems for it.
Ditulis pada 11 Februari 2023
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Oscar Ferrandiz
3 kontribusi
Mar 2019 • Sendiri
I am a wildlife lover and photo amateur. I heard that Guyana has what is probably the most amazing pristine rainforest and I decided to have a firsthand experience. After several false starts I finally stumbled upon adventureguianas website; I contacted them and Navin
was inmediately responsive and very quickly prepared an itinerary perfectly adapted to what I was looking for.

From the moment I landed everything went smoothly and according to plan. I started at Piraibo lodge which is Navin's own. That is quite an experience; you find yourself in the jungle, far away from any signs of civilisation surrounded by infinite greenery, wildlife, and the Esequibo river ....exactly what I was looking for!
I did all my forays accompanied by my local guide Laurence; he is a charming and smiling person with a deep knowledge and love for the rainforest; I could not have a better company to discover that world; I could feel his passion and interest in helping me discover and appreciate his world.
I relished every single second at Piraibo; I have probably never felt so close to nature in my whole life. It's been an unforgettable experience I will probably repeat!!

I then proceeded to visit the other local lodges, Iwokrama, Atta,Surama, Karanambu to finish with a daily visit to Kaieteur Falls. Every part of the journey was amazing, giving me plenty of opportunities to spot wildlife in all its variety only possible in a healthy environment; macaws, red-howlers, spider monkeys, cock on the rock and even a harpy eagle, to name a few! and all local guides well-prepared and incredibly good at spotting them!

Navin's organisation works very well; every part of my journey with all this entails, travel, connections, plains, local guides, food, etc.... was extremely well organised, and Navin was always keeping a watchful eye in case something unexpected happened, as it was the case when one main road was blocked because of some unannounced maintenance work.

But not only that. As I was travelling solo, Navin saw to it that I never was alone or abandoned; he invited me to join him and his family to local Hindu celebrations taking place at Georgetown. It was fun and colourful.

I recommend adventureguianas to all those wishing to visit the country to have a firsthand experience of its natural wonders. Navin and his team will make this visit an unforgettable experience
Ditulis pada 24 April 2019
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Tucson, AZ15 kontribusi
Feb 2019 • Sendiri
Adventure Guianas organized all aspects of my recent 3 week birding and sightseeing visit to Guyana. I stayed at 4 eco-lodges, visited Kaieteur Falls, and did birding and sightseeing excursions in Georgetown and along the coast. Adventure Guianas arranged everything perfectly from picking me up on my arrival until transferring me to the airport for final departure. I would certainly use their services again.
Ditulis pada 16 Maret 2019
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2 kontribusi
Jan 2019 • Pasangan
I made a Trip Advisor profile for the first time just so I could review Navin and the FANTASTIC trip that we had with Adventure Guianas! Traveling as a couple, we were looking for an 8 day tour of the whole country. From start to finish, Navin was superb to communicate with and his attention to planning, patience, and flexibility made this the highlight of our vacation. [Navin owns the Adventure Guianas company and he handled all of our logistics]

I reached out to Navin via email about a month in advance. He was prompt in his responses, and sent over a tailored itinerary highlighting all the stops that I had asked for. I asked many follow up questions ironing out details, and he patiently addressed all of them. Yes, he asks for a 50% deposit once the itinerary is settled (and then 50 on arrival in country), which I was nervous about, but he has a US bank account so the transfer was actually seamless. Once we were in country, there was little to actually pay for as all costs were included in our bespoke itinerary. We were worried about a visa situation, but Navin reassured us that he would provide a full refund if anything happened. We ended up getting a visa on arrival (not a long process, just a bunch of paperwork at border control in Georgetown) and Navin was waiting for us with his van for transfer right outside Arrivals.

Our tour started with the loooong 10 hour bumpy shared bus ride to Mahdia (entertaining! very muddy and lots of travel tunes courtesy of eccentric driver), where we met our two local Amerindian guides and slept in hammocks on their family's shared property. Then we started the overland trek to Kaieteur, going up river by boat and spending the night at the (very basic) Tukeit Guest House, which is run by the park service and marks the border of Kaieteur National Park. The next day we trekked to the top of the Fall and spent two nights at the Kaieteur Guest House, exploring the area. I cannot recommend this enough!!! Best part of the trip!! We LOVED this exposure to undisturbed nature, our amazing guides (David and George) who cooked phenomenally tasty food that magically appeared from the packs they were carrying, the privacy of experiencing beautiful locations with hardly anyone else around, and the peace of mind that came from having all the details laid out ahead of time from Navin.

On our third morning in Kaieteur, Navin flew to meet us and pick us up on the way to Iwokrama airstrip, to take us by boat to the Piraiba River Lodge, which he and his wife Oma built from scratch. My boyfriend is an avid photographer and he forgot his camera charger at our last destination. Navin lent us his own very expensive Nikon so that my bf could take all the photos he wanted for our next 4 days. (I'm not suggesting that you should expect Navin to do this, as we stupidly left our charger before coming to one of the most breathtaking places on earth, but I take it as a sign of the kind-heartedness and attention to guest experience that Navin provides).

The Piraiba River Lodge was also out of this world. We are not into fishing, although it's clear that's the crowd that the lodge usually caters to. Instead, we explored the isolated area by river boat and canoe and honestly, I spent a full day lounging on the glorious river sand while watching huge caymans swim across the Essequibo River. It was super relaxing. The river lodge employs the local Amerindians as cooks and house help, and they cooked such good food!! I say local, but it's about an hour by boat to the nearest village - the lodge is that private.

We then spent the next day/night at Surama. We loved it!! Lovely 6am river tour with the manager, Anthony, who is also an excellent-animal spotter. Our final day we drove to Lethem and got to see the town a bit and sneak over the border to Brazil with Navin. Then Navin arranged a flight back to Georgetown, where his son not only met us with a car to give us a lift to our hotel, but then also met us the next day to take us quickly to a temple that my bf wanted to visit before we left Guiana.

In summary - What wonderful people! What a phenomenal adventure! We are SO THANKFUL that we got to experience this once-in-a-lifetime trip to a country that I knew very little about. We felt safe, comfortable, and satisfied. I would highly recommend Navin and his company (Adventure Guianas) to plan your custom visit to Guiana.

Some potential caveats: we are young and active and were specifically looking for an outdoor adventure. Some of the travel was challenging and there are many bugs (it's the jungle!) and it rained for a bit most days (again, the rainforest!). It's true that the accommodations are rustic, but we were there for the nature and oh boy was it delivered. As others have noted, Guyana is not the cheapest travel destination (mainly because of gas prices and the remoteness of the interior) -- but based on reaching out to other companies, I believe that Navin offers very reasonable prices. Also, it really would have been near impossible to plan this on our own - there's hardly any reception and the travel arrangements are all custom to order - so I would strongly recommend going with a tour operator (Navin!) for arranging your travel logistics. I suppose if you're really gutsy you can plan the interior flights on your own, but I don't see how any visitor could plan the interior trek and river crossings without local contacts.
Ditulis pada 12 Februari 2019
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Stockton-on-Tees, UK20 kontribusi
Nov 2018 • Sendiri
Hello, I have been Amazon fishing four times now, twice in Guyana and twice in Brazil.
The latest trip was by far the best of all trips.. and the first with Adventure Guianas.
The fishing was great...brilliant in fact..a true multi species destination..on one day i caught 9 diffent species..four in four consequetive casts..and also i believe offers a much higher than average chance of catching the fish of your dreams.

Peacock bass payara bicuda ,Aymara,arowana.,piranha,jacunda, and a host of others will aggressively snap at top water lures on a daily basis whilst; Redtail,leopard Jau and Piraiba catfish are plentiful..should you wish a break from casting...its up to you as the guides are capable and knowledgeable and will go to the ends of the earth to get you your catch.

I have travelled with other outfitters before and been very disappointed..with A G I am not and have already rebooked.

The lodge and meals are comfortable and filling..and cold drinks are also available from a massive chest freezer (solar powered) fact everything you would need.

If you are seriously looking for An Amazon destination this is the one to go for..

The organisation is second to none... if he says he will be at the airpport to pick you up..he will be there..being in the tour business for a while Navin has his logistics nailed down .. and this is in a counrty where 9 oclock in the morning could be anywhere between 9 and 6 pm..full marks for running a tight ship.

i'm very impressed and cant wait to get back.
Ditulis pada 9 November 2018
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Roma, Italia5 kontribusi
Okt 2017 • Teman
it is always full of dreams and expectations when you go on a new journey, an
d it was just that the mood
that we shared I and my friend Francesco at 4 in the morning at the airp
ort "Leonardo da Vinci" waiting to
get on a flight after a stopover in London and one in Trinidad an
d Tobago would take us to Georgetown in
Our ultimate goal was to reach a fishing camp on the Essequibo River, where we
would spend the beauty of
19 days ...... easier said ...
After sleeping in a hotel in georgetown, early morning we embarked again o
n another flight with the local
destination annai, from here after an hour and a half off-road and another hou
r boat ride we finally arrived
at "weight scales and camp" It situated on a huge island on the Essequi
bo River
The next morning we started fishing, we would go with a local guide n
amed Mark that he would stay with
us throughout our stay.
After fishing in spinning 3 or 4 peacock bass to use as bait we started to
search for the monsters of the
The first eaten was traumatic, in fact after a short fight a decent fish I broke th
e hook leaving me with egg
on the face.
While barely digest what happened, in the afternoon we moved to a place further u
pstream than in the
After less than 10 minutes from a me
the clutch on my rod forced us to take the boat to chase what
appears to be a huge fish, in fact, after about fifteen minutes of struggle
finally appeared the king of the
Amazonian catfish; the "lau lau", is a huge fish, our guide the estimat
ed 250 lbs ... I still can not believe it,
my departure from 'Italy I would have signed for a lot less.
Target the next day is the arapaima, then the very first morning we headed for a l
ake formed by the river
located about an hour from the field.
immediately saw that the lake was well populated by arapaima, as you see cont
inually rise to the surface
for air.
The first to have a meal was Francesco who unfortunately shortly after unhooked
what appeared to be a
nice fish.
It will be back soon after, in fact, after a spectacular fight did leak fast
and acrobatic leaps managed to
photograph a magnificent specimen close to 200 lbs.
Later I also manage to take a arapaima of smaller size, just over 100 lbs.
The following days saw good or evil protagonist almost always Francesco,
in fact, after having spent the
morning fishing spinning into a canal, we noticed a large arapaima roll
surface, immediately cast 2 bait and
soon the fish bit the bait of Francesco, a fight ensued breathtaking than
a few minutes, then when the fish
was now under boat unfortunately we unhooked throwing into turmoil

Francesco always in the following days captured 2 red tail of monstrous size,
a wonderful Blinka and a
beautiful leopard catfish, I for my part I was on standby, the fish were not
interested from my bait and
those few are interested or I broke or unhooked
The next morning Francesco lost a huge fish from the shore fishing from th
e beach camp after recovering
the line we found that the fish had managed to remove the rugged steel termi
nal by crimps that held it
together ... do not we will use it ever again ... .even because two Sou
th African fishermen gerard and
duane experts sharkfishing taught us to do the nodes to join the terminal
steel to 'hook and swivel.
The next day we returned to the place where we had taken the first lau lau, and af
ter a few minutes
another fast start makes us jump and so began a new battle with a monster of
'Essequibo ... ..after 10
minutes of fighting the fish was under boat but unfortunately murphy's
law is still there and also this fish
unfortunately unhooked.
The bitterness fortunately you passed in the evening by capturing a huge jau
100 lb of a 25 m deep hole
near the camp.
The night always fishing from the beach camp, Francesco dropped a live
peacock on shallow waters shortly
after starting the violent flicked the rod, iron and perhaps to braid a li
ttle ruined unfortunately we lost too
... ..the luck seemed to have abandoned .......
Given the amount of eaten obtained fishing from the beach, we decided to spend
the whole morning and
early afternoon there, then to the 16 we decided to try the deep hole where
we had taken the giant jau.
We were there for about an hour and nothing happened, so I decided to take
the boat to check my bait.
After less than five minutes, the same rod went to the missile, we follo
w the fish in the boat and after 20
minutes of desperate fight when I was at the limit of energy, managed to tie a h
uge lau more than 2 meters
long and weight estimated near 300 lbs
The day after my capture stunning views of the first day was dedicated to Franc
is and his passion for the
arapaima, we decided to try a wide channel where we had spotted some arapaima, arapaima b
ut that day
he saw a few and those few did not eat.
But between Nos give up and chased after fish all day, under the sun and under
the storm finally reached
its goal of capturing a arapaima almost 150 lb ... never fish was more dese
rved ....
But the day not ended here, in fact, always in the evening between captured after
a good fight from shore
with a common rod torpedoes a nice lau 1.92
A few days later we decided to return to the channel where Francesco in the early
days had lost a huge
arapaima, we tried, we tried ... but the big did not show up, at some p
oint our guide Mark noticed a
aima smallest that had risen to get some air, Francesco gave him a bait im
mediately and after a few
minutes of fighting we photograph another arapaima of more than 100 lb
In the afternoon after having eaten and rested a bit we decided to fish for a whil
e in a curve of the river not
far from the field.
Suddenly a slow start and progressive on my rod gave way to a new challenge man

It was a strange fish, very big ... ..but fought strangely, at the end of
long leaks stopped and turned back
abruptly as to loosen the attention on the line in order to be abl
e to get disgorged ... ..and he did for 3 or 4
After about 15 minutes early with huge bubbles rose to the surface and what
we saw was a giant fish lau
lau a lot longer than 2 meters and a weight estimated at between 300 and 3
50 lbs ... ..a real monster of the
river .
the lastday fishing the morning hours we spent together in navin exploring
different areas but the pajara
hyperactive prevented our baits to reach the monster catfish.
We were going to come back when we decided to try it last deep pit, shortl
y after a simultaneous start of
two rods forced navin and Francesco to a good fight with a big fish 2
lau lau around the '1.90 per navin and
a big red tail for Francesco
There are no words to describe this incredible adventure, not only for the hu
ge fish that we never thought
to take, but also for the environment immaculate (the 'river water you can d
rink) and for the outstanding
hospitality and navin all his staff
Thanks to all friends
Ivano paradisi
Francesco olivetti
Ditulis pada 10 Mei 2018
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Terre Haute, IN1.221 kontribusi
Nov 2017 • Sendiri
Planning 13 months in advance because I just want to make sure that there would be no glitches. And there weren't. Navin planned everything: transfers, hotels, sightseeing opportunities, and even the flight to Kaieteur! The only thing I had to plan was for the flights.

Navin's communication was reassuring. He patiently answered every question. Oetsi provided the part for Suriname and French Guiana, but Navin made sure that everything was great there as well. I even got a hotel upgrade in Cayenne.

Highly recommended. Everyone he provided for me was exactly what I wanted. The week was perfect.
Ditulis pada 5 Desember 2017
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Munich, Jerman37 kontribusi
Apr 2017 • Sendiri
I arrived in Lethem from Brasil as a backpacker, saw the sign of Adventure Guianas (they got an agency and an hotel there as well) and ask the agency what to do. Navid took me some days to their Jungle Lodge, which is a dream. The ride to the lodge through the landscapes is breathtaking, Navid is a good driver. The boat ride on the Essequibo river with its birds is unforgettable. The whole Team at the lodge took perfectly care for you during (fishing) tours and in the lodge. Its so quite there, no traffic on the river, very different to the Amazon river. When you hear roaring monkeys, you will be able to stop the boat and just search for them. After returning to Lethem it started the 2-days Rodeo event (Easter holiday). The town goes busy and crazy, it’s fun and a great experience. May you’ve heard before: Guyana is not the cheapest place for backpackers, that’s true. But no doubt, the unique experiences are worth it.
Ditulis pada 12 Juli 2017
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Lucerne, Swiss39 kontribusi
Mar 2017 • Sendiri
I booked a 14d customized tour across Guyana with Navin's AG.
It was a great experience, everything was perfectly organized. Navin is a natural to take care of his guests and dedicated to make you experience the best of Guyana.

This country is wonderful for pristine rainforest and lots of wildlife in it. The local guides are top in wildlife + birds and make you experience it at its best!
Adventure Guiana is conscious about including local communities and taking care of the environment.
Ditulis pada 1 April 2017
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