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Basel, Swiss60 kontribusi
Nov 2023 • Sendiri
The Kaieteur Falls tour with Evergreen Adventures was one of the worst I've ever had!

According to the program, we were supposed to start between 1-1.30pm and have two hours ground time at the falls. In fact, we only saw the falls for about five to ten minutes. Normally you see three viewpoints on this tour, but we only went to one.

This was due to a massive delay in departure, which Trans Guyana Airways justified by saying that the weather at Kaieteur National Park was bad. However, according to the guide at Kaieteur, this was not the case! The weather was nice all day. Trans Guyana said that we had to be back in Georgetown before sunset at 5.30, which is why the tour could not end an hour later.

So basically, we flew to Kaieteur, saw the falls for a few minutes and then flew back. I would never have paid $300 for such a tour and it was the first time I had ever asked for a refund from a tour operator.

Nigel Mattan then emailed me and offered me a refund of $75. Since I replied that I had already left Guyana, I have not received a reply from Evergreen anymore.

Nigel, shame on you for taking money from guests for such a lousy tour. And shame on you again for not keeping your word
Ditulis pada 3 Desember 2023
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Sunshine 204
winnipeg135 kontribusi
Nov 2023 • Teman
We were happy to see Kaiteur but Evergreen needs to do a bit more to enhance the experience. It was a pain trying to book because they have to have 12 passengers before they book a plane and pilot. The plane was a bit sketchy. The pilot needs a bit of training on tourism and customer service. It would have been nice if he could have pointed out some of the sites we were flying over.
When we arrive at the Falls, the build barely had running water to flush the toilets.
The tour guide was knowledge.
Over all we happy to see the falls. However, Guyana is not know for great service or good sanitation.
Ditulis pada 12 November 2023
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Lifou T
New York City, NY269 kontribusi
Sep 2023 • Pasangan
5/5 for the waterfalls, 3/5 for Evergreen Adventures.

We did the combined Kaieteur + Orinduik Falls trip. Check in at 9am at Ogle airport (15 minute taxi ride from the town), departure around 10-10:30am, one hour flight to the waterfall, 2 hours on the ground (visiting three different viewpoints and having prepacked lunch consisting of rice and tough tasteless chicken), then a short flight to Orinduik, with some time to swim in the falls, and a 1h15 flight back to Ogle airport, arriving at 5:30pm.

The trip cost GYD 78,000, so around USD 390, but note that Evergreen mandatorily converts USD to GYD at a poor exchange rate and then charges 4.35% credit card fee on top, so it will cost you more than that.

There is also a trip to Kaieteur falls only, which departs later in the day (12pm check-in, departure around 1-1:30pm, return at 5-5:30pm, cost: GYD 60,000).

There are a couple of other companies that organize these tours (although some of them only to Kaieteur) - others seemed cheaper but didn't have availability (or tours at all) on the days we wanted.

The trip itself: check-in was easy. Evergreen actually had two planes that day, so we got on the second one. 12 pax on each flight, distributed by weight. One person goes into the co-pilot seat (sounds like usually the lightest one). Passengers on both sides get to see the waterfall as the plane loops around before landing, so you first see it on the left hand side and then on the right hand side. Having said that, passengers on the right side of the plane get a better, closer view of the falls, and then see it again after take off from Kaieteur on the way to Orinduik.

We read that there are no mosquitos at Kaieteur due to insect-eating plants (true), but a lot of sand flies at Orinduik - fortunately, we didn't encounter any!

Orinduik itself is not as impressive as Kaieteur - more of a series of small falls and cascades - but still a very picturesque place, right on the border of Guyana and Brazil, the landscape is very different (savanna instead of rainforest), so definitely a good add-on, and if you're already doing a trip to Kaieteur, it's definitely worth adding Orinduik as well. Having been to Vic Falls in Zim/Zambia, Iguacu on the border of Brazil and Argentina, and a number of other falls - all of these are impressive, but Kaieteur definitely has a wow factor and is absolutely worth the trip.

Important to note that these trips are not daily - sounds like most companies do these on Saturdays and/or Sundays, and sometimes on select days during the week as well. It's a 12 pax minimum and maximum at the same time, so it is very likely that you'll find out trips do not have any pax or are already sold out. Other trips by various companies (such as Essequibo River) also mostly operate on weekends. We generally found it very difficult to organize sensible trips in Guyana during our stay, other than Kaieteur/Orinduik. Tour operators do not respond to emails or Whatsapp messages, generally seem very uninterested in organizing anything and not proactive at all - any Guyana is a country where it's very difficult to organize things on your own. There's also not much to see or do in Georgetown while you're waiting a few days for another trip to run (you can consider doing a side trip to Surinam - easy to get to Paramaribo from Ogle airport on one of three daily flights on Transguyana Airways, and we found Surinam fascinating, safe (compared to Guyana) and people very friendly).
Ditulis pada 12 September 2023
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Jackie G
Falkirk, UK460 kontribusi
Des 2022 • Sendiri
Sometimes the weather does cancel things but I was able to go on the flight on my second attempt after an hours anxious wait for the clouds to clear.
What a fantastic day trip this was. Just amazing.
Cannot rate Heather in the office highly enough. She is a very efficient and effective communicator and very good at her job. She made the whole process of booking on, waiting for minimum numbers to be reached, making payment and switching to a new date painless.
Ditulis pada 5 Desember 2022
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Jane S
Issaquah, Washington, United States114 kontribusi
Jun 2022 • Teman
Must do adventure with top notch company!

This incredible day trip to see Kaieteur and Orinduik Falls surpassed all our expectations.

The booking process was fairly straightforward. I put in my request for a date and received an instant response. And then I had to wait a bit as they confirmed other passengers. There is a minimum of 10 for a trip to depart. But thankfully that happened and we completed the booking process.

We stayed at the Grand Coastal Hotel which was only 10 minutes away from the local Ogle airport, so getting there was very easy.

Check in at the airport was without complication. You showed your passport and they weighed you and your bags and then there was a bit of a waiting period in a comfortable waiting room.

The plane is small, but the flight was smooth. Our pilot Michael was extremely competent and highly professional.

We landed at the lodge of Kaieteur after about an hour of flying. The views of the Georgetown, the rainforest, and Kaieteur falls were spectacular from the plane.

Our guide Nigel and his associate Andrew led us on a trek to three different viewpoints of Kaieteur explaining the history and flora and fauna as we walked. Nigel was the perfect guide. He was friendly and knowledgeable. He was very relaxed and friendly and willing to take as many pictures as any of us wanted. He was good to warn us about not getting too close to the edge because there is a sheer drop off the edge. The ground can be mossy and slippery when wet, so please wear good shoes with traction. We were lucky that it did not rain while we were walking, but because of the rainy season, the falls were in full magnificent force.

After we viewed the falls, we went back to the lodge and had a delicious lunch. Ice cold water and juice were provided and appreciated.

We re-boarded the plane and flew to the next destination. Orinduik is located in the Savannah region and has a different topography. These Falls are the kind you can get into and frolic. I would definitely suggest wearing water shoes with traction. The rocks are extremely slippery. I sat on my butt and scooted around because I did not want to risk falling. but the waterfalls are spectacular and it was so much fun to be there. You definitely need bug spray. We put it on and were not bitten, but I guess there are a certain sort of flies around there that you don’t want to mess with. I wore a long sleeve rash guard/sun shirt and was glad I did. I think I might’ve even worn leggings or yoga pants if I could do it again. I wore surfer shorts instead of my swimsuit. It’s good to be covered as much as possible.

It did rain while we were here, so it would be helpful to bring plastic garbage bags to put all of your things in. Several people had umbrellas which they put over their backpacks on the rocks. But the wind could possibly blow those away. The rain did not last for long, maybe 20 minutes or so.

At this lodge, there were several local women selling beautiful little souvenirs. It’s worth it to bring some extra money to support them. There were also several local children in the area who seemed very curious to interact with the visitors.

I wish I had known that I would see these little adorable children, because I would’ve loved to have brought some candy or snacks or anything to give them. I’ve often brought bubbles with me on my foreign travels, and the little children just go crazy for blown bubbles.

We had plenty of time to play in the waterfalls. The water was a bit brisk but not cold by any means. You can go right under the main Falls and we even sat behind them. We were children ourselves again while we played in the water! Such fun!

There is a little lodge where you can towel off and change your clothes before boarding the flight back to town.

I will never forget this trip. The beauty was awesome inspiring and overwhelming in the best way.

Again, our guide Nigel made the day so easy and fun. In the back office, Renuka was so pleasant and helpful and very efficient in processing my payment and confirming the trip.

Don’t miss out on this incredible adventure!
Ditulis pada 21 Juni 2022
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Dunia7.852 kontribusi
Mar 2022 • Sendiri
I had a seamless booking experience with Evergreen Adventures for the Kaieteur and Orinduik combo trip. I believe Evergreen owns TransGuyana or at least have some affiliation, since they share offices. The TransGuyana bush plane is also very comfortable.

I reserved my spot with Evergreen via webchat and then a few days later, once the trip was confirmed a "go", I made my payment via credit card (4.35% surcharge). Cash payment can be done in person at the Ogle Airport office.

There are 2 things to be aware of when booking such a trip to Kaieteur and beyond, with any tour operator

- weather element
the plane wont fly if there is bad weather near Kaieteur. so even though it will be very impressive to visit when falls is at 100% water volume (rainy season), the risk of cancellation is also much higher.

- number of pax.
the plane wont fly if there is insufficient paying passengers. therefore the best time to book is 7-10 days from trip departure when one is reasonably assure that the trip will be happening. Local residents make up most of the trips to Kaieteur and they do not need to plan in advance. so as a foreign visitor, you just got to roll with it.
Ditulis pada 12 Maret 2022
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Gene R J
Silver Spring, MD9.091 kontribusi
Feb 2020
We returned to Guyana to visit this famous waterfall; the flights were full on our 2012 visit. Even though we reserved this 2020 trip 4 months ago, it was not assured until the email arrived just 4 days before departure, now officially scheduled, and immediate payment requested.
On flight day, we arrived at the TGA office at noon for their airport processing (security/weigh in) before our group of 12 boarded the small Grand Caravan C208B at 1 PM. Our pilot (no co-pilot) extended greetings and safety instructed and we took off hoping the good weather would hold for the 1 hour flight. Most of us nodded through the big bumps from 2 thunderstorms descending from 10,000' but soon we were wide awake to spot the falls and land.
We used the Visitor Center restrooms before walking the 1 mile 3-viewpoint loop, led by a knowledgeable young Amerindian guide. We had full clouds but no rain for nice photos, our small group alone in the rain forest canopy which extended in all directions including the long canyon view below the falls.
The great pilot and guide enhanced the organized tour to visit this remote and pristine place.
Ditulis pada 27 Februari 2020
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Barry H
Sausalito, CA55 kontribusi
Jan 2020 • Sendiri
I had a great trip to the amazing Kaieteur Falls with Evergreen Adventures. The pilot was great, very professional. The office always got back to me with information. The guide was great. It was an amazing experience!
Ditulis pada 22 Januari 2020
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Richard Y
New York City, NY346 kontribusi
Des 2019 • Sendiri
I booked and confirmed a tour. The tour was cancelled and I was not notified. I learned about the cancellation when I arrived at the airport for the tour.
Ditulis pada 30 Desember 2019
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Mario and Livia
1 kontribusi
Sep 2019
We booked the kaieteur falls tour 2 weeks ago over the evergreen adventures website and we became a confirmation that everything is fixed. A day later they wrote us, that the flight is already fully booked and that they are sorry to tell us that we can't join the tour. Of course we complained by mail as we did everything correctly but they replied again they are sorry but we cannot join the tour. They suggested that we can come another day. We wrote in another mail that another day is not possible for us as we booked, planed and payed already everything for this particular day (even the payement for the kaieteur was already made by credit card) so we just wrote we will be at the airport by time as written in the confirmation and that they should find a solution. Days passed and we didn't heard anything back from evergreen adventures.

Our flight was scheduled on 17th September 2019 at 12.30pm and on the 16th September at 5 pm they wrote us that we OF COURSE can join the tour tomorrow...less than 24 hours before the tour starts.

On the 17th September we could go on the tour and the waterfall is amazing. We had a good day. We were 12 people in the airplane and maybe this is not correct but in our opinion we should have been 13 people as we saw that one of the employees took a man in another room and we guess they told him, that the airplane is too heavy and that he cannot go with us (the airplane flies by weight and we were 1 women and 11 men all not the thinest) .. even though we had a good day at the end we wouldnt recommend to book with evergreen adventures as the way they treat clients is just unacceptable and a few things in their terms and conditions are also just unacceptable in our opinion (for example they do not return your money in case they have to cancel the flight because of bad weather conditions).
Ditulis pada 3 Oktober 2019
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