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Bogota, Kolombia179 kontribusi
Nothing special
Jul 2013
I saved this address after reading the positive reviews it received and I was certainly disappointed. It carries exactly the same items as every other shop nearby. Nothing special or unusual. At walking distance from the hotel Carville were I was staying I am glad I did not have to waste taxi fare to get there.
Ditulis pada 24 Juli 2013
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Portland, OR1.514 kontribusi
A small, quality store that you'll visit more than once!
Feb 2013 • Teman
This boutique store sells a lot of goods in a very small space. A great place to purchase gifts and their tailor is onsite (third floor). I fell in love with a top, but it was too small and they quickly said they could make one for me for pick up the next day. I selected the fabric (all high quality fabric; mine was a lovely cotton) and they measured me ... and the seamstress said she could have it ready by 5:30 that evening. GREAT SERVICE. $35usd for the top.

They sell a selection of fashion goods and are known for their bags, shoes and clothing. Accessories are on the first floor, clothing on the second, and the third floor has the fabric and seamstresses for any made-to-order items.

Everything was high quality and the prices were fair value.
Ditulis pada 14 Maret 2013
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First of all, thanks for coming to our shop, we are highly appreciated! So glad that you enjoy our service. Its just makes us so happy!  I hope we keep improving the service more and make customers happy just like you! Best regards
Ditulis pada 3 Mei 2013
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