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Aquatic and marsh plants
Agt 2012 • Sendiri
Only to be visited after making an appointment. Aquatic and marsh plants of the collection of Třeboň Institute of Botany, founded 1976 study in order to examine rare and endangered species,. The institute provides plant material for comparative studies, provisions for material experiments and botanical illustrations, and is used for teaching Botany and plant ecology. Taken the large number of items kept in its collection it is apparently by far the largest collection of living aquatic and marsh plants in Europe and even one of the largest collections in the world, These includes both vascular plants and charales. All forms of aquatic and wetland ecological plants (marsh plants): both rooted as submerged, floating leave, particulate and emerging plants, annual and perennial species. Comon as well as endangered and rare plant species which are almost extinct in flora of the Czech Republic. In its collection also many varieties of plants from wetlands, cane fields, sedge fields, marshes, peat bogs, fish ponds, wet sand substrates, rivers and lakes. In a heated greenhouse all Czech types of carnivorous plants are grown, as well as 65 tropical carnivorous species.
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