Tripiti Beach
Area Wisata Alam& Taman Margasatwa
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kokkinos vrachos
Hamburg, Jerman5.300 kontribusi
Okt 2021
I hiked from Sougia to Tripiti a few years ago in October with a hiking friend. Then further on to Agia Roumeli (the King's Staircase).

Although I like to hike alone, it is an advantage to do this hike with someone. The hiking friend also had a GPS device with him, which was also very helpful.

Our base was Frangokatello. We took the last ferry from Chora Sfakion to Sougia. In Agia Roumeli and Sougia you still have the opportunity to buy food, water, etc.

After arriving in Sougia, we immediately started walking until it got dark. Then we hiked for another hour in the dark with headlamps.

We spent the first night in the very sheltered Keratidas Gorge. It was still over 20C at night.

Early in the morning we continued. 1st ascent (25-30 minutes) at Vouuklasi to the Turkish fort. The sun is at your back. (To spend the night at the church on Profitis Ilias at 405m is of course also a dream).

Then the descent into the Tripiti Gorge. Arrived in Tripiti, you can fill up your water supply. The shepherd was also present.

In Tripiti you can take the taxi boat back to Sougia. We continued to Agia Roumeil and spent the night at Domata beach under the full moon.

Many greetings from Hamburg, kv
Ditulis pada 21 Juli 2022
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Florence, Italia11.330 kontribusi
Sep 2021
The village of Sfakia (also called Hora Sfakion, which can be translated as "Sfakia town center") is small, but it is the capital of a very large municipality (dèmos) (468 square Kms), almost depopulated, in one of the most deserted and rough parts of Crete.
At the extreme west of the Sfakia dèmos is the beach of Trìpiti; actually more than a beach, a cove, determined by the outlet to the sea of ​​the wild gorges of the same name. On it stands the small church of Agios Nikolaos.
Actually the Trìpiti beach is much more related to the nearby (5kms to the west) town of Sougia than to Sfakion, to which the territory belongs. We ourselves reached the beach with one of the boats available departing from Sougia.
From Tripiti beach you can cross the Tripiti gorges towards Omalos; but it takes two days, and in any case the gorges are so dangerous in some places that some hikers have died in following them, so it is recommended to be accompanied by an expert guide.
Much quieter, although still strenuous, is the return by land to Sougia, part of the European hiking route E4, fairly well signposted in yellow and black; we walked this path calmly, taking almost a whole day (with shorter stops, the path is perhaps five hours).
Luckily, the hardest stretch is at the beginning, where a steep climb (made more difficult by the poorly maintained path) climbs from the valley floor for about 300 meters of difference in height to a saddle, where you can enjoy a well-deserved rest.
From here, if you wish (we didn't do it), you can climb further towards the cliff that forms Cape Tripiti, up to a place where the Profitis Ilias' chapel stands, as well as a ruined Ottoman fort, whose surviving forms date back to the mid-19th century.
From this saddle on there are no major climbs, and the path remains quite high on the coast, with many ups and downs, almost always in view of the sea, with wonderful sweeping views, sometimes to the west, sometimes to the east.
Further on, the chapel of Agios Antonios is visible almost on the seashore; but the path to go down to it from the E4 is much further in the direction of Sougia, so we didn't follow it.
The last stretch descends towards Sougia through a long and winding, but not very tiring, dirty road.
Overall, we believe that of the three main trails that lead to Sougia (this one, the Agia Irini gorges and the trail towards Lissos), this is the most tiring but also the most scenic, without disregarding the other two.
Ditulis pada 7 Oktober 2021
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Tripiti Beach (Sfakia, Yunani) - Review - Tripadvisor

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