Praia de Coqueiral
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Belo Horizonte, MG1 kontribusi
5,0 dari 5 lingkaran
Feb 2018 • Teman
Coqueiral is a neighborhood of Aracruz ES. It is 80 km from Vitória, to the north. Coqueiral is a beautiful beach, with calm waves if you want to bring your kids, but also, if you walk a little bit to “Praia dos Padres” you can find good waves to surf a little bit. If you want to stay a few days in Coqueiral you can find good options of inns and hotels, there is “pousada da orla” a beautiful inn with a beautiful view to the beach. It is near the beach, but also near the commerce center of the neighborhood. If you'd rather stay in a hotel, there is “Coqueiral praia Hotel”, wich is a little far from the commerce center, but is in front of the beach and it has an infrastructure of a hotel. Coqueiral also has good options of restaurants and bakeries, “Petit Pain” has the best breads and cakes of the neighborhood, a good invitation for a wonderfull breakfast or a snack in the midle of the afternoon. “Restaurante Castanheiras” is a delicious restaurant, very close to the beach, with the best moquecas of the region.
Ditulis pada 27 Agustus 2018
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Adrian P
Singapura, Singapura226 kontribusi
5,0 dari 5 lingkaran
Sep 2015 • Keluarga
Though this may not be your Copa Cabana sort of beach, Coqueiral Beach offers a long stretch of brown sandy beach. I took a jog along the somewhat pristine beach and I hardly saw anyone there, other than one other jogger and another couple who was taking a stroll.

The water was calm as it was located in a bay with the town Santa Cruz being on the other side of the bay.
Ditulis pada 4 Juni 2016
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Biguacu, SC178 kontribusi
5,0 dari 5 lingkaran
Jul 2023 • Keluarga
Located 38 km from the municipal headquarters of Aracruz and just 7 km north of Santa Cruz village, Coqueiral Beach stretches majestically along the ES-010 highway. About 1 km long, this corner of Espírito Santo brings together beauty, culture and adventure, all in one place!

Upon arrival, we are greeted by a spectacular landscape: coconut trees that seem to touch the sky, golden sands and waters that mix shades of brown and dark blue, resembling a lagoon more than a rough sea. This calm, combined with the absence of strong waves and the presence of natural pools at low tide, makes the beach an ideal place for all ages, especially children and the elderly. A walk along its shore allows you to discover reefs and a beautiful lawn, perfect for leisure moments.

In addition to its natural beauty, the region is rich in indigenous culture. Close to the beach, we find the Tekoá Porã Village of the Guarani tribe, a space where it is possible to immerse yourself in the traditions and art of these people. On the side of the road, natives sell refreshing coconut water and unique handicrafts, from earrings to hunting instruments.

While the beach preserves a more rustic and less urbanized appearance. For those planning to spend the day, it is advisable to bring items such as an umbrella, chairs, food and drinks. And, of course, always remember to take care of the environment and collect your own trash.

The entire region is an environmental and indigenous reserve, protected by federal laws. When visiting, respect signage and fences. Access is facilitated by the ES-010 highway, passing through the municipalities of Serra and Fundão, after the Santa Cruz interchange.

Coqueiral Beach in Aracruz is more than just a travel destination; It is a unique experience that combines breathtaking landscapes, lively culture and moments of pure tranquility. Don't miss the opportunity to explore this piece of paradise in Espírito Santo!
Ditulis pada 24 Oktober 2023
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