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Bristol, UK9 kontribusi
I participated together with my 7 years old son in a 2.5 h visit organized by Cooperativa Gemina: we first had a walk in the Duino Princes hunting estate, then visited the Fioravante Cave. Cooperativa Gemina is doing a FANTASTIC job in presenting the hidden gems of our territory, in a multi-faceted way: flora, geology and history were all parts of the very competent and entertaining presentation (even my 7 years son was totally fascinated). The cave, escavated by an old river, is not big, but it is very interesting to understand Carsism phenomena and it has an impressive history, spanning from the Neolithic use (10.000 years ago), passing through the Fioravante legend, up to becoming a wine-cave for Duino Castle and then a 'rubbish bin' for militaries during the Second World War- don't miss the 'rubbish' repertoir displayed in the cave (and the very curious 'locals' annedocts/memories about Anglo-American occupation, collected by the Cooperativa research and displayed in the cave too). The nature around the cave is also worth the visit, with the typical Mediterranean flora reaching up to the sea in what was 'the hunting reserve' of the Duino Castle. Don't miss the guided tour by Gemina if you have the chance! (the guides also speak very good English!)
Ditulis pada 22 April 2019
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