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Atchanan B
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Chicken Dung Prison in Thailand
Jul 2018
Looks back to 1893, See how prisoners had to survive living with chicken poo dropping. A 7-meters high, square-shaped prison ("Khuk Khi Kai" in Thai), Public park, no Entrance fee in Chanthaburi province, Thailand
Ditulis pada 5 November 2018
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Mark E
Bangkok, Thailand329 kontribusi
Nice Photo Spot
Mei 2017
Easy to find and nice photo spot. Get inside and you will find best shade and sunlight for your nice photo shot to share the world!
Ditulis pada 14 Mei 2017
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Adelaide, Australia7 kontribusi
More to this place than meets the eye
Jan 2017 • Pasangan
A local guide suggested this story of the place:

Initially low rating French soldiers noticed the effect of birds and their dropping on the prisoners below. They got carried away with the joke, and the sergeants saw the "wisdow" to this, referring it upward to their commanders to get rewarded for initiative.

The torture method gained formality - and this was extended to the other similar prisons in the region. The one standing is the only one left. You will see that the structure is leaning. The lean created a shadow on the left side inner wall whereby the prisoners could receive shelter from the droppings. These positions were thus "prized locations".

The guards soon realised this and food was "served" through the wall holes on right hand side. Thus, the torture technique was amplified. Many of the prisoners were wise and knowledgeable, they knew the bigger picture (and the economic and social effects of colonialism) and wanted France out. These people were proud people, they had social status (well known in their communities). Putting bird poo on top of them was an effective method of breaking their dignity. Madness resulted.

It was a dilemma for the prisoners on the left. Did they stay, keep their sanity but remain hungry. Or did they go to the other side to get food, knowing that they would never be able to get back again (as their spot would have been taken up by someone else taking shelter) and therefore succumbing to the madness that befell all those that were in the open area directly underneath the birds.

A true method of breaking one's spirit, for the prisoner to give up on his ideals of what he knows is best (sanity, and retaining one's diginity, proudness) and having to abandon these ideals for other views (attending to hunger). Its a way of breaking one's moral fibre, one's belief system and to accept the control regime of the French.

If people did come out they were never the same. Generally they did not pursue leader roles again, as they knew the consequences. Local villagers looked at them differently, given that they had been in unsanitary conditions for long periods of time.

A truly tragic environment. Given the depravity that went on here, the way that the grounds have been laid out now, with funny bird signs etc out the front of the place, really does not do any justice to the barbaric torture which went on here.

Perhaps humor can be used as a way of dealing with tragedy, or more likely he story of what went on here has been lost and these symbols have been put here to try and make light of the prison and its story. Perhaps the story of what went on here has just been forgotten, or never formally recorded, and thus the grounds are designed as they are.

In the absence of authoritative commentary of the history of this place, hopefully this review might help people think more deeply about what went on here and the effect of how Colonialism worked in trying to enforce the control of Colonial powers in taking over the economic and culture of these countries all across Asia, not just in Thailand.

Take this story as it is. See the lean of the prison wall. Judge for yourself the truth of this story. In the absence of any other description of what went on here, perhaps this review might make people think more deeply about what actually occurred here.
Ditulis pada 4 Februari 2017
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David B
Rayong, Thailand9.813 kontribusi
Foul Fowl Place to Be
Jan 2016 • Teman
This brick building, measuring 7 m high and 4.40 m along each of its square walls, was built by the French in 1893 to imprison Thais rebelling against the French occupation of the area.

At that time France had already colonized neighbouring Cambodia, and claimed that this area of Siam (now Thailand) was historically part of Cambodia, and therefore also French territory.

The dispute led to a brief Franco-Siam war in 1900, before a treaty was signed and the area returned to Siam rule.

And the curious name? The prison had no roof, but the French put wire across the top on which chickens used to roost, with their droppings fouling the prison and the prisoners below. Khuk Khi Kai mean Chicken Droppings Prison.

Khuk Khi Kai is about 30 km from Chanthaburi town and is open from 9 am to 5 pm daily.
Ditulis pada 27 Desember 2016
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desi d
3.911 kontribusi
Worth a look
Agt 2015 • Teman
Khuk Khi Kai
A place that is easy to pass by as it is set back off the road although it is quite well sign posted. Not a large building but according to the sign it is 4.4 metres square and 7 metres high so I would say small, it is still in a good condition. After a bit of research via the internet and chatting with Thai people the story goes as such, The French invaded Thailand and Chanthaburi was one of the provinces they inhabited during 1893 (Rama III) so they built this huge prison to imprison the local Thais who resisted the French rule. The strange thing about this building is it does not have nor ever had a roof which is part of the reason it gets its name. To say it nicely it means “prison dung chicken” as English would say the chicken dung prison which is not very nice but the truth. The French put a chicken coup on the roof with lots of chickens and the unfortunate inmates had to endure not only the existing dirt on the floor but the outgoing from the chickens or incoming from above during their lodgings. To this day the Thais still use the saying “ระวังจะโดนจับขังคุกขี้ไก่” in English it means” be careful you may go in the chicken dung prison”. An interesting part of Thai history, although not enough to make it worth while to this place alone but there is more than enough very close to here to make the journey well worth it.
Ditulis pada 20 Agustus 2015
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Phetchaburi Province, Thailand286 kontribusi
Former jail in chanthaburi
Okt 2014 • Keluarga
The jail that fed many hen on grid floor over head and excreted down floor. But deactivated for a long time.
Ditulis pada 15 Juli 2015
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